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  1. Shop for the Everest ETA15WDR2 HF Window Type Air Conditioner with 1.5HP cooling capacity and fresh air lever. Available via Standard Delivery service at www.abenson.com
  2. 1.5HP Inverter, Quiet Design, Order Basis Healthy Air Filter High Quality Motor Quiet Design U-Type Inner Groove Copper Pipe. Whats In The Box: Everest Aircon Manual Remote Remote Holder and Batteries. Length (cm) 18.9: Width (cm) 80.2: Height (cm) 29.
  3. www.everestappliances.com, Residential Air Conditioners, Window Type Aircon, Wall Mounted Aircon, Portable Aircon, Inverter Aircon
  4. www.everestappliances.com, Everest Appliances - Residential and Light Commerical Aircon, 4K UHD Smart TV, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Water Dispenser, Air Purifier, UV Sterilizing Lam

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  1. Hi! Is anyone here using an EVEREST Aircon? Saw one at Ansons 1.5 HP window type, 13500 Lang daw 1.5HP? matakaw sa kuryente yan. alam ko merong mga LG split type 1hp inverter na around 20k lang. sigurado after a year, bawi mo na yung diperensya sa presyo + installation costs dyan sa 13.5k na everest dahil sa natipid mo sa kuryente
  2. Everest Inverter window type aircon INVERTER series 1.0hp ETIV10AWD Sale price: 23,690 1.5hp ETIV15AWD Sale price: 27,490 2.0hp ETIV20AWD Sale price: 32.790 2.5hp ETIV25AWD Sale Price: 37,290 We also have Everest Non inverter window type models All items are 100% Brandnew/sealed unit with Offici. Ne
  3. 3 Day Online Sale, Air Conditioners, Free Shipping, Inverter Air Conditioners, Window Type Condura WCONH012EEV1 1.5HP Window Type Airconditioner Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer ratin
  4. 1.5 HP Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner; Cooling Capacity: 12,500 BTU/h Panasonic CW-MN1220VPH 1.5HP Window Type Airconditioner. Air Conditioners, Free Shipping, Window Type Air Conditioners, Portable Air Conditioner Everest ET10POR/M-HF 1.0 HP Portable Airconditioner. 0 out of 5 (0
  5. Midea 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon - Remote Controlled. Model: FP-51ARA010HEIV-N4 EAN Code:.

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Are you looking for high-quality, window-type aircons? Western Appliances has got you covered. Purchase one through our online store today For example, if an air conditioning unit has a cooling capacity of 10600 kj/h and a power input of 785, then its EER will be. Condura WCONZ010EC1 1.0 HP Window Type Air Conditioner Everest ET10POR/M-HF 1.0 HP Portable Airconditioner ₱ 17,990.00. Add to cart. Fujidenzo WAM-60IG2 0.6 HP Inverter Window Type Aircon . Everest Window Type Aircon Everest 1.0HP Window Type Aircon ETA10WDR2-HF With Remote 1.0 HP Window Type Aircon Cooling Capacity: 9,500kj/h With Healthy Air Filter R410A Refrigerant Remote Control Timer Easy Removal Filte Window Type Air Conditioner Inverter - Remote Controlled. Midea U 1.0hp Window Type Inverter ₱28,436.00 ₱31,595.00. Add To Cart. Midea U 1.5hp Window Type Inverter ₱31,226.00 ₱34,695.00. Add To Cart. Midea 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon - Remote Controlled ₱31,395.00. Add To Cart. Midea 1.5 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon - Remote. Out of Stock. Layer Popup Close. 1.5 HP Window-type Inverter. 1.5 HP Window-type Inverter. From $107.50/mo for most at 0% APR or $2,579.96. Amazing additions. Selected Items ( 0) My eVoucher Balance. Extra Charge

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Window-Type Air Conditioners. Showing 1-12 of 43 results Sale! Air Conditioners Camel 3/4 hp window type aircon - manual ₱ 12,995.00 ₱ Ceiling type split aircon (1) Split-Type Inverter Technology (18) Portable Air Conditioners (1) Window-Type Air Conditioners (43) Window-Type Inverter (7) Air Coolers (9) Electric Fans (42 Where To Download Everest Aircon Service Manual Error Codesback in.When you hear a beep, release the button and the air conditioner will begin to operate. Press th brand new and factory sealed everest window type aircon manual / remote 1 year warranty parts and service 5 years motor warranty manual .5 hp et05wdr2/c-hf sale: 7,500php .6 hp etm06wdr3-hf sale: 8,999php 1.0 hp etm10wdr2-hf sale: 12,200php 1.5 hp etm15wdr2-hf sale: 16,800php 2.0 hp etm20wdr2/g-hf

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TROUBLESHOOT AIRCON SPLIT TYPE ( ERROR E1 )Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner Servicing AC Cleaning at Home - SMELL FREE AC Everest Window Type Aircon.Isang taon bago nalinisan Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking Ford Ranger, Everest, Mazda BT-5 Get even more savings because Carrier WCARHO12EEV 1.5HP Inverter Window Type Aircon has 6 energy-saving features guaranteed to give you added energy savings-real-time on or off timer, cycle function, sleep mode, Econo feature, run hour timer, and energy-saving plug Php 26,000 SHARP AF-X15SCF 1.5HP Inverter Window Type Aircon. Shop now at https://www.remalsales.co IDU Performance; Indoor Side air flow (cubic meter/h ) 430/340: Indoor Side air flow (cfm) 253/200: Indoor Side sound level (dB(A)) 50/4 [HYUNDAI] HAC-W15R ; 1.5hp Window Type Aircon, Remote Control, Non Inverter ₱ 16,650.00 [HYUNDAI] HAC-W20R ; 2.0 hp Window Type Aircon, Remote Control, Non Inverter

For other inverter aircon reviews, please see here.. Last year (September 2020), we bought another window-type inverter aircon. This time, it was the LG Dual Inverter model LG LA150EC 1.5HP with WIFI, because the aircon hole of the room it will be placed was bigger and could fit a bigger aircon How does an inverter window type air conditioner work? The temperature of a non-inverter type aircon must be switched manually, and unless adjusted, will stay at that temperature. But an inverter type aircon unit uses a variable speed compressor to automatically regulate the aircon's temperature, adjusting it to the optimum level

Carrier WCARH019EC Aircon... ₱ 32,800.00. 2HP 12Hr Side Discharge Timer Window Type Airconditioner. Add to cart. Quick View. Add to Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. Airconditioners, Inverter Airconditioners, Non-Installment Items, Window Type LG 22,000 BTU 230V Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control, 22000, White 4.7 out of 5 stars 127 LG LP1419IVSM Smart Dual Inverter Portable Air Conditioner with 14000 BTU Cooling Capacity, 500 sq. ft. Cooling Area, Programmable On/Off 24 Hour Timer, Auto Swing Air Vent, Auto Cool, in Whit Looking for the best Window Type AirCon in the Philippines? Get the best price, types, and quality brands at AllHome online store! COD store pickup. Corporate Investor Relations. Comparison List. Get P250OFF on your SHIPPING with code FREEDEL. Cancel New version available!.

Automatic Centre offers a wide selection of energy-efficient window type air conditioners. Visit this page to shop for our available window type aircon for sale! Great deals on great appliances, delivered to you even during GCQ! 1.5HP Window With Remote Inverter. Add to cart. Quick View TCL Titan Gold Window Type Inverter AirconMatipid ba sa kuryente?? Buy the Carrier WCARJ009EEV 1.0HP Window Type Inverter Aircon . It has 8-in-1 filter system and inverter technology. Shop at 1stmegasaver.com.ph everest aircon window type 1hp etm10wdr2/m-hf ₱ 11,999.00. kolin aircon window type 1.2hp remote non-inverter kag120rs ₱ 19,260.00. kolin aircon window type 1.6hp remote non-inverter

Keep your air conditioner working efficiently with less effort. The Easy Filter Plus is located outside, on the top, so it can easily be taken out and cleaned. Its dense mesh keeps the Heat Exchanger clean and an anti-bacterial coating helps protect you against dangerous airborne contaminants* Window-Type Dual Inverter Aircon 1.5HP. Window Type Aircon 0.6HP (Non-Inverter) Inverter Window Type Aircon. 1.5hp Window type Aircon Optima Green. 0.5 HP Window Type Air Conditioner. 1HP Manual Window Type Air Conditioner . 0.5 HP Window Aircon. 1.45 HP Inverter Window Type Aircon. Window Type Inverter Aircon . 0.6HP Non-Inverter Type Air. HITACHI WINDOW TYPE INVERTER AIRCON 1.0 HP. The model we have is the RA10HVQ. The first one we bought was a couple of years ago, when this model was the only one available window type inverter aircon, and which can fit in our small aircon hole on the wall. I don't know what it's called, so let's just call it the aircon hole

Split Type Aircon Premium Inverter. GE Appliances AE1BC18NKO 2hp. GE Appliances AE1BC22NKO 2.5hp. GE Appliances AED07KP .8hp Profile Series. GE Appliances AED09KP 1hp Profile Series. GE Appliances AEE07KP .8hp. GE Appliances AEE09KP 1hp. GE Appliances AEE12KP 1.5hp LG Window Type Aircon Inverter WiFi 1.5HP LA150EC. LG Window Type Aircon Inverter WiFi .8HP LA080EC ₱ 34,499.00 ₱ 31,049.10. LG Window Type Aircon Inverter WiFi 2.0HP LA200EC ₱ 53,499.00 ₱ 38,800.00. Pre-order Basis Mabe / Products / Aircons / Window Aircon. Mabe / Categories / Window Aircon. Mabe Appliances MEE09VV (1hp) Compact Size. Mabe Appliances MEI09VR (1hp) Mabe Appliances MEI12VR (1.5hp) Mabe Appliances MEI24VR (2.5hp) Mabe Appliances MEV05VQ (.6hp) Single Door and Bar Fridge; 2-Door Direct Cool; Top Mount No-frost; Premium Inverter No.

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1.5HP Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner CW-XS128VPH. INVERTER. Anti Bacterial Filter. EER (as high as 11.05) / Controls energy usage to save money and maintain constant comfort / Anti-bacterial filter captures bacteria, viruses and allergens and deactivates them Home Aircons Split Type Haier 1.5 HP Split-Type Inverter Aircon HSU-12TSV13 Aircons , Haier , Inverter , Split Type Haier 1.5 HP Split-Type Inverter Aircon HSU-12TSV1 SUPPORT. Split Type Inverter Entry Air Conditioner AH-XS15VF Compare. 1.5 HP. 1.5 Hp. J-TECH Inverter. 14°C Temperature Setting. Coanda Airflow. 12 Hr On/Off Timer. Eco Mode

Koppel Air Conditioners Philippines. If you buy Koppel Air Conditioners, you can get 17% off from its original price! Many people prefer KV36FM-ARF21 3.0TR INVERTER FLOOR MOUNTED AIRCON, Kwr07M6A 0.75Hp Window Type Air Conditioner and KSW-09R5DA 1.0HP Split Type Airconditioner from Koppel Air Conditioners Get the stability and durability of a Samsung Inverter Split-type Wall-mounted air conditioner in the AR-12TYHYEWKNTC. With its high-efficiency Digital Inverter Boost tech that has a 43% faster cooling with a 15% larger fan and 18% wider inlet, you are assured of savings and lower power consumption at a great performance LG LA150EC quantity. Add to cart. Features. 1.5hp Window Type Air Conditioner. Dual Inverter Compressor, Top Air Discharge. Cooling Capacity: 12000Kj/h, EER: 12, R32 Refrigerant. Remote-WiFi via Smart ThinQ app, Anti Bacterial Filter. Manual Direction Control, 4-Way Air Deflection, Self Diagnosis. Energy Saving, Fast Cooling, Low Noise

Dimension. • Indoor Unit (W x H x D): 837 x 308 x 189mm. • Indoor Unit (Net Weight): 8.7 kg. • Outdoor Unit (W x H x D): 720 x 500 x 230mm. • Outdoor Unit (Net Weight): 21.7 kg. Note: Available in Visayas and Mindanao only. * Price inclusive of Credit Card and Bank Charge. Additional information AIR-CONDITIONER XTREME Split-Type (2HP, 1.5HP, 1HP) XTREME Window Type (1.5HP, 1HP, 0.5HP) EVEREST W.Type (1HP, 0.5HP) EVEREST W.Type (1HP Inverter) WWH W.Type (0.7HP) ELECTRIC FAN XTREME Standfan ASTRON Standfan / Wallfan REFRIGERATOR SAMSUNG Inverter WHITE WHESTING HOUSE (WWH) . Php32,500.00 LG LA150EC 1.5HP (Remote) Dual Inverter Window Type Aircon. Shop now at www.remalsales.co

TROUBLESHOOT AIRCON SPLIT TYPE ( ERROR E1 )Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner Servicing AC Cleaning at Home - SMELL FREE AC Everest Window Type Aircon.Isang taon bago nalinisanØ=Þ2 Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking Ford Ranger, Everest, Mazda BT-50 [AIRCON ACTUATOR DIY REPAIR] FILIPINO (tagalog) Version Mini Split. Brand New Original Sealed Everest window type aircon .5hp .6hp 1hp 1.5hp 2hp 2.5hp (manual no timer) Kolin 1.5hp Window Type Inverter Aircon with Remote Control (KAG-145RSINV) ₱29,29 American Home AHAC-162MNT 1.5HP Window Type Condura WCONZ010EC1 1.0 HP Window Type Air Conditioner ₱ 18,800.00 ₱ 16,800.00. Add to cart. Everest ET10POR/M-HF 1.0 HP Portable Airconditioner ₱ 17,990.00. Add to cart. Fujidenzo WAM-60IG2 0.6 HP Inverter Window Type Aircon

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Servicing AC Cleaning at Home - SMELL FREE AC Everest Window Type Aircon.Isang taon bago nalinisan? Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking Ford Ranger, Everest, Mazda BT-5 TROUBLESHOOT AIRCON SPLIT TYPE ( ERROR E1 )Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner Servicing AC Cleaning at Home - SMELL FREE AC Everest Window Type Aircon.Isang taon bago nalinisan㷞2 Air conditionin

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Access Free Everest Aircon Service Manual Error CodesVictoria Series) Error Everest Split Type Inverter 1.5hp 2016 model AIRCON PRICE in Philippines 2020 How to Clean. Servicing AC Cleaning at Home - SMELL FREE AC Everest Window Type Aircon.Isang taon bago nalinisanØ=Þ2 Air conditioning (aircon) How to Fix a Water Leaking Ford Ranger, Everest, Mazda BT-50 [AIRCON ACTUATOR DIY REPAIR] FILIPINO (tagalog) Version Mini Spli I could have bought a Samsung at Parkmall today at 21K - inverter split type - seems a real deal - but EER is just 10. I better buy a Panasonic at 28K that has an EER of 13.6 and saves way more in the long run. Plus they now charge 6-7K for basic installation. 2 years ago that was just 3.5K for a Kolin 1.5HP unit 1 Hp Panasonic Air Conditioning Unit In Davao City Del Sur Homes american new and air conditioning heating for carrier window type conditioner view all ads available in the brand new kolin kag 150rsinv 1 5hp window type inverter aircon inverter air for view all ads available in the philippines olx ph. Whats people lookup in this blog Aircon Window Type Inverter 1.5hp. SKU: CWH1826698 ; Roll over image to zoom in. Click to open expanded vie

Home Fans and Coolers Air Conditioner Window Type Airconditioner Inverter. EIWA-1.5HP (Inverter Window Type Airconditioner) Previous product. EDF-16 ECOLUX ₱ 1,199.00. Back to products. Next product. EWF-16HD (Wall Fan) ₱ 1,399.00 1.5hp Window Type Aircon Inverter. 032) 255 4488 / 256-1688 / 412-3449. Email:customerservice@familyapplianceph.co Get the Midea FP-51ARA015HEIV-U5 1.5HP Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner with Ultra Quiet operation feature. Available at abenson.com via Standard delivery 1.5 HP Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner Easy to install, convenient, cozy with inverter technology, you do not need to choose between keeping cool and saving energy. Its smart energy-saving system allows you to control your energy consumption and coolness at the same time. - UP TO 46% Energy savings if set on the temperature setting Sharp 1.5 hp Inverter Window Type Aircon with. Refrigerant R32. Design Pressure 4.8/1.7MP3. Control Type Remote. Dimenson ( W*D*H) 560x670x400mm. Net/Gross Weight 44.4/48. One (1) Year warranty on parts and service Five (5) years on compressor. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Mx-INV35 Matrix 1.5HP Window Type Aircon (Inverter Grade ) Cancel reply

Specifications of Airconditioner Inverter Window Type 1.5HP Gree U-J12-6DR. Brand. No Brand. SKU. 463620772_PH-1201190772. Model. Gree Aircon Window Type Inverter. Air Conditioner Features. Timer,Air Direction Control,Silent Mode,Sensor Control 1.5 HP Window Type Inverter Air Conditioner. Electronic Timer and Wireless Remote Control. Power Consumption: 1008 Watts. Rated Current: 4.5A. EER: 13.1 kJ/h-W. Power Supply: 220-240/60/1. Dimension (WxDxH): 560 x 670 x 400mm. Weight: 44.4Kg. DC Inverter Compressor Be the first to review Koppel 1.5HP Inverter Window Type Aircon KV12WR-ARF31 Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. Related products. Panasonic Panasonic 10.7 cu ft Refrigerator NR-B10715B. 8 In Stoc

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May mare-recommend po ba kayo na 0.6hp na window type ac? Ano ba ang size ng room and why maliit na aircon lang ang hanap mo? Nabasa ko sa kabilang thread na weekends mo lang gagamitin kaya investing in an inverter unit is a tough call for you. And given yung choices that you enumerated, I take it your budget is below 10k only LG 14,000 BTU 115V Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control, 14000 By lg 9.7 View Product 9.7 All Stores Choose the right type of inverter air conditioner

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kolin aircon window type 1.5hp inverter. kag150rs inv. hitachi 2.3hp window type inverter aircon . ra23hv. hitachi 0.8hp window type inverter aircon . ra08hv Aircon Window Type 1.5Hp Non-Inverter quantity. Add to cart. Add to Shopping List. SKU: 102274853 Category: Cooling Devices Tags: Aircon Window Type, ab, hfaab. Product categories. Health and Beauty; Electronics and Gadgets. TV. Aircon Window Type 1.0Hp Non-Inverter Landline Number (02) 863-5555 (Metro Manila) Toll-Free Number. 1800-10-888-8888 for PLDT subscriber CW-HU70ZA. R32 Refrigerant Inverter Window Type Cool Only Air-Conditioner (3/4 HP (Remote Control Model)) HK$5,380. 3/4 HP (Cool Only model - Remote Control Model) 7,400 Btu/h. Annual cooling energy consumption (Based on 1,200hrs/h operation):265 kWh. Grade 1 Energy Label

Mx-KC1509 - Martrix .6HP Window Type Aircon ( Non Inveter) ₱ 11,199.00 Add to car Hanabishi 1.5Hp Inverter Window Type Aircon For Sale (WHOLESALE) Product Model: HWTINVAC15HP Product Description: 1.5 hp Rotary compressor Easy to clean filter 24 hour On/Off timer Save up to 60% on energy consumption 3D Airflow - 4 way air deflection system Microprocessor control Auto restart Energy saver With remote contro Window Type Air-Conditioners selling platform,BBE has showrooms with Window Type Air-Conditioners of different brands in MongKok, Tuen Mun and Causeway Bay. We guarantee all our Window Type Air-Conditioners are dealer goods with manufacturer's warranty Brand New Original Sealed Everest window type aircon .5hp .6hp 1hp 1.5hp 2hp 2.5hp (manual no timer) Kolin 1.5hp Window Type Inverter Aircon with Remote Control (KAG-145RSINV) ₱29,29 Legazpi. Exatech-Legazpi Bldg. 831 B3 F. Aquende Drive, Brgy. 40, Cruzada, Legazpi City. Tel No. (052) 742-212

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condura inverter window type aircon. previous next. split type air conditioners. condura prima. condura inverter 2. view all products. learn more. refrigerators. manual / semi-automatic defrost. no frost inverter. freezers & coolers. prima. ultima. manual / semi-automatic defrost. negosyo inverter pro series (two door Mabe Appliances MEI12VRSM (1.5hp Window AC) Aircon, Window Type, Inverter. Energy Saving Inverter Window AC 1.5hp ₱29,995.

Window Type SHARP Philippine

York Window Air-conditioner Johnson Control 1.0HP R410A RM 1,357.00 RM 1,225.00 inc.tax Sharp Standard Non-Inverter 1.0HP R410A RM 1,120.00 RM 810.00 inc.tax Showing all 3 result Union 1.5hp Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner For Sale Product Model: UGAIR-12001-INV Product Description: Recommended Cooling Area 16 ~ 23 sq.m Cooling Capacity 1.5 HP 13800 kJ/h cooling capacity Energy Efficiency Ratio High EER rating 13.0 Features Energy Saving Functions - Automatic room temperature adjustment Full-featured remote contro

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Panasonic Split Unit Air Conditioner 1.5HP Full Copper. ₦ 162,000. ₦ 180,000. 10%. 5 out of 5. (1 PANASONIC CSV7RWA1 3/4 HP Window Split Type Air-Conditioner. Overview3/.. Sold: > 1000. HK$4,780 $3580 Pls check stock with us. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Get coupon code. Compare this Product. Showing 1 to 17 of 17 (1 Pages midea 1.5 hp window type air conditioner (fp51ara15henvn5) Regular price ₱24,395.00 Sale price ₱22,895.00 -6

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Slip-type air conditioners may not be a luxury cooling thing today. Considering the climate change and how warm it can get in some parts of the Philippines at certain times of the year, a typical average-income family is likely to buy and install an air conditioner. However, there are options to choose from depending on the floor area that needs cooling, the budget, and the kind of place. In. Be the first to review Gree GIS612A 1.5HP Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Gree G1812VM 1.5HP Window type Air Conditioner. Add to quote. Quick View. Close. Gree G1618M 2.0HP Window type Air Conditioner. Add to quote. 10 Best Split Type Air Conditioners In The Philippines Gineersnow. See also Is A Firm Mattress Better Than Plush. Panasonic 1 5hp Window Type Aircon Cw Xc125vph Emcor. Updated Hitachi Vs Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon. Panasonic 1 0 Hp Aircon Cw Sc105vph Otcer Ph. Panasonic Cs U Ps9qkq 1 0hp Standard Inverter Split Type Air aircon window type r/c 1.5hp non-inv we are currently on our soft launch and can deliver order within metro manila only. chigo - 1.5hp remote control window type aircon (non inverter) chigo - 1.5hp remote control window type aircon (non inverter) in stock. sku. mjchgwr150a . aircon window type r/c 1.5hp non-inv. The EVEREST product design philosophy is based on Quality, Innovation and with the Customer's Needs always in mind. Since its launching in 2008, EVEREST has become one of the popular and fastest-growing brands in the white-lines market

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Carrier Wall Mounted Split Type Aircon 1.0HP Alpha Basic Inverter Indoor Unit - 42GCVBE010-303P Regular price ₱36,590.00 ₱34,340.00 Add to Wishlist Add to car 1.5HP R-410a Window Type Aircon (w/Remote) Model Number: CHG-WR150A. Remote Controlled Window Type Air Conditioner. Horsepower (HP): 1.5HP. R-410a Environmental Friendly Refrigerant. Anti-Corrosive Gold Fin Condenser. High Density Filter with Vitamin C Treatment. Cooling capacity:12,600 kJ/h. Cooling Current: 5.5 (A

Rent to Own Aircon - iRentMo - Installment Pay Air Conditioner

Mabe MEI12VR Aircon. Inverter window aircon. If you are looking for window aircons, the Mabe MEI12BR is an inverter aircon that checks that box. Featuring 1.5 hp and 13300Btu/h cooling capacity, it also has several smart features such as soft start, auto fan, auto cooling and a sleep timer. Dehumidifier featur The TOSOT Window Type Inverter (R32) air conditioner is available in different capacity sizes: 1.0HP, 1.5HP, 2.0HP and 2.5HP. To find out the best aircon for your home, visit TOSOT Philippines showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment 10-Koppel 1.5HP Window Type Inverter Aircon KV12WR-ARF31. With Inverter Technology. With the newest advance 3DC Inverter technology, life just got cooler with Koppel's latest window type inverter model. With its renewable R32 refrigerant, and greater power saving features, this AC unit is right for those who are looking for neat and clean.

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