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On the amp; treble on 2 -3 and bass on 5 or 6. Reverb on 3 or so. Worked pretty good for the first couple shows. A few months ago I would have said I'd never play a solo show with a strat. But it works better than I would have thought. The almighty Stratocaster I'm pretty new to electric guitar. I already play acoustic. I have a new MIM deluxe strat an have just got a katana 50 amp which is awesome [emoji51]. Just wondered if anyone could recommend some basic settings to get a good Blues sound. Don't really wanna mess with it plugged in online yet. Just stock settings to get me started for now Perfect Fender Amp Settings and the Magic Six. Fender sells a lot of guitars. But Fender Amps are popular in their own right and widely used. Thus a discussion about settings and tone, in the context of Fender amplifiers, would be appropriate and helpful. Most (not all) Fender guitar amps offer a warm, smooth tone and give you a nice low end.

The Marshall Studio Vintage is an outstanding amp that, when paired with a Strat, is capable of authentically recreating some of the best tones from rock history. Unless you're willing to shell out many thousands of dollars on a genuine vintage Marshall, this is the closest you'll get to that sound. Blackstar HT-20R Mk11 Sound & Tone: 10/1 I just bought a Stratocaster Acoustasonic guitar. Sounds amazing! For the acoustic settings, which amp block and speakers are most recommended? I assume I'm trying to emulate the type of guitar amp made for an acoustic guitar with pickups built in to it. Here is a link to the Acoustasonic.. I fired up the amp, plugged in a Strat, hit a chord, and said to myself, That's a good starting point. Peavey 6505: 666 The Peavey 6505 , which is the younger sibling of their classic 5150, is a go-to amp for metal tones, and coincidentally, turning the Bass, Mid, and Treble controls on the amp to the numbers 6-6-6 yields a nice thick. I used to have a hard time dialing in a good blues tone until I got my Line 6 Spider IV. It has a blues setting built it. It sounds better than any tube amp I've heard. Also the only way to get a good blues tone is to use a MIM Fender Strat, the MIA Strats sound too sterile Of course the bridge pickup on a Strat bypasses the tone circuit and capacitor so it has a very clean, clear signal going to the amp. Vox AC15's are quite dark sounding amps compared to today's higher gain valve amps so the combination of the bright bridge pickup and the unique Vox Class A valve tone gives that classic Shadows / Marvin tone

A Stratocaster and a Twin Reverb amp: One of the all-time great Fender guitar/amp combinations. Fender has been noted worldwide for well more than half a century as one of the few manufacturers equally acclaimed for its guitars and amplifiers. Down through the company's long history, a handful of Fender guitars and amps have been paired together in what proved to be classic combinations Fender tube amps were Vaughan's go-to method of amplification, and he almost always played a Fender Stratocaster, which eventually became a Fender Signature Strat.While you definitely don't need the SRV signature guitar, we would recommend the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and a VOX wah wah pedal, both of which Vaughan used extensively. For an amplifier, a Fender tube amp is most ideal, but you can. The VOX AC30 is a good alternative to the Fender Twin Reverb. You get 30 watts of power which is ideal for a small coffee house style gig. The amp is tube powered so you get authentic tones and it features excellent reverb and tremolo. The AC 30 is another great amp for the Fender Stratocaster or other Strat style guitar that you own Fender Stratocaster explained and setup guide. The guitar and amp affect the tone in different ways. We've said earlier that the amp and the speakers are the most important for what you hear, and we stick with this. Still, the amp can not produce a signal that was never there from the beginning (except harmonic frequencies due to clipping. When an amplifier processes the signal that comes from your guitar's pickups, it goes through two stages. The first stage is called the preamp. This is what controls the gain setting. So if you turn this up high, it causes the preamp to work harder, resulting in a more distorted tone

high 5 o'clock, post gain full. On a Fender Princeton Chorus. treble 10, mid 4 - 5, bass 10, gain 7, mid boost off, limiter 4, presence 0, vol - louder the better. Marshall Hot Rod Deluxe amp. neck pickup, plug into socket 2, bass 9-10, mid and treble, half way, drive 3, master vol 7, reverb 1-2. BLUES SETTING As explained before, his main tone is just guitar + amp and as you can see below, there has been a consistent LACK of pedals on his board with only three main pedals making the cut in the live arena. Dave Grohl's Pedalboards throuh the years. In summary, Dave Grohl uses these main pedals: Boss DD-3. MXR Phase 90 Amp settings - don't neglect the mid range! One of the biggest mistake many guitarists do - both on stage and smaller rooms - is to neglect the importance of mid range. When playing alone your guitar often sound best with a typically mids scooped tone. The lows and highs makes the tone really scream

A guide of presets and amp settings that are best for Marshall or Fender amplifiers, with EQ for rock, blues, grunge and a variety of other tones & styles. Article by Guitar Chalk. 28. Cigar Box Guitar Music Guitar Guitar Chords Guitar Pins Cool Guitar Playing Guitar Acoustic Guitar Guitar Notes Jazz Guitar Recommended Amplifier Settings Treble (2-5) - Lowering the treble is the most essential control for excluding the top-end frequencies from the amplifier's tone. Holding back on the treble keeps the guitar's high-end frequencies from being amplified, creating a warmer and thicker sound with your single-coil guitar

Check out this video of Jeff Beck's guitar tech for more information about his amp settings. According to him, most of the tone heard on the Live at Ronnie Scotts comes from the JTM-45, with the bass totally rolled off and a lot of the EQing is done right from the guitar, using the tone control Think clean, sparkly treble and a round, clear bass tone. That's the essence of surf amp sound. The most famous and venerable surf amps are the classic Fender Showman and Dual Showman. These were early amp heads intended to be played through Fender amp cabinets, typically with big 15″ JBL D-130F speakers If you do not have an amp with amp channel switching features you can buy a couple of inexpensive and easy-to-use true bypass looper. Get yourself a Tube Screamer clone, a delay, a chorus and a fuzz, put 'em in the chain, and you, friend, are down. READ MORE: Sounds Aplenty: The Stratocaster Pickup Selector Switc 1:32 Presence, Reverb and Gain Amp Settings. Presence controls the overall brightness and I normally set it to about 2-3. A touch of reverb is often nice but don't use too much! Also with gain or distortion - be aware of using too much! We want a nice crunchy, singing tone that isn't too 'fuzzy' sounding The best thing is to find the settings that work for your guitar, your style, your amp, and the room your playing in. Start with every thing on five and go from there. If it sound to bright then turn down the treble, if it sounds to midrangy then turn down the mids, if it sounds to dark and bassy then turn down the bass

Stratocasters sound brighter and suit clean tones the best. Jazzmasters suit higher gain amp settings more. The Stratocaster is available in more colour options and pickup configurations and has more models available to suit different budgets Bearing in mind that the Clapton Signature Strats are close to $2,000, there are other ways to get his Layla and Blackie tone. First grab a guitar with 3 single-coil pickups, like a Mexican-made (or even a Squier) Strat. Now it would be good to install some better pickups, like the Vintage Noiseless pickups in Clapton's guitars. Sep 30, 2017 - Larger image The old manuals for the Fender Hot Rod series used to include recommended settings. But the new manuals don't include this helpful information. Try the settings above on either your Hot Rod Deluxe or DeVille amplifier. The Deluxe and DeVille range have the same channel and switch arrangements 10 best amps for blues You don't need an amplifier to be a bluesman. Hell, you don't even need a guitar.But if your tastes require something with a little more volume and sting than a parlour acoustic or resonator can deliver, whether your weapon of choice is a pawnshop prize, diddley bow or '62 Stratocaster, you're gonna need something to plug into 9 best budget guitar amps under $500 for home practice; Practice in peace with the best headphones for guitar amps; Best beginner guitar amps: Guitar World's choice. For us, there is one clear winner for the best beginner guitar amp - the Boss Katana 50.Boss took the guitar world by storm with the release of their latest modeling amp, and for good reason

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Tuning. Sometimes you will have some other settings at your disposal. Here, I will only discuss the most common: Contour: sometimes replaces the mids control and deals with the sound coloration; Presence: usually concerns the high mids and, as its name implies, makes the guitar more present; Bright: as it name also implies, it adds brilliance.Contrary to the other knobs, its natural. If you want a similar sound but spend less, here's some good suggestions: the VOX AD50VT-212 is a good choice for those looking for Vox tone on a budget, and Italia have just released some cool new guitars, of which the Rimini Standard is a fantastic looking Rickenbacker-a-like. Another great little Vox amp is the Vox DA20-CL, which has a great AC-30 look, for a fraction of the price GRUNGE PEDAL SETTING FOR Kurt Cobain loud 9 o clock low 3 o clock high 12 o clock grunge max SANTANA clean gain 7 treble 10 mid 6 bass 5 reverb 2 DAVID GILMOUR strat neck pickup clean tube amp gain 2/3 vol 10 treble 7/8 mid 9/10 bass 5/6 reverb 60 to 70% fuzz 100% use fuzz pedal, big muff or rat phaser pedal 40% delay pedal 310ms LED ZEPPLIN on.

Larger image The old manuals for the Fender Hot Rod series used to include recommended settings. But the new manuals don't include this helpful information. Try the settings above on either your Hot Rod Deluxe or DeVille amplifier. The Deluxe and DeVille range have the same channel and switch arrangements I have the JMP-1 and agree there doesn't seem to be many patch settings out there. I remember the guitar techniques settings, but found most of these work best when going direct with the JMP-1. When it comes to using the JMP-1 in a live situation the pre programmed settings sounded awful, way to much top end so I've done the following Posted August 25, 2008. I just got a deluxe reverb and am looking to dial in the best settings. I play a HWY I strat into a tube screamer into a delay pedal into the amp. I like that gritty blues tone, without having to crank it so loud that I lose neighbors.I had that tone pretty dialed in in my ATV50 Marshall hybrid but this is a different. Check out a Vox AC15C1. Really lovely tone out of these things, especially with a Strat. Nice overdrive at apartment levels, but can easily be stageworthy if mic'd. If you're looking for Bedroom levels only, try a Yamaha THR10. No tubes, but if you cross your eyes a little you wont miss them. Probably the best micro amp out there, ihomo I'll give you a comparison, don't take these as exact setting that should be duplicated (though they are the settings I like to use). I'm must using the actual settings to illustrate a point, regarding the differences of each guitar in terms of EQ: Stratocaster Bass. 3 o'clock Mid. 9 o'clock Treble. 3 o'clock Telecaster Bass. 12 o'clock Mid. 2.

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  1. 1:32 Presence, Reverb and Gain Amp Settings. Presence controls the overall brightness and I normally set it to about 2-3. A touch of reverb is often nice but don't use too much! Also with gain or distortion - be aware of using too much! We want a nice crunchy, singing tone that isn't too 'fuzzy' sounding
  2. g sound turn this up, mids for cutting through from the rest of the band. this is the reason the electric guitar was invented in the first place so experiment with this one, treble for the highs
  3. He tunes his 8 string E-A-D-A-D-G-B-E. The bottom three are bass notes and the top five are strings 5-1 of a standard guitar. I know his guitar has two inputs, and that he uses a Bass Amp for the.
  4. Amp settings depends on your guitar/pickups and pedals but I guess, in terms of David's tones, I'd go for something like this: pushed, vintage, keep the EQ fairly moderate - around noon - with the mids slightly boosted and the treble slightly rolled off and the gain as high as you can until it breaks up. Set the master as desired
  5. 16,971. May 17, 2009. Plymouth, MN. I think there are three possible answers. For the British Invasion sound of George and the Animals, the Vox AC15 or AC30 are the ticket. For more American tones Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb are the best bet. Vintage Gretsch amps made by Valco are great as well
  6. Yep! And always make sure to plug your cables in the same direction, ALWAYS. It aligns the electrons for best tone. Amp: Firebird Musical Amplifiers , Gibson GA-30 RVT. Guitars: 63 ES-355, 02 FB VII, 76 Electra Omega, 64 SG Special, 73 LPC, 76 Firebird. Effects: Celestial Effects, Ethos Clean 2
  7. NJ. I recently traded up from my trusty AC15 to an AC30CC2. I use the amp as a clean slate for pedals, and the AC15 wasn't keeping up with my band, when using heavy gain pedals. Otherwise, it was a great sounding, easy to use amp. This one is is a bit trickier to use as it has a ton of settings - channel blending, EQ shfting, brilliance, dwell.

These tips wont be of much interest to the gypsy jazzers, but they should help you if you use electrified guitars with pickups so archtops, Tele's, Strat's, Les Pauls, 335's etc. With technology constantly changing, new jazz guitar tones are being produced so 'jazz guitar tone' becomes a very subjective term Here are the steps for setting amplifier gain with test tones: Have your EQ receiver presets and the amp's bass boost at normal settings when you listen to music. While your gain is at a minimum, play the 40 Hz test tone. Increase your receiver's volume until you hear a buzz. Back off a little until a humming sound returns As with guitars, though, owning a vintage Fender blackface amp isn't necessary for getting a cool surf tone, as the modern guitarist has plenty of other options. Virtually anything that can be cranked up and kept clean will do the job, from modern tube amps like Mesa-Boogies and Randalls , to the higher-wattage solid-state and digital modeling.

Engineers rely on various plugins as mixing tools, and will also likely be using amp sims and other processing on guitar tracks to get the best possible tone. Sure choosing the right amplifier, guitar and even pickups is essential but so are is choosing the correct plugins. Rounding Up 7 Of The Best Plugins For Mixing Guitar Practice more with the best guitar amp headphones; Best guitar amps: Our top picks. We've actually got two top picks for best amp right now. The Fender '68 Princeton Reverb offers some of the sweetest Fender tones you'll hear. Tune in for pristine, shimmering cleans that break up nicely, with onboard spring reverb and tremolo to sweeten. Boost and overdrive pedals will give you the more saturated SRV tones, particularly used to boost the guitar solos. The best suited pedals are those with good transparancy and little color. You still need to hear the Stratocaster and the Fender amp. The purpose of the pedal is to make the amp break up even more and increase the mids and highs The Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Amplifier is an exceptional recreation of a classic 1968 amp. It has everything that you need to sound great. It's all-tube powered, so you can create all the vintage sounds from the 60s and 70s. the map has that classic Fender reverb sound and great clean tones Best Small Practice Amps reviewed (from cheapest to most premium): Rogue G10 Budget (Cheapest amp on the list, only buy if you're on a tight budget.) Fender 10G Budget (Cheap and very limited in features. Similar to the Rogue in quality.) Fender Champion 20 Mid-range (Arguably the best small guitar amp for around $100. Effects built-in.

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Need to know from you guys what you consider to be the best bass amp tone settings for a live situation. Rock band two guitars, bass, keys and drums playing with my fingers no slap. I had own classic 1970 Svt with 8 x10 in the past so my work was pretty much done for me.I own a Fender 100 bassman now playing smaller rooms 150 peopl There are variations and dummy coil apparatus that can prevent this, but i play clean to semi-dirty most of the time so shrug. The tone profile is vast. I'd have to guess that a tele is probably the only more versatile platform for tones. 335 is in that convo too. But this guitar really is a close second Dec 28, 2014. #14. Depends what you like to play. Only Fender amp I've ever liked are those new modeling amps they have and the accompanying software. If money weren't as much a concern, the right Marshall or Mesa are what I would prefer 200W (2W, 20W settings) $950: Read Full Review Below: 7. Blackstar ID150H 150W Digital Guitar Amplifier Head (Best Under $400) Solid State 150W Head: $400: Read Full Review Below: 8. Marshall Studio Classic 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head: Tube 20W Head: $1,300: Read Full Review Below: 9. Fender Mustang I V.2 20W 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp Black (Best Under. Boss Katana MK2 100. The Boss Katana MK2 is 100 watts of digital perfection in a well built combo or head design. The tone and built in effects are some of the best sounds in a digital platform. The amplifier also supports acoustic electric guitars and provides custom effects via the tone studio editor

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I guess the right answer here can only be answered by your ear. We all have amps that we think best captures the Jazz tones but you may think otherwise. Try them out with your guitar. The Blues Jr. is a nice amp and there are many mods that can be done to make it even better. Have fun in your quest for that special tone you are looking to find If you disable this setting or are using high output pickups like overwound humbuckers or active pickups, your guitar will be hitting the amps much harder than the presets were designed for. To compensate for high output guitars, place a gain block at the beginning of the preset, set it to -6dB to start, and adjust it from there Guitars → Mastering the Amp Settings for the Metallica Sound 297 . Mastering the Amp Settings for the Metallica Sound When naming the best metal bands of all time, you simply have to place Metallica near the top. This is a band that does more than just make great, meaningful music. Metallica has also managed to stick around for almost four. His amp settings aren't really going to do much for you unless you have the same guitar, pickups, amp, tubes, speakers, pedals, mics, eq, software plugings, and anythign else used to create the sound on his albums. Not trying to get you down or anything, but your best bet would be to just start turning knobs untill you get something close

Here's the video for the Jessica style tone. Now let's take a look at the gear I used to get the tones in the video. Guitar - Gibson ES 335. Amp - 1966 Fender Vibrolux. Attenuator - Weber Mini Mass. Overdrive - Fulltone OCD. Strings - DR Pure Blues .010's. Pick - Dunlop Jazz III. Shure 57 mic into an LA 610 to Pro Tools LE The Perfect Blues Guitar Rig. We're always searching for The Best, The Ultimate — The Perfect Blues Guitar Rig — and today, I'm going to share with you the center, and the chained core, of my most golden Blues playing experience. It all starts and ends with wood: I'm currently loving on my mahogany Les Paul

The lowest setting will give just one repeat, high settings and the repeats seem to go on for ever. Usually start with it settings around 3-4 but of course you should experiment. Mix - Controls how much of the effected signal is mixed with the normal guitar signal. Settings of 5-6 are normal, but again, just experiment yourself Volume knob on 8 and tone knob can go from 2 to 8. Bass can go from 1 to 4 depending on venue / amp. But the most important thing is not to have any pre-coinceived ideas, if it sounds good with all the knobs on zero or all the knobs on 12 go for it. Use your ears not your brain

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3. The sound. What you want for the reggae guitar sound is a sparkling clean sound that cuts through the mix. To achieve this, start off with the volume, bass, mid and treble at 12 o'clock. Roll back on the bass a little and turn the middle up three quarters of the way and do the same for the treble The Hot Rod series is Fender's best-selling amp range, and for good reason. Comprised of a tidy selection of mid-priced valve amp combos, these relatively inexpensive models are adored for their powerful clean tones, harmonically-rich drive channels and sparkling spring reverb circuits.. Fender's Hot Rod lineup encompasses several amps, available with different speaker configurations and. Using that as a base, I then tweak to find a proper attack and mix, my current amp is at 5 bass, 7 mids, 5.5 treble, with presence set to about 6. I then have a 10 band eq in front of the amp, pushing an unhappy curve (been preaching this for a while, nice to see it get some love here), with gain levels fairly low

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Fast forward to 1954. The birth year of the Fender Stratocaster, and its single coil pickups. To this day, the Fender Strat is still the most famous of all single coil guitars, with a tone many have come to know and love. Since the creation of the Strat's pickups, the design remained the same, but don't let that fool you This amp has great tones and a well-treated tweed. 4. Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb 22-Watt - Fender Deluxe Tube Amp. See More Images. Read Verified Customer Reviews. If you are looking for a moderately powered amp, the '65 Deluxe Reverb® amp comes with 22-watts and is great for blues, rock, or country players

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At 40 watts of power, this blues amp is best-suited for blues musicians playing in larger venues, though the amp will certainly perform well in smaller venues, too. Keep in mind that blues guitarists will typically use a lower volume setting when compared to those who play rock guitar, so it may be rare for the entire 40 watts to be used. The Red Stripe Peavey Bandit 112 - Buy it on Sweetwater. The Peavey Bandit 112 is an iconic amplifier for numerous reasons. These amplifiers have been used by the likes of touring and local artist alike. If you look closely, many live acts shot on TV shows in the '80s most of the time had a Peavey bandit hanging out in back There are also different modes you can set such as glassy, metal, hi-gain, bass, acoustic and some others. But, where this amp stands out is on the Spark amp app. It was super easy to connect my phone to the amp and I was able to start having fun with the many different preset amps that are available to choose from

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Method 2: Hardware. The software method offers great flexibility — you can record your part and modify the tone later at the mixing stage. But the hidden cost is recording latency. Modeling amps and cabs in the box will tax your system, especially as you begin to layer guitars A bad amp, however, can turn even the most beautiful sounding guitar in to a dull and lifeless piece of wood. As a guitarist, having the right know-how to choose the best acoustic guitar amp for your gigging needs is very important. Luckily, choosing a great amp is not very difficult

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The Fender Stratocaster features cutaway horns that give musicians access to higher frets. The back of the body is designed for comfort for longer performances. These guitars have three single coil pickups which transfer the string vibrations to the amplifier. They can all be turned on at once to produce a wide range of sounds The right hand channel also has a mute button which bypasses the sound of the amp, which can be extremely useful in a live setting when a guitarist needs to tune up or change guitars. Rear Panel. The amp's rear panel is armed with a standard power switch, XLR output with adjustable level controls, and a stereo effects loop Best Pedal Platform Amp on the market. The best pedal platform amps should produce a clean, solid tone, offer plenty of head room, and have easy-to-use controls with plenty of features. While different in many ways, the amps below check all of these boxes and provide a solid base to grow your pedal board and develop your sound. 1. Orange Crush. Guitar Cable 10ft Sovvid Electric Instrument Cable Bass AMP Cord for Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Mandolin, Pro Audio Right Angle to Straight (Straight Angle 10FT, Black+White) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 77. $10.99. $10. . 99. Join Prime to save $3.00 on this item. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 29

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The Acoustic Guitar Amp is a staple amplifier in the music industry. Read here for our picks of the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps in 2021 JAZZ GUITAR GEAR. Getting a good jazz guitar tone is a never ending quest. On these pages, you will learn what the best jazz guitar is for you and your budget, how to choose a guitar amp, strings, picks, and guitar effects. Find out what gear is used by your favorite jazz guitar players. Learn 244 essential chord shapes in this free eBook If the hum vanishes, your amp is probably OK. Then start with the pickups, roll off the volume on your guitar, and see if it goes away. Then move on shielding, grounding, and then pedals and if nothing helps, look closer at your amplifier. You can also try different guitars with your amp, or different amps with the same guitar Recording electric guitars direct can sometimes offer significant advantages over miking an amp. Find out how to get the best sounds for your guitar tracks. By Mike Levine. Most guitarists and engineers would agree that miking an amp offers the most sonic potential when recording electric guitar