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  2. Will a 1995 4l60e transmission in a s10 blazer interchange with a 1996 4l60e transmission in a blazer? No 1995 was a transition year from the 1993-1994 OBD-1 to the 1996 and up OBD2. A 4L60E out.
  3. g also indicates a lot about the transmission. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 speed transmission, with it being an automatic transmission in this case. The L indicates that the engine is longitudinally positioned
  4. 1995: Stand alone year! Will not interchange with any other year. This is a PWM transmission. An extra solenoid was added to the valve body to control the pulsed lock up strategy of the conerter clutch. It has a 12 pin case connector, extra wire in the transmission to computer harness and different computer to control the new PWM circuit
  5. Can a 1997,1999, 1996 transmission fit in to a 1995 suburban? I have a 1995 , 5.7 motor, 2wd, has a 4L60e tranny. What will interchange, will it bolt in, and does the shift solonoid need changed??? shilo

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it wont the 4l60e in 1998 uses the ob2 ecm . u can buy the aftermarket trans controller from tci etc. ur 1995 trans wont interchange it hast to be 1995. ur right odd ball year. hope this helps good luck with ur project. Posted via Mobile Device ____ The traditional small-block six-bolt bellhousing pattern is the best and easiest way to identify a 4L60E style transmission if you find one at the swap meet for sale. Starting in 1996, many 4L60E transmissions employed a bolt-on bellhousing. All of the 1998-up cases used behind the LS family of engines used the separate bellhousing style of case The 4L60E transmission was found behind the majority of GM rear wheel drive vehicles for the almost 20 years. Are 4L60E transmissions the same?? No they are not. More importantly, not all 4L60E transmission are compatible with one another Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart Use The Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart To Find Transmission Compatibility Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle applications and compatibility; or search for a vehicle by make and model to display applicable transmission(s) Re: what tranny can i use for my 1995 1500 4x4. Nov 08 2011, 8:28pm. If you had a vacuum modulator, you did not have a 4L60E, but a 700R4. They are basicly the same, except that the 700R4 is not electronicly controlled. (they will not interchange) As long as both the donor and the one he is replacing are 4L60E's then they should interchange

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  1. GM 4l60e interchange Calling all tranmission guys. Thread starter My transmission guy told me that the '93-'94 are the same, '95-'96 are the same, and so forth. We are doing a trans swap on a 1995 S-10 that had a 1993 trans in it,and they are right a 1995 is a stand alone trans year,when we got the truck it was fine but within two weeks.
  2. on the 4L60e 1995 - 96 - 97 -98 will interchange with the PWM lock up strategy . SOme 1998 have a removable (unbolts) bell housing. that will not interchange easily with the earlier designs. what must be watched on a 1997 unit is the 3-2 solenoid. The ohm rating was changed from 1996
  3. The transmission in question is called, 4L60E There are two versions. The 4L60E ran from 1992-1997. Then the 4L60E was updated and ran that version from (1996-2010). In 2002 GM introduced the 4L65E. So YES you should not have a problem fitting a 1998 chevy 1500 with a 4L60E into a 2001 Chevy 1500 with a 4L60E
  4. I know for a fact the 4l60e was used in '94 (as well as the 4l80e). I know the '94 &'95 PCM will support both the e trannys--not sure if the wiring harness contains all the wires, though. 88XJ, Chevy 5.7L, Edelbrock MPFI, NV4500, Atlas, D44's, high steer, ARB's, 7 custom semi long-arm 3 or 4-link lift, BFG 33x12.5-15's

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I've personally put a 95 4l60e into a 97 c1500 pick up. The only issue I had was the pan that goes under the torque converter had lip on it that wouldn't clear the the flywheel so I cut it off with a grinder. It shifted beautifully all the way to 120mph on a regular basis. 19 people found this helpful Automatic Options - 4L60 and 4L60E. The 4L60E was the first generation of transmission to work with a Gen III Vortec or LS motor. Now controlled by computers, the E series transmission allowed for a wide range of tuning options. As a result, it became a popular choice despite sharing most of its internal components with its predecessor, the 700R4 Step by Step: 4L60E Overdrive Trans Swap. 01| The Level 4 Gearstar 4L60E four-speed isn't much larger than the three-speed TH350 that was original equipment in the '69 El Camino of Roadkill's Mike Finnegan - yet it's much stronger, allows precision adjustment of shift points and firmness, and adds a freeway-friendly 0.70:1 Overdrive The 4L60E has a 3.06 ratio in first gear, which is 20% lower than most transmissions. The 30% overdrive will give a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a 3-speed automatic transmission. If you don't already have one, we recommend getting a 4L60E transmission cooler when you purchase a 700r4 transmission Megashift 4l60e trans wiring ls1tech camaro and firebird forum discussion on a 1994 gmc k1500 4wd with what color wires are they where do go to 1995 radio diagram diagrams inspire for transmission the tcm control module interchange 1947 present chevrolet truck message board network wire harness repair identification specs drivetrain resource chevy 128 save 1993 campaign 4th Read More

What is difference between a 1995 4l60e and a 1997 4l60e trans? can a 97 work in a 95? Posted by Jim Stedman on Mar 28, 2011. Want Answer 0. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. 4l60e transmission interchange Related Topics: 1995 Chevrolet K1500 Chevrolet 1500 Chevrolet Cars. The GM 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E Transmissions. 4 Forward gears Longitudinal mount (rear-wheel drive) 60 Relative torque rating 360 lb ft Electronic valve body. Introduced in 1993 for trucks, vans, and SUVs, then in 1994 for rear-wheel-drive passenger cars, the 4L60E from General Motors is an evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 and replaced the tried and true TH350 Model Year Engine Trans Type Transmission; Astro: 1989-1992 : TH700-R4/4L60: Astro: 1993 - Up : 4L60-E: Astro Van, Safari : 1995-06: V6 4.3L : 4 Spd RWD/4X4 : 4L60E.

4L70-E transmission is a further improvement still, and share most components. However, these versions have strengthened and improved components for the significant power outputs of GM's impressive line of Gen. III+ engines.The 4L60E was concurrently produced along with its strengthened progenitors; the 4L65-E and the 4L70-E.They share most components and improvements 4L60E Technical Information . Transmissions plug pin identification 1995 and up. A: 1-2 shift solenoid ground signal . B: 2-3 shift solenoid ground signal . C: pressure control solenoid high . D: pressure control solenoid low . E: ignition power feed from TCM to solenoids . T: tcc solenoid (on/off in pump) U: tcc pwm solenoid (valve body I think there was only one year that would not interchange and that was the 1995. I would think anything from a 1999 on (4l60E) should work Does a 4l60e transmission out of a 95 silverado interchange with a 93 yukon - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them If you are going to swap your transmission, try to get as many parts as possible from the 4l80e transmission that you are purchasing, like the torque converter, flex plate, dipstick etc. I think I have covered the most important parts when it comes to the difference and the swapping between the 4l60e and the 4l80e transmissions

Free Shipping, Fully Road Tested, And A Money Back Guarantee! Open 8am - 6:30p 4l60e transmission interchange??? Thread starter Dieselguy123; Start date Jan 14, 2010; Jan 14, 2010 #1 Dieselguy123 Full Access Member. Joined Oct 1, 2006 Posts 456 Reaction score 0 Location Traverse City, Michigan. Hey all, I have a 1995 GMC k1500 4x4 5.7, Reverse went out on the tranny and I found a 4l60e out of a 94 with low miles and a low. 95 4l60e UNIQUE but can be modified to work in the 96-97 by changing the PWM-3-2 solenoids and electrical harness to the later style. There is a slight diference in 3-2 strategy in the VB but have noticed no ill effects other than a slightly more agressive 2-3 downshift the few times i have seen it done. 96-97 the same

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1995 , 5.7 motor, 2wd, has a 4l60e tranny..interchange ..

Here are some pics of my built Lt1 4l60e, Yank 3600 SS converter on a new LS3 in my 96 SS, all I used was a $25 torque converter spacer, and a LS curved flexplate. Just slightly oblonging the holes in the flexplate for the Lt1 torque converter to bolt up. Its has been installed for over 10k miles, no issues at all Buyer is required to swap a good core for this transmission otherwise there will be a core charge in addition to the above price. Core must NOT have obvious damage, otherwise there will be additional charges. 4L60E 1995 2WD TRANSMISSION 5.7L 5.0L 4.3L. $1099 Product Details. View Product. 4L60E 1995 4X4 TRANSMISSION 5.7L 5.0L 4.3L. $1099. Absolutely. I'd rather go through all the hassle to make the swap for a trans that will likely outlast the truck than go through 4L60E after 4L60E. Location: Melbourne, Oz-----98 K1500 LT Suburban. RHD, 0411, Whipple, Marine, 4L80E, Trutrac, H/boost,E-Fans. Shorten the rear drive shaft 42mm Will a 1995 4l60e work as a swap for a 1997 4l60e? - I need to know if a 4l60e out of a 1995 chevy 4x4 will work in my 1997 4l60e chevy 4x4? Skip to content. Used Cars New Cars Will a 96 work in a 95 chevy 4l60e transmission. 19 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 23 I am in need of some tranny profesional advise here, I have a 1995 Chev 1500 2WD 4.3L , and the tranny is a 4L60E 4speed, I am wanting to replace it as soon as posible but i really need to know if any other Year 4L60E's will fit in my 95 chev and will the computer still fuction properly ( because they are electronic). i found two trannys for a real good price but they are out of a 1996 /1997.

The 700R4 had a 4-pin electrical connector on the driver's side of the transmission and a cable that attaches to the passenger side behind the 2-4 servo assembly. All 700R4's had a 1-piece case like the 4L60E in 93-95 S&T trucks, 93-97 C&K trucks & 93-97 cars. The 4L60E has a 20-pin case connector on the passenger side behind the 2-4 servo as. 4L60E Transmission Parts. CALL 800-708-0087, Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm EST. All 4L60E Transmission Parts. 4L60E Bands. 4L60E Bushings. 4L60E Case. 4L60E Center Support. 4L60E Drum. 4L60E Extension Housing. 4L60E Filters. 4L60E Friction Clutches. 4L60E Gaskets. 4L60E Housing 4th Clutch The 4L60E (and similar 4L65E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors.Designed for longitudinal engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The 4L60E is the electronically commanded evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4, originally produced in 1982.. The 4L60E and 4L65E are built at Toledo Transmission in Toledo, Ohio and have also been.

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4L60E to a 4L80E transmission swap. My 1995 Chevrolet silverado c1500 ext cab had the 4l60e in it. I have taken the transmission, A 4l80e out of a 1995 c2500 and put it in my truck. I have also taken the following parts from the donor truck c2500. Computer, cross member, transmission harness plug in 4L60E Swap Crossmember Part SUM-770318. TCI EZ-TCU Transmission Controller Part TCI-302820. Okay here's my main concern. There are ALOT of variances in 4L60E's I've done most my research in regards to this. 1993-1995 4L60E's Will work. 96-97 they changed the bell housing and such

Swap your 4L60E transmission to the much stronger 4L80E transmission with our new double strength case hardened output shaft and adapter kit. You can use the computer you have now on 1998 up models with the use of our #10X wiring harness. The transfer case you have now can be used as is and will be moved 1 3/4 to 3 1/2 inches to the rear Automatic Transmission, GM Bellhousing, Automatic Valve Body, Forward Shift Pattern, Chevy, 4L60E, 4WD, Each. Part Number: SUM-70046 GM 4L60E Performance Transmission Upgrades. Running the 700R4/4L60E family of transmissions at extreme power levels demands innovative parts designed not only to work better, but to work better together. From street/strip upgrades and heavy-duty jobs to top-tier racing builds, Sonnax makes it easy to deliver rock-solid transmissions customized.

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What you need to know about how to rebuild and upgrade GM's 4L60E four speed automatic overdrive transmission.Want to watch POWERNATION completely ad-free? S.. If this is a 4wdr truck, the VSS is in the t-case, and both the 700R4 and 4L60E will bolt up to that t-case provided they have the 4wdr output shaft and adapter. The 700R4 does not use a kick down cable. It is controlled by a tv cable. A tv cable phyiscally controls shifting in the 700R4. A TH350 uses a kick down Automatic Transmission Application Guide . use ctrl-f to search . ACURA. Model. Years. Transmission Type. Engine Type/Siz ATSG 4L60E Transmission Repair Manual (GM THM for Sale New or Used 4L60e Valve Body - Repair Shops Can Save On Rebuild Costs) 4.7 out of 5 stars 369 $21.99 $ 21 . 99 $30.00 $30.0 Here is a link to a rebuild kit similar to what I used for this job:http://amzn.to/2BqSmJNHighlights from my recent rebuild of a 4L60E transmission from my 1..

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But you should know that it won't be an easy swap to do, and moreover, the 4L60E can actually handle a lot of power on its own. Note that the 4L60E transmission is an automated shift, and also a four-speed overdrive transmission which is well known to be one of the best-automated transmissions ever produced. Remember that before the 4L60E. Buick Lt1 Wiring Diagram 126 Steam. On a 1994 gmc k1500 4wd with 4l60e megashift trans wiring ls1tech camaro 12 pin conversion the 1947 diagrams for transmission and f pink wire power window diagram to 4l80e swap t56 gm truck central rebuild need electrical diagnosis 4th gen lt1 body tech aids 95 buick 126 present chevrolet message 1993 96 94 chevy 350 tbi transfer case neutral safety switch. 1995-2003 Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon. 1991-2009 Chevrolet Van/Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana. 2002-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche V8 8.1L. 1992-2006 Hummer H1. 1992-1998 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur II, III, IV. Similarly, will a 4l60e and 4l80e interchange? 4l60e to 4l80e swap kit 1995 Only 4L60E Master Valve Body Electronic Kit from Global Transmission Parts is in stock and ready to ship directly to your 4L60E repair project. We are your center for GM automatic transmission parts

Automatic Overdrive Transmission Swap. This page is all about what I learned after I decided to swap the original TH400 transmission in my 1975 GMC Suburban for a TH700R4 transmission to gain the benefits of a modern overdrive transmission and help tame my great for towing 4.11 rear axle gears on the highway. As part of this project, I also had to build a custom Throttle Valve Cable Bracket. The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors.These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse.. The Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic (THM) series was developed to replace both the original Hydra. The 4L60E transmission weighs 146 pounds dry, and 162 wet. It requires 8.4 quarts (9.64″ torque converter) or 11.4 quarts (11.81″ torque converter) of transmission fluid, Top 30 Common 4L60E Transmission Problems and Repair. Below is a list of common transmission problems with the GM 4L60E Transmission and possible solutions to repair

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4L60E Transmission Solenoid & Sensor Swap Kit. 1- Shallow Style 4L60E Oil Filter. 2 - 3-2 Downshift Solenoid (24212327 / 24209121). 1 - Transmission Oil Pan Gasket (Fiber Farpak Style). 1- Oil Filter Seal The 1998 up 4L60E transmissions used a Graphite lock-up converter and the lock-upp mechanism NEVER fully locks it is controlled slippage usually about 60 to 100rpm's min. The 1996-1997 used a carbon lock-up that is designed to slip then lock. IMO I would just get the right transmission for the truck. If you do try the swap be aware of the.

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Remanufactured 4L60E vs. Rebuilt or Used. There are over 60 different variations of the 4L60E (so we have over 60 different part numbers!). Each one for a different engine size (bellhousing), 4WD vs. 2WD and varying electronic and solenoid systems for different years. 4L65E models are specifically used with 6.0L engines '95 4L60E vs '01 4L60E biggest difference? This is a discussion on '95 4L60E vs '01 4L60E biggest difference? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Anyone know what the physical difference is between a 2001 4l60e with a 2 peice bellhousing and the earlier 1995. The NV3500 is a pretty solid transmission, so if I take care of it, it should last just fine. I use Blackbear, and I emailed them to ask about my tune, and they had me send them my computer back, and they removed the Auto transmission from the tune so I don't have any check engine lights, and it would be tuned as if I had a 5spd from the.

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  1. Most nessisary upgrade is your rear end. Change the stock carier to a Detroit Truetrac. Since you would already be replacing the carier a regear is recomended. 1st gear in a a 4L80e is steeper at 2.48 vs 3.06 in the 4l60e. From the look of your Sig something like a set of 4.10s or 4.30s would make it launch hard
  2. 1995: Stand alone year! Will not interchange with any other year. This is a PWM transmission. An extra solenoid was added to the valve body to control the pulsed lock up strategy of the converter clutch. It has a 12 pin case connector, extra wire in the transmission to computer harness and different computer to control the new PWM circuit
  3. Transmission Question 1995 Silverado Silverado Car Forums . Exactly what symptoms are you experiencing?[/QUOTE] For the past couple of months after it got up to approximately 40 mph and above, it would start hesitating, but the hesitation would be very fast, like a miss, or maybe a lope
  4. 4L60E Repair Guide - Assembly << PREVIOUS NEXT >> TRANSMISSION INSPECTION and ASSEMBLY Inspect all gears, pinions, and carriers for signs of wear, galling, or other damage. Replace parts as necessary. Closely inspect the splines in all locations, specifically the reaction sun shell hub and mating reaction sun gear spline, the reaction carrier.
  5. The 4L60E vs 4L80E performance transmission differences are numerous. And these differences show that the 4L80E is the better transmission of the duo. However, it'll cost you more to acquire this unit compared to the 4L60E and the latter is also easier to find
  6. g LS swaps. We're lucky in that the last few that he's done he's put in the extra time and effort to document these builds in both words and photos
  7. GM 4L60 - 4L60E - 700R4 Automatic Transmissions. About 1993, the 700R4 was renamed the 4L60 when the electronic version 4L60E was introduced. 700R4 Transmission Specifications - Stock. Number of Quarts of transmission fluid: 6 quarts 700R4 4L60 (4L60E 1993-1995) (bellhousing pattern - Chevrolet) Overall Length - All except Corvett

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  1. V6 to V8 Swap, Chevy Truck. Looking for answers for my 1994 Chevy C1500 2 Wheel Drive Pickup truck, with 4.3 V6 Vortec Motor, 4L60.E Transmission. I have a 5.7 V8 350 Motor out of a 1989 GMC 4x4 truck. Need to know all that has to be done for me to put the 350 motor in my truck. taking out V6 and switching to V8 Power
  2. Brakes Clutch Cooling System Drivetrain Engine & Emission Engine Parts- Chrome Engine Serpentine Drive Systems Engine Swap Parts Exhaust 4L60E transmission. C Fits 5.0L models with 140 amp alternator. 1500 Pickup 2WD 1991 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2WD 1992 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2WD 1993 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2WD 1994 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2WD 1995 Chevy.
  3. 4R70W 1995-1996 2WD TRANSMISSION 5.0L. $ 1,699.00. Before any upgrades, addons, and/or core charges. Our Process: All of our transmissions are fully remanufactured and are held to the highest and strictest industry standards. What this means to you is the fact you are getting a quality product that meets or exceeds the OEM standards, not just a.
  4. We priced comparable 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions from Hughes Performance for example, and the price difference on just the transmission was only $100 ($1,834 vs. $1,934 through Summit Racing ), so based on that, the 4L60E could run an additional $1,000 to $1,200 more depending upon the component choices
  5. We have carefully engineered a process that allows a 4L60E rebuild to maximize performance and durability while staying within a wholesale price range. This heavy duty transmission is a direct replacement for Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, Holden, Isuzu, and Pontiac. Transmission Name. 4L60. 4L60E
  6. GM 4L60E. This transmission includes the bolt-on bell-housing to fit GM LS-Series engines (Pre LS engines should use transmissions 555-603010 or 555-603015). 1996-2002 Camaro/Firebird must reuse their old 4L60 tail-shaft housing since this transmission does not include the special housing that has the mount for the torque link
  7. Chevy 4L60e Automatic Transmission to fit car and truck applications * This is a generic listing we will obtain your Vin number in order to ship the correct unit to you Complete system correction and recalibration kit installed to address several OE flaws

Cadillac 429 Cubic Inch Motor to 700R4 Chevy Transmission. Adapter Kit # CA1000601. $ 585.00 Add to cart. Chevy 216, 235, 261 to V8 Style Transmission 200-4R, 700R4, 4L60E, TH400, TH350. Number CH1000301 (We will need to know year,make model and what motor and what transmission your going to) $ 695.00 Add to cart Let's break down the 4L60E: 4 - the number of forward gears, L - longitudinal, for RWD architectures, 60 refers to torque capacity, i.e. 600 ft./lb torque, E - electronically controlled, i.e. not a fully mechanical automatic transmission. Most LS owners are familiar with the 4L60E and 4L80E, which came as standard equipment on many of these cars APPLICATION: 1992 - 1996 LT1/LT4 ENGINES WITH 4L60E TRANSMISSIONS (FOR ENGINES USING '92 - '93 THROTTLE BODIES, BE SURE TO SELECT WHEN ORDERING). PARTS INCLUDED: Complete engine and transmission Harness, Instruction Manual Fuse/Relay Box; Fuel Pump Control (Relay included) Fan controls (Relays and fuse available seperately KIT-1010) Check Engine Light, Speedo output, Tachometer, OBD2 Por

Ford Transmission Interchange Guide - svc.edu A transmission interchange guide is a listing of transmissions that shows which model of transmissions fit into specific model vehicles. Transmission interchange guides provide necessary information when replacing a faulty transmission or choosing a new one with different features than the original I have not actually seen any yet though this is what the situation is. I have a 1997 Astro van with a bad transmission. I can get the late 1998 pick up truck 4L60E. both have the 4.3L V6. does anyone know what the difference is between the two? Interchange says they are different This 4L60E transmission rebuild kit contains a gasket kit, metal clad seals, sealing rings, bonded pistons, friction plates & steel plates. (This kit DOES NOT contain: filters, bands, sprags, washers, bushings, solenoids, shift kits, bearings or hard parts) Eckler's 33288368 Camaro Dipstick Kit 700R4/4L60E/4L65E Transmission. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 4. $37.99. $37. . 99. FREE Shipping. Only 4 left in stock - order soon

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4l60e transmission wiring plug diagram 4l60e get free image about. Architectural wiring diagrams show the approximate locations and interconnections of receptacles, lighting, and permanent electrical services in a building. Interconnecting wire routes may be shown approximately, where particular receptacles or fixtures must be on a common circuit TH400, 4L60E-4L70E, 4L80E or 6L80 transmission, into any 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler. This can be accomplished without a body lift (excluding belly-tuck installations) and all referenced transmissions can be mounted to the stock Jeep YJ skid plate when using Nova

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$1,995.00 $1,595.00. 4L60E Shallow Pan Filter. $8.95. New Releases. Mens TransDepot 2021 T-Shirts Stage 2 4L60E GM Transmission 1 Piece No Core 2Yr Warranty. Price: $1,895.00 Sale Price: $1,695 Affordable Prices. No Core Charge on Most*. Worldwide Shipping. Transmission Depot Has Been Serving Our Local & Online Community for Over 30 Yrs. Holley has a complete line of GM Gen-V LT engine swap products & swap kits specifically designed for the 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ These parts work together for a trouble free installation with ideal drive-train geometry & component clearances. Add some serious V8 power & torque to your Wrangler with a GM Gen-V LT Engine

1994-1996 Corvette Vehicle Speed Sensor GM# 8673299 w4L60E 98-02 M30 VALVE BODY HI-PERFORMANCE SONNAX UPDATEAUTEX 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve| Repair Guides | Trouble Codes | Trouble Codes | AutoZone