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  1. If the Mount / Plane Of Mars In Palmistry is high and well-organized, your ability to work will very high. Any organization, the leadership, work with the people, any work of the police and war department is very good for you. You will gain fame for your work and heroism. Mars is the planet that creates houses and lands
  2. The Upper Mount of Mars, or Positive Mars, is positioned between the Head Line and the Heart Line, below the little finger. It reflects temperament. An overly developed mount denotes a stubborn, defiant individual who is not one to enter into a give and take situation. If this mount is absent or flat, this is a sign of one?s inability to.
  3. Lower Mars- Signs on the Lower Mount of Mars must be read on the influence lines inside of the Life line (113). In the earlier history of Palmistry the Plain of Mars was considered to be the principal part of the Martian development
  4. Predictions about Mount of MARS. Mole on mount of MARS, lines on mount of MARS, trident , star, cross, triangle on mount of MARS. Free online palmistry
  5. In palmistry, the inner Mars mount is the same as the lower Mars mount. It is a part of the Mars area on the palm, including the outer (upper) and the plain of Mars. The inner Mars is below the mount of Jupiter (under the index finger) and inside of the thumb

Mount of Outer Mars (Mount of Upper Mars/Mars Negative) The Mount of Outer Mars also called the Upper Mars or the Mars Negative mainly represents self-control and endurance. If you have a strong Outer Mars on your hand, then you are steady, persevering and fearless of danger. Also, you could endure the humiliation in life The Mount of Mars — Mounts in Palmistry. There are two Mars on the palm. They are known as Progressive Mars and Reverting Mars. The Surrounded part underneath the beginning stage of the Life line or more the Mount of Venus is known as the Mount of Mars. Essentially, this Mount is characteristic of war. A man gets gallant, valiant and candid. In Palmistry, the mounts, or bumps of flesh, on the palm play a very important role during a reading. They are related to the influences of the planets, which also tell us a lot about our physical and emotional makeup. There are seven mounts on the palms, and they are synonymous with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

Mount of Mars. As per Palmistry if the Mount of Mars has criss-cross lines, the person is said to be argumentative and looking out for unnecessary trouble. In case of a Circle or Rings on 'Mount. The Mars line is a positive marking on the palm. It is a line which runs parallel to the life line, beginning from inside the thumb, or from the start of the lifeline itself. If with a broken or weak life line, a Mars line is favourable. This line can vary in its meaning because it is not always in the same place or same length, but no matter. Mount of Mars on Palm: Hand Analyse According to the ancient science of palmistry, Mars is connected with the Courage, Power Administration, arms, wars and leadership. There are two Mounts of mars on the palm that is Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars

Practical Palmistry Case: Branch From Lower Mars Goes Towards Sun Line There are two mounts of Mars: The active or Positive or Lower Mars between the mounts of Jupiter and Venus and the Passive, Negative or Upper Mars between the mounts of Mercury and Moon. A well-developed active mount of Mars reveals an aggressive, fighting type of person. People with the Line of Mars and the clear Sun Line like A and C will live a smooth life, get well-known everywhere, have many sons and grandsons, and enjoy longevity. If the Line of Mars starts from above the Mount of Venus and ends at below the same mount (D), it implies the strong sense of justice Upper mount of Mars is located below the mount of mercury and above the mount of moon as shown by position 1. Upper mount of mars represents determination, resistance to any manipulation and bullying by others, self-control and stability. Plane of Mars is the triangular shaped area which occupies the middle portion of the hand as shown by. The Mount of Mars possess 2 position on your palm. 1 st is observed right away under the upper portion of Line of Life. Another is observed in between Line of Head and Line of Heart. The 1 st one is associated with your physical characteristic. And the 2 nd one is related to your mental characteristic. In the 1 st case, if it is large then it is Positive. It possesses much more meaning if you. Mounts in Palmistry represent the parts of the palm of the hands which are meaty or fleshy areas that stand up a little bit like wee mountains on the hands. The theory is that the more or highly pronounced a mount is on the hand, the more the subject requesting the reading is affected by these energies. Each mount is also ruled by a planet

Palmistry Facts. The Upper Mount of Mars stands for mental resilience, it also symbolizes perseverance, stability and self-control, while the Lower Mount of Mars represents physical power and it symbolizes aggression, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Over-developed Upper Mars is uncommon, but for those who have this type of mount then the person. Mount of Venus . You'll find the Mount of Venus at the base of the thumb. As you might guess, it's associated with love, sexuality, passion, sensuality, and indulgence. This area highlights innate magnetism and a person's emotional connection to love and romance. Inner Mars. Mars plays a significant role in palmistry It originates from the Aggressive Mars, runs parallel to the Line of Life towards the Mount of Venus and terminates at the wrist or the Mount of Venus. These lines are of two types, that c an be located along the life line, and can be called assistant to the life line. Sometimes, such lines proceeds parallel to life line to its very end Mount / Plane Of Mars In Palmistry and Astrologyমঙ্গলের ক্ষেত্রের শুভ ও অশুভ বিচারAstro Nilmani is an Astrologer with Scientific and.

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Palmistry Mount Meanings for Beginners. October 2, 2017. Lisa Boswell. Tarot. The mounts on the hand are the fleshy lumps of muscle, skin and fat which reflect your personality. Many fortune tellers who are trying to learn palmistry often attempt to jump past learning the mounts. However, you will find later that you need to know the mounts. Triangle on Lower mount of mars A triangle on lower mars mount in palmistry represents financial success in real estate and steel related industry. It is often found on the hands of police officers,soldiers,martial artists,and salespeople who are known for their go-getter attitude, courageous and dashing nature Sun line from mount of lower Mars/Mars negative. Mount of lower mars is the area for aggression and fire. Sunline originating from mount of lower mars gets the quality aggression and fire in attaining success. The extra push that is required to attain is achieved by aggression and fire hi i like you to tell about mars mount also... HARSH on March 28, 2016: Hey Susan , I have triangle on my mount of apolo in my right hand and i have 2 or more line on mount of apolo in my left hand . Pauline Davenport from Isle of Man on July 04, 2013: I like this - brilliantly factual - palmistry has always fascinated m

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The Mount Of Mars. The Mars mount is named after the Roman god of war and has three distinct sections which show a person's aggression, resilience and temperament. Below are the three different mounts: Inner Mars Mount: This mount is also sometimes referred to as the Lower Mars this is located on your palm between the Jupiter and Venus mounts. Palmistry - Mounts. Mars Mount. The Mars Mount. There are two Mars on the palm. They are known as Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars. The Surrounded portion beneath the starting point of the Lifeline and above the Mount of Venus is called the Mount of Mars. Basically, this Mount is indicative of war

Description. This section is from the book The Practice Of Palmistry For Professional Purposes, by C. de Saint-Germain.Also available from Amazon: The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes. V. Lines And Signs On The Upper Mount Of Mars For consultation on palm reading Contact on / or whatapp - +91 9137133771E-mail id - sarkarpalmistry@gmail.co Mars is a Red planet known for anger aggression and fire yet the temperature on Mars is Mars - minus 20°F (-28°C). Its red colour is due to Iron Dioxide, and maybe not due to the heat and fire. Venus Mount in palmistry signifies warmth in a good way provided it has good indications on your palm

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Those are Sun Mount, Jupiter Mount & Lastly Venus Mount. These three mounts are primary mounts to judge wealth and money in palmistry - Mercury Mount is secondary. The positivity of these three primary and one secondary mounts will determine that - how much wealth a person can acquire in his/her life time Mount Of Mars In Palmistry AstroSanhita. I loved the predictions. You really have deep knowledge of astrology. Everything that you said about me and my personality, my husband's personality was absolutely true

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According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Palmist ,On the base phalange, There are two Mars on the palms. They are known as Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars. Surrounded portion beneath the starting point of the lifeline and above the mount of Venus is called the mount of Mars. Basically, this mount is indicative of war Inner Mars, Outer Mars, and the Plain of Mars In palmistry, Mars covers a lot of ground. Named for the Roman god of war , these three distinctive sections represent aggression, resilience, and. Palmistry : Know what the sign of trident shows in your hand . February 3, 2020 February 3, 2020 The State 0 Comments palmistry, trident. At the same time, if the trident is found on the upper mount of Mars, it means that the person will be a successful athlete/police officer or a sports person Lines of the Mars, PalmistryLine of the Mars is one of the significant lines in the science of palmistry. The lines of Mars originate either from the lower region of the Mars or from the initial part of the life line and proceed towards the mount of the Venus. As the palmists have opined after a prolonged research of that there may be one or. The upper Mars mount lies between the head line and beginning of the heart line. The lower Mars mount is near the thumb, at the beginning of the heart line. The middle Mars mount, is in the centre of the palm. A very soft plane of Mars shows a highly self-centered person. A thick, well-developed, and firm Mars plane shows abounding energy and.

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Nimn Mangal Parvat is known as Mount of Positive Mars/Lower Mars/1st Mars signifies fights, courage, fear, suicide, accident and danger. Located inside starting point of Life line. Mangal Ka Maidan is known as Mount of Plain of Mars signifies debt, accident and obstacles. Shukar Parvat is known as Mount of Venus signifies sex, family and love A cross on the Lower Mount of Mars protects against a risk of sudden death. A grille indicates someone with a argumentive nature. A triangle will indicate fame will come from a brave deed. A star shows someone who will achieve their goals through their own hard work. Markings On Mount Of Moon A star on the Mount of the Moon in palmistry shows.

What are the palmistry mount meanings? The mounts on the hand are the fleshy lumps of muscle, skin, and fat that reflect your personality. The Outer Mount of Mars (orange on image) is similar to the Inner Mount in that it can reflect aggression, but this mount looks at moral aggression. The Outer Mount of Mars shows how brave you are and. The fate line is otherwise called the Career line that stretches from the wrist to the mount of Saturn under the middle finger and reflects one's career and fortune. This palmistry fate line predicts the growth and downfall in the career. Fate line in both the palms is observed to assess that when one can get a permanent job, promotion. Mounts in Palmistry And Mount of Jupiter - Part I Mounts are the extra raised pads of flesh in our palm (below the fingers). Each mount in the palm is symbolic to a particular planet in astrology, and represents the same qualities in a person

The sun or apollo line is the sister line to fate line. Sun line's presense gives a boost to the existing fate line. A strong sun line will always compensate for a weak or non existent fate line. It starts in mount of moon and ends near base of apollo (ring) finger. A sun line from wrist till head line indicates luck and fame at very young age Cross on the Mount of Mars. A Cross on the Mount of Mars represents the dangerous opposition of enemies and injuries caused by it. It also depicts conflicts, violence and even death from quarrels. The native will be very short tempered and because of this he/she may land in trouble several times. The native will be very stubborn The mount of Mars has two positions in the palm. The first is present immediately under the upper portion of line of life and the other is present opposite to it in the space lying between the line of heart and the line of head.The first is associated with the physical characteristics and second with the mental characteristics of an individual

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Mount of Mars (positive): Situated between the thumb and the mount of Jupiter, this mount represents courage and/or aggression. Apex of the mounts: The triangular area present on the mount formed by the skin ridges (fine print patterns on the hand). The position of the apex reveals the quality of that mount. Hand Sides -If sister lines run beside the line on the Mount of Mars, the subject will have added renown.-If a branch from the Apollo line comes from the Mount of Moon (472) the subject will have the power of imagination, the ability to paint word pictures, and a good power of expression. As an author they will be successful You can learn secrets of palmistry here and apply them but you need lots of practice. Mounts and disease Mount of Jupiter (Guru Parvat), lungs, liver, and throat. Mount of Saturn (Shani Parvat), depression, leg, bone, and teeth. Mount of Sun (Surya Parvat), Eye, back and heart. (Nitin Kumar Palmist) Mount of Mars-I (Mangal Parvat), operation

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  1. Mount Of Mars. In palm reading, there are two Mount Of Mars, one is positive Mars which is located above Mount Of Venus and other one is negative Mars which is located in between heart and head line and is opposite to positive Mars. In palmistry hand, Mount Of Sun is found in the base of ring finger and signifies name , fame and success in.
  2. the Mount of Mars is very salient, which accounts for the action, energy, and spirited movement of all Dumas' historical works. In Lamartine's hand we noticed the same long Line of Head, but not drooping so much to the Mountain of the Moon; but the Mount of Mercury was largely developed, an
  3. e the faith of the person as well as the possible paths the person will choose to take in their life. Palmistry pays attention to all the tiny details and markings on the hand
  4. Mount of Saturn Palmistry - Reading and Meaning. A person is curious, wants to know the events of the future, palmistry gives hints on the hand. Among the bumps of the palm, the hill of Saturn occupies an important place. Together with the hill of Jupiter, they influence aspects of human destiny. The mound is located under the middle finger.
  5. es the characteristics and mentality of the person and also.

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Other important lines mentioned here are head, heart, life, fate and love line. Hand mounts are also an important feature. Here we mention Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Apollo mount. Sun line in palmistry. Sun line is also called the Apollo line and it is one of the important lines in palmistry Star Signs on Palm Lines. The Star is an important sign in palmistry. It is considered anywhere in the palm except in place. Star on the mount of Jupiter represents power, respect, authority, and leadership. The star appears on the mount of the sun represents a lot of wealth and fame in the social circle Mount of Venus. Located at the base of the thumb, it is the other deep mount of your palm and relates to health, love, and sensuality. Upper/Outer Mars Mount. Nestled between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus on the inside of your palm, this Mars Mount is related to your self-control and stamina. Lower/Inner Mars Mount Its very auspicious and fotunate enough having this sign especially on mount of Apollo (also called as mount of sun) Sun is being denoted by the ring finger in palmistry and the Fleshy part under this finger is known as mount of Apollo or sun → Fo.. The Fate Line is also called the Line of Fortune, it is one of the most important lines in Palmistry as it tells us about a person's fate or Bhagya, his luck and fortune in life. The Fate Line generally runs upwards towards the base of the Mount of Saturn [Picture 2] from the base of the Palm.Many people actually call it as the Career Line or the line that tells us about our Job.

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  1. In palmistry there have been some palms found that have the fate line cross the mount of Saturn and enter the middle figure. This is a very rare happening and may indicate that the person will have a murderous tendency and face assassination as a result of it
  2. April - Mounts. Mounts. Mounts are an advanced method of Palmistry. A mount is a little lump on your palm, it can be firm or soft, but they will not be hard. There are seven mounts we will learn about in this lesson, although depending on what type of palmistry you are following there may be 5 - 8 mounts in total
  3. Mount of Mars, Palmistry. The Mount of Mars in a way is the indicator of the courage and power in a respective individual. The position of the mount of Mars on the palm is a bit complicated. There are two Mars on the palms, as the palmists have opined. In the science of palmistry, they are known as progressive Mars and regressive Mars
  4. The mount of lower Mars ordains the active manifestation of an individual's energies : It is the martial spirit (95), enthusiasm, aggressiveness, strength and power. (62) This mount is the mark of a pugilist, a soldier, and on occasions, a bluffer. If overdeveloped, the individual is hotheaded and eager to either start fights or join the fracas
  5. Mount of Mars: Represents the strength of an individual to deal with confrontation and hassles Palmistry has become an enthralling field of study. Apart from these several lines and mounts, the palm lines of a person depict a range of markings that has a profound meaning
  6. Palmistry is best utilised as a tool to predict diseases and unforeseen events in life well in advance. It is unfortunate that those who are convinced about the inherent power of this science fail to use it to their advantage. Mole on mars line shows timid nature of the bearer. A mole on the mount of Venus in the shape of a flame is an.

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Palm Reading - The Mounts. Palmistry, also known as chiromancy or palm reading, is divination involving the shape and size of the hand. The lines on the hand, as well as the muscle areas (known as mounds), are also studied and analyzed. Palmistry has been used for thousands of years, and over 2,500 years ago, Aristotle wrote a book on it for. A Triangle On The Mount Of Mars. If there is a triangle on the Mount of Mars, then there are chances that the individual will become a warrior and also exhibit courage and patience in anything that he/she plans to do. But, on the other hand, if the triangle is on the mount of Mars and is faulty, then the individual seems to be a coward

Trident On The Lower/Upper Mount Of Mars. When the trident is found on the lower mount of Mars, it indicates that the person will achieve a lot of wealth after a lot of delay and struggle. At the same time, if the trident is found on the upper mount of Mars, it means that the person will be a successful athlete/police officer or a sports person Mount of Mars represents a protection from the danger through enemies. Mount of Venus inside the line of life denotes a protection from the trouble caused due to strong affection. When the square lies in the centre of the mount of Venus, it tells that the subject will escape from all kinds of danger caused through passion Palmistry fate line/Saturn line Types of hand sun line/Apollo line Astrology Lines Marks and Sign Palmistry books Shape of hand Army line Courage Different yogas Family line Head line Health line Heart line Loop Mars Mount of moon Property Lines Special line Thumb Time on hand Travel line Triangle Wealth line face reading fingers life lin

The area of the hollow or the depression in the centre of the palm is called the Plain of Mars. Mount of Upper Mars, neither Mount included. regard to astrology and palmistry as we are. Second Mount (21 st Oct - 21 st Nov. - 28 th) They are complete opposite of the first, all Mars qualities being mental they are courageous & possess moral courage more than physical. When not highly developed - employ cunning & craft of every description to carry out their plans & will stop at nothing for this

Mount of Jupiter Palmistry - Reading and Meaning. There are seven mounts on your palm and they are the mount of Jupiter, the mount of Saturn, the mount of Mercury, the mount of Venus, the Mount of Mars, the mount of Apollo and the mount of Luna. Today in this article we are going to talk about the Jupiter mount. We are going to tell you. 2. A mount (like mountain) is a raised area of flesh. For example, the bump beneath each finger is a mount. A line may cross over a mount. 3. A plain is a flat area of your hand. For example, the very center of your palm is the Plain of Mars. It is also possible for a line to cross a plane. A professional palm reading guide can help you. Sudden death syndrome symptoms in palmistry. It is true that there is no particular line of death is available in the hands but a few signs on palm-like life line, the mount of Saturn and Mars which indicates sudden death, accident, murder, suicide, death by poison, after long illness, death by an incurable disease, heart attack, etc MOUNT VENUS : In the base of the thumb opposite to the Moon Mount lies a spot surrounded by the life line, that is to say (in other words) the place between the Manibandh and Dwitiya or Second (debilitate) Mars is known as (called) Mount Venus. This is the third joint of the thumb which has separately been given the name of Mount Venus

In Palmistry, There are two mounts of mars, upper mount or lower mount. In the right hand, Upper mount in a palm is located between the heart and mind line on the left side and vice versa. In the right hand, the lower mount of Mars is present under the lifeline and above the mount of the Venus Note: Mars mount should not be overdeveloped. if Mars mount is overdeveloped then that person will have anger issues or having aggressive behaviour. Remedies to improve Chandra Mangal Yog in Palmistry We often see the black dot or mole on the palm of a person. It is a negative indication and is unauspicious. We need to do the remedy for it at the earliest otherwise it will give negative results in our life. Moles can be found on the four finger.. This is an overview of Indian Palmistry for beginners to help understand Indian palmistry better. Lower mars - Middle of Mount of Jupiter & Mount of Venus - Represent enemy. Overall Mount of Mars - Represent courage, blodness, anger, danger..

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Mount of Mars - it articulates the strength of a person to deal with hassles and confrontation. Palmistry is a vast and engrossed field of study. Apart from all these various mounts and lines, the palm of a person's hand tells a new prediction for each and every marking, each of which has a profound meaning A mount of the moon which is too flat indicates absence of charisma. The ideal is a balanced mountain, that your touch is pleasant. In this case, life will always bring unexpected happy events. Mount of Mars. They indicate the person's ability to fight. It is located where the thumb begins Below here are few signs in palmistry that can show people with violent tendencies. a) Mount of Venus: Region in the palm which located at thumb base. An over-developed mount of Venus points. Palmistry or 'Study of the hand' is an ancient science that originated in India. It is actually just a small part of a larger science - the study of the whole body and various signs on it. The Lower Mars (area below the Mount of Jupiter) is indicative of the amount of courage an individual has. The Mount of Moon (area below the Upper Mars. Developed Mount of Mars is giving courage and fighting ability with odd . As per Palmistry famous Indian palmist Nisha says The most strong part of Kirans hand is her Sun and Mars . Presently the lines are supporting except the Mangal rekha the Event Election this is just the perfect timing presently for her