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Then install the brackets without screwing them in fully, level it as best you can, and tighten the screws. posted by vapidave at 10:32 AM on October 28, 2014 I've seen examples of hanging curtain rods using command strip hooks by 3M Here's the easy, zero-dollar trick we used to speed up the process of hanging our curtain rods at our duplex. We had 14 to do and this quick hack made things.. In most situations you can use a hollow-wall anchor, which is designed to attach to the wall in the hollow spaces between the studs. Hollow-wall anchors come in a wide range of sizes and styles for.. The downside to hanging these curtains without damaging the wall was I couldn't hang them high. I managed to hang them wide by placing the brackets on the edge of the window and allowing the rod to stick out further, but you are stuck having to hang them directly on top of the window Push the rod through your curtain if the curtain has eye-holes. You'll need to get the curtain on the rod before you hang it unless you're using rings. If using rings, put them in place on the rod now. Unlock the curtain rod ends and get a friend to help you extend both sides of the rod against the walls

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  1. Use a drill bit to pre drill holes into wall. Choose a bit that is a bit smaller than your screw. If you choose one that is bigger the screw will not be secure in the hole. Now it's time to drill your screw into the wall
  2. There should be studs right over or next to your window trim. There may also be another (probably not symmetrical) within 16. It's best to hang rods in studs instead of using anchors. If you *must* use anchors there's a kind that looks kind of like a screw on the outside, it's plastic but it has coarse threads
  3. e the weight of the item you'll be hanging onto the wall. If you have a bathroom scale, simply step onto the scale while holding the item and record the weight. Then step onto the scale without the item and record the weight. Subtract the second number from the first, and you'll have the weight of the item
  4. And I couldn't just buy 3 separate curtain rod sets and put them up individually, because there's only 1.5 inches in between each window. So, I was going to have to figure out a way to join them all together. Each set of window is exactly 73″ wide, so a 66″-120″ extendable rod would work over each window
  5. Generally, if the ceiling is low, hanging the curtains higher adds the illusion of height to the room. Hang tab-top curtains high enough to ensue that no light leaks around the tabs. Wall studs are..

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Drill pilot holes into the drywall and insert wall anchors if there are no studs. Screw the knobs into the anchors and loop or tie the curtains onto the cabinet knobs. You can also sew rings on the curtains to hang them on the cabinet knobs Decide where you want to hang your curtain rod by holding the rod up to the wall or window casing. Keep in mind that placing the rod close to the ceiling will make your ceiling appear higher. Then, take your level and place it flat against the wall to mark a straight line with your pencil If there IS a stud, you will just use a screw. If there IS NOT a stud, you will use a drywall anchor and a screw. The anchors are the white pieces in the below photo: Knowing which to use is very important — without a drywall anchor, a screw alone will not hold the weight of the curtain and rod

Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowatHomeChannelWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowatHomeChannelHanging curtain rods on.. The key to hanging a curtain is to ensure the rod sits level on the supports. To do so, you'll be using a piece of cardboard with a right angle cut out and a pencil to mark the wall. Cut a right angle out of a piece of cardboard and line it up with the window frame's corner

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  1. a brief explanation of curtain lengths To make a room feel taller, hang your curtain rods 4-6 inches above window frames. Extending the rod 3-6 inches beyond both sides of the frame makes a window feel grand and allows more light to shine through when drapes are open
  2. 9. String your curtain on the curtain rod and hang it up. Run the curtain rod through the hoops at the top of your curtains and then hang it up again. Draw the curtains and let them sit for 1 hour to make sure the adhesive hooks can hold the weight
  3. Using the right fasteners, you can install curtain rods in cement almost as easily as installing curtain rod hardware on any other type of wall. Replace the fasteners included with the curtain rods, such as nails or screws, with concrete fasteners so you can install curtain rod hardware in cement
  4. The most common hanging types are grommets, which are metal-lined holes in the curtains, tabs which hang above the top edge of the curtain, rings which clip onto the curtain and hang on the rod, and a pocket sleeve which slides over and completely conceals the rod
  5. Rod pockets are the most classic way to hang curtains in any room. These pockets consist of a casing sewn on the back of the drapery panel at the top in order to allow the rod to remain concealed underneath the curtain. Rod pockets allow the curtain fabric to easily turn back on itself and create a pocket through which the rod can fit into
  6. Last fall we shared our trick for hanging affordable Ikea curtains so they look a lot more expensive than their $14 price tag per panel would suggest (across an entire house you can save thousands with that trick & these curtains alone!!). But since we were just replacing our old bedroom curtains when we wrote that post, we skipped the crucial step of actually hanging the curtain rods themselves
  7. To hang, you must place drapery pins in the pleat, and then hang them on the rod. A cord allows you to pull the drapes open and closed. Panel curtains, eyelet curtains and tab top curtains are meant to hang from a plain round rod. They may have a pocket along the top to push the rod through, or the rod may be threaded through eyelets or tabs

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Curtain rods are typically available in 5/8-inch or 1-inch widths. If you hang heavy curtains on a 5/8-inch rod, your curtain rod will sag over time. 3. Install Center Support Brackets. A center support bracket is a surefire solution for stabilizing your window treatments. As a rule of thumb, curtain rods require a support bracket every 30 to. Hanging a curtain rod in a metal wall may seem impossible but it can be done. Follow these steps to ensure that your curtain rod is hung correctly and safely. Step 1 - Prepare. Think carefully about where you will hang your curtain rod.Once you drill into a metal wall, there's no way to cover mistakes Simply glide a stud finder—like CH Hanson's magnetic option—along your wall and it'll alert you when you reach a wall stud, which will be the best spot to hang your curtain rod. To buy: CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder, $8; amazon.com The cafe brackets are very light and I have them at the top of the inside of the window, hanging downward. 2. level 2. Ahnteis. · 1y. I've used 3 of the large command hooks + rod to hang some curtains that stayed up for several years in a rental. Works well as long as you don't need to slide the curtains frequently

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I would like to hang double curtains (inner darker shade blackout/outer lighter shade fabric) in my bedroom and living room, see photos. The width of each room is 140 and it would be more aesthetic to push the curtains to one side, so I don't want a center bracket Joined Oct 6, 2009. ·. 6 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 6, 2009. I'm attempting to hang a curtain rod over my bedroom window in my condo, but I'm running into troubles. It seems that when I drill holes in the dry wall, I am hitting the outer wall of my building, and it sounds like either a metal plate or concrete

Step 1: Get the Cardboard Ready. The key to hanging a curtain is to ensure the rod sits level on the supports. To do so, you'll be using a piece of cardboard with a right angle cut out and a pencil to mark the wall. Cut a right angle out of a piece of cardboard and line it up with the window frame's corner +1 If the structure is masonry/concrete, then it's 90% rebar rod. Quite typical issue when hanging curtains, I had problems with these also. Remember, that there is a reinforced beam just over the window (to support part of the wall above). You shouldn't cut it. Just drill another hole, somewhere near, like 10mm (to front/back) if it is possible Versailles 5/8 Diameter Double-Up Curtain Rod Silver. Versailles Home Fashions. $26.72 - $30.93. Sale. Sold and shipped by Broadway Lane. a Target Plus™ partner. Choose options

Weight rating of the curtain rod. Check to see if your curtain rod has a weight rating. Many thinner curtain rods aren't really meant to hold a ton of weight. If you notice your curtain rod starting to bow at all where you have your plants hanging, it's probably best to upgrade to something that can handle a bit more weight. 2 I hung 2 Command Hooks up on each door. Another option would be to place the 3 Command Hooks above the door. One on either end and one in the center. Using 2 tension rods, I placed 1 curtain on each of them. If you were doing the above the door option you could buy a curtain rod instead. I placed the tension rods onto the hooks and we had curtains Hanging Curtain Rods with a Template: Step 3: Mark Hardware Position & Label Template. Use square to confirm measurements and make sure hardware is square on the template. Mark screw holes with a permanent marker. On one flat side of the template, position curtain rod bracket where center bracket will be hung In General. Windows with plenty of wall space on either side can afford a longer rod and larger finials. When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side, which allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window's edges

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How to Hang Heavy Curtains. Measure the width and the height of the window you will hang the curtains over. Purchase a sturdy curtain rod that can support the weight of your curtains. Run a stud detector over the wall where you will hang the curtain. Choose a location for your curtain rod brackets depending on the location of the wall studs It helps the quilt hang straighter without rolling around the rod. I sew one side in with the binding and stitch the other down by hand. I usually cut the sleeves 6.5 inches wide and hem the sides. Instead of ironing it in half, I will have one side be about a half inch wider (3 and 3.5)

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The fabric for the curtains in Kate's nursery is supposed to arrive in the next day or two. I'm pretty excited to be making my own curtains for the first time! So to get ready for my exciting adventure of curtain making I decided to install the curtain rod today so I'll have something to hang the curtain fabric from when it gets here. My sewing machine is still out for repairs, but at least I. For particularly heavy curtains or rods, you might want to install wall anchors to mount the brackets securely to the wall. Place curtains on the rod. If your curtains have large eye-holes, thread the rod through the openings. Otherwise, attach the panels to the rod with curtain rings or clips. Then set the rod into the brackets to hang the.

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Obviously where you hang your curtain rod will have an impact. If you're purchasing ready-made drapes, it will be a bit of a balancing act to determine what length to get and where to hang the rod. For a traditional, formal look, consider drapes that puddle a couple of inches on the floor If you don't have lath and plaster walls check to make sure you didn't hit wood (like the header or a stud) in the wall - and if you did you don't need the anchors. The wood should be much better for holding the curtain rod up. posted by cftarnas at 4:04 PM on June 29, 201 To begin, you will need to attach a bracket to hang the curtain rod, also known as a curtain rod bracket. The best way to hang anything on a wall is to find a stud, the wood behind the drywall. Studs are typically spaced 16″ apart so sometimes you cannot always use one

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Here, the curtain rod is designed with an outside mount around the window frame to let in more light and make the window appear larger. Follow the classic designer rule of thumb: Hang curtains as high and wide as possible to make windows appear larger. 05 of 09 You may believe that the type of curtain rod you use will determine the maximum allowable weight of the curtains you'll hang there, but this is not true. The rods themselves, no matter what material, have little to do with the maximum allowable weight of curtains. It depends on the wall, studs or wall anchors, and curtain rod hardware Whether you need to mount prized artwork, a heavy mirror, a smoke alarm, curtain rods, or shelving, the TOGGLER Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchors are a fantastic choice for DIY home improvement enthusiasts. Featuring an improved design, the anchors have an ultimate tensile strength of 97 lbs in 3/8-inch drywall and 143 lbs in ½-inch drywall Aren't the studs in RVs metal instead of wood? I've put up a privacy curtain using a tension rod (shower curtain rod) from one cabinet to another. I've, also built a couple of smaller cabinets and made sure I made them a tight fit vertically so there is not as much strain on screws. I screw into cabinets is necessary, not walls

A no drill curtain rod holder is another perfect way to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall. You can simply place these brackets on the top corners of your window frame and tap them in with a hammer, and you're done, the brackets come out just as easy as they go in with absolutely no damage left afterward on the wall

Hang Curtains Without Drilling or Damaging the Wall: Without damaging and putting holes in the wall, you can hang curtains or blockout / blackout blinds. If you are a renter like me, it has been a great solution. It keeps the Landlord happy!To install curtains without using screws or nails into the w If you have traditional paned windows with frames, tension rods that stretch from one side of the frame to the other are a subtle and sophisticated way to hang curtains. When hanging sheer, lightweight curtains, such as those shown in this sitting area designed by Erica Burns Interiors, pair them with a thin curtain rod (no bigger than 7/16 inch) for a delicate style Even if your apartment already came with blinds installed, you still might want to hang up curtains for aesthetics, as well as light control. Thankfully, there are several solutions to hang curtains that don't require you to put holes in the wall. Tension Rods You can also use tension rods to hang curtains inside the window Hanging Curtains. Then I hung a curtain rod and flanked both windows with some billowy white cotton curtains. I still can't believe what a difference this made in the room. All my brackets landed in locations without a stud behind them. So, I grabbed some Toggler anchors and used them instead of the screws that came with the curtain rod Hang the curtain rods and curtains according to the directions supplied with the rods. Anchoring to Metal. Mark the metal where the curtain rod hangers will be anchored. Using a self-tapping screw and a drill, begin drilling the screw into place. The screw will spin on the surface of the metal until the screw drills through the metal

Get tips and tricks for hanging curtains to make them look like custom drapes without the expense. Learn how high to hang curtains, tips about curtain lengths, and so much more! This post was originally published on August 18, 2017 and updated January 9, 2021 with new details Using a drill or screwdriver, hang the first bracket with screws. Use anchors if your rod and curtains are heavy. Step 3. Add the rod and position the second bracket - before you screw it in, use a level on the rod to ensure it's straight. You may need a third bracket in the middle if your rod is longer than 4′ feet Alright y'all, I'm looking for some ideas on this one. I have a customer that wants a curtain rod for a sliding glass door. The door measure 80 wide, and the overall length of the rod would be 92. The catch is they want to be able to slide the curtain all the way to either side. That means the. Drill a 3/16 inch hole 3/4 deep at the center mark. Use pliers to screw one end of the dowel screw into the dowel. Repeat with the other piece. Sand and apply clear finish. For the dowel rods: The size of your windows, and how much overhang you'd like past your window frame, will determine the length of dowel you need for the rods

Install Rod and Curtains If your curtains are straight out of the package, iron or steam out creases and wrinkles. Remove the finials from the curtain rod and thread the curtain onto the rod Hanging Curtains On A Rod. Hanging curtains on a rod is simple but it differs depending on the type of curtains: Eyelet curtains - thread the rod back and forth into the eyelets at the top of the curtain. Tab top curtains - thread the rod through the tab loops. Pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtains use hooks or rings to attach the curtain to the rod (32mm gather hooks are suitable for rod sets. I'm afraid I don't understand your question about the curtains, but I'm happy to weigh in regarding where to hang curtain rods. I think hanging them about 6 inches below the ceiling is a great way to make your windows feel bigger, and I like to hang them at least 6-10″ outside of the windows so that there's plenty of space for the. The problem began like two years ago when we had a little visitor who loved to play hide and seek using this curtain, so much so that before she left, the curtain was already down. With the visitor gone, I asked Mr. RLC to fix it. He was quick to install the rod holder a tad away from the window as you can see below If you want to hang up curtain rods in a camper without damaging the interior panelling with drilling, super magnets are a simple solution. Advantages are secure mounting and demounting without residue or scratches, provided that there is an iron sheet panelling in the upper window area

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  1. One thing you must never do for a wider window is an adjustable rod. Trust me here. The drapes will never hang straight because one end of the rod is thinner than the other. It's not worth it. The drape is held up with 1″ rings. (that is the diameter in the opening of the ring
  2. The finial adds the final touch to a curtain pole. Step 11: Finally Hang Your Curtains! Once you have completed all of the above, the final task is to actually hang your curtains on the rings. As mentioned previously, this will most likely be done with curtain hangers so add these to your curtains and then clip each one to a ring
  3. Step 5 - Insert the Rod and Hanging of Curtains. You should then attach your curtains to the rod. You can use grommet rings or fabric tabs. Then, you should rest the rod onto the brackets that you have mounted on the wall. You can, therefore, adjust your curtain as per your wish. If the curtain rod brackets are firm enough, then your job is done
  4. Most curtain rods have Return options up to about six inches. If you need more than that, then you'll have to create your own solution with the help of a drapery installer or general contractor. One of the easiest workarounds is to install a block of wood, painted your wall color, and use it as a spacer block
  5. Today I am going to show you how I made my own curtain rod finials using glass doorknobs for the store bought curtain rods I used to hang the drapes. When I was searching for extra long curtain rods and rings all I could find in the length, color, and price I wanted were white metal rods from Bed Bath and Beyond that came wit
  6. Clever Ways To Hang Your Plants. This is Deanna's house. She shares her vintage style and love for plants on Instagram @habitpattern.sf. I need to visit her home someday (for obvious reasons) but I'm sharing this picture today because I LOVE this tension rod ( similar to this one or this one) she uses to display her hanging plants
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  1. Three Ways to Find a Wall Stud (Without Fancy Equipment) How To: Install Curtain Rods. STEP 4. Iron or steam curtains to remove creases and wrinkles from the packaging
  2. How to Hang Heavy Curtains Measure the width and the height of the window you will hang the curtains over. Purchase a sturdy curtain rod that can support the weight of your curtains. Run a stud detector over the wall where you will hang the curtain. Choose a location for your curtain rod brackets depending on the location of the wall studs
  3. Metal curtain rods, such as Aria Drapery Hardware 1 1/8 inch diameter curtain rods or Kirsch Drapery Hardware 1 3/8 inch Designer Metals 8-foot long rods, do not come with brackets. For metal curtain rods ranging from 1 inch to 1 ½ inch diameters , two brackets up to a 60-inch (5 feet) span are sufficient
  4. For the length of my DIY curtain rods, I measured 8-10 inches beyond each side of the windows to allow the curtains to frame the windows. This accounts for the leather straps, an extra inch of the dowel to stick through past the loop, and space for the curtains to hang without blocking the windows. 2. Sand the Curtain Rod Dowel
  5. The Best Height to Install the Rod. curtain rod installation must at least be 4 above the door frame. image via houzz.com. Installing a curtain rod for a sliding glass door is something that you cannot do carelessly. The measurement of the height and weight must be precise, so later, everything can work properly
  6. How high the rod is hung above the window can also change based on ceiling height, personal preference, and the curtains you use. I was able to hang my curtains 10 inches above the window because I made my curtains custom-length using these curtains and my no-sew tutorial (read here).If you buy curtains from the store, like I did in my kitchen from HomeGoods, you can buy the 96 inch length and.

The national average materials cost to hang a curtain rod is $18.14 per rod, with a range between $14.11 to $22.17. The total price for labor and materials per rod is $159.94, coming in between $81.88 to $238.00. A typical 6 rod project costs $959.66, with a range of $491.29 to $1,428.03 The national average materials cost to install a curtain rod is $18.14 per rod, with a range between $14.11 to $22.17. The total price for labor and materials per rod is $159.94, coming in between $81.88 to $238.00. A typical 6 rod project costs $959.66, with a range of $491.29 to $1,428.03 Step 1: Measure and mark where you want your curtain rod to hang. This is admittedly the most difficult part of the process. Think high and wide when hanging your curtain rod. If you have a normal ceiling height (8 ft) then you will want to hang the curtain rod all the way up to the top of your ceiling and wider than the width of your window Hanging the curtain rods: To make things easier, pre-drill your holes for the flanges and install one side of the assembled rod holders. I chose to install my flanges into the studs. Have the other rod holder assembled and slip the pipe on both sides. Have a 2nd person hold things up while you screw in the other side

This meant if I hung the track without first hanging a header onto the wall to support the track, I would be drilling into drywall and not catching studs. Up to 300 lbs of track + door would never be supported without hitting studs, so I was forced to add a 1 x 8 (painted the same color as the wall) for extra reinforcement The video below will show you how to hang heavy curtains on drywall: GeeFix. Fix it once. Fix it right. Hanging heavy curtains in drywall needs to be done with a fixing that can take the weight of the curtains. GeeFix are heavy duty drywall anchors, so ideal for mounting curtain rods in drywall for heavy curtains or drapes. GeeFix Drywall. I can't seem to find any info online — I'm about to move into a rented property that has the kind of curtain rod that houses aluminium pleated hook clip curtains, but I want to take those out and hang wooden blinds over them without having to drill or install anything Of course, if you're hanging café curtains in a kitchen, bathroom or child's room, measure from the bottom of your windowsill up to your height mark. Once you've determined how high and wide you want to hang your rod, use a level or measure up from the floor on both sides to ensure that your pencil marks are level Screw the stop end onto the left end of the rod. Slip all the curtain rings onto the rod and place the rod on the holders. Then screw in the stop end for the right end of the rod. Finally, screw some small screws through the holders into the rod to stop the rod from slipping sideways. Cover the screw holes with timber plugs to finish the job

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  1. While they're an easy solution to a shower curtain-less shower, they aren't secure and can fall out of place if tugged on. Tension rods can also damage drywall if they're wedged too tightly without any stud support. To avoid this, it's best to locate the studs to help brace the rod. Fixed. Fixed rods are traditional shower curtain rods
  2. When attaching a towel bar, curtain rod drape bracket or toilet paper holder into drywall, the best type of wall anchor to use is a Toggle Bolt.A toggle bolt fits through the drywall and a spring loaded wing nut opens up and securely locks the bolt in place
  3. Using Swing Arm Curtain Rods. A swing arm curtain rod is a rod that is attached to the wall on one side only. The hardware used to mount it consists of a specialized bracket with a hinge that allows the rod to swing 180 degrees to the left or right, depending on which side of the window you install it on
  4. This is generally easier when compared to hanging on stud walls, due to the reason that there is no need to locate and hit studs. But, without the wood of a stud to grip into as well as hold the bolts, the cabinets could pull and extract out of the wall. How To Hang A Curtain Rod On Cinder Block Walls
  5. It made the process of hanging 13 curtain rods much easier. I do wish you you make it smaller without cutting the plastic. Some of my frames didn't have enough space for the actual template itself due to window/wall positioning
  6. Attach and drill brackets. For this step, you will need a .4 drill bit, two rod sockets, and to drill pilot holes on each side of the wall. Rod sockets (available for purchase at hardware stores) will have holes for screws; hold up the socket to the desired place on the wall, and mark with a pencil each screw hole
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There are certain things, however, that need to be on the stud, like television mounts, sconces, and curtain rods, she adds. Stud Finder Types Not all stud finders are created equal How to Hang Net Curtains Without Drilling. Using tension rods for net curtains is a great idea. With no need to drill, use any hardware or tools and a really easy set-up, they make a really convenient choice for hanging your net curtains. Net curtains are also great for hanging with tension rods because they're really light Rather than a tension rod used like a curtain pole, you can use these to hang plants right around your room at ceiling height. Instead of a tension rod running from wall to wall or cupboard to wall, freestanding and adjustable closets use a system of tension rods that join together from floor ceiling and pole to pole to create an open hanging.

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The most beautiful & functional online collection of two inch diameter decorative traverse curtain rods. View products & compare pricing today. Start shopping! The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Free Shipping on most orders over $99.00! Order online or speak with a customer service representative at 800-251. Stud finder . Screwdriver . Electric drill . Carpenter's level . Materials. 2-1/2 Wide Pocket Rod & Curtain Rod Combination . Swag set and valance . Steps to install Rods. Whichever type or style of curtains and hardware you choose, installation generally follows the steps shown here. Brackets are mounted to the wall on each side of the. Lay shower curtain on work surface with lining facing up. Double-check measurements to ensure curtain length lines up with curtain rod height. Take rings into account when measuring. It's a good idea for curtains to hang about 1 inch off floor so they don't soak up water. Mark where bottom of hem should be along top of curtain (Image 1)

Not sure about you but when I need to install curtains ILevolor A58721