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Hold the two crochet pieces that you are joining together so that the wrong sides are facing each other (assuming you want the seam at the front of the work). Join yarn at one end where you want to create the seam When projects are not all worked in one solid piece, we have quite a few options in crochet to combine those separate pieces together. And, while there are lots of joining variations in crochet, there are just 3 basic methods to use: Crochet as you go (also known as JAYGO: Join As You Go) Crochet when done. Sew when done When I made a tessellated fish afghan, I wanted to find a way to join the pieces together that was prettier than a whip stitch. I settled on this flat croch.. One of my favorite ways to join two pieces of crocheted fabric together is with an invisible seam stitch. I have also seen variations of this stitch referred to as a mattress stitch and a ladder stitch. It is a very easy stitch, once you get the hang of it

There are so. many. ways. to join crochet squares and afghan blocks! And I know that lots of you have been eagerly awaiting this list - the Moogly Afghan CAL for this year is winding down, and it's time to start thinking about how we're going to attach all of these blocks together to make one big blankie. So let's get started! I've linked to photo and/or video tutorials for each of 12 14. Matching the stitches to each other, insert the needle through the full stitch on both motifs and whip stitch it together. It does make the join look a bit bloated but it's acceptable but to a more critical eye, it may not be the best option Make a slip knot on your crochet hook (if you are joining with a new piece of yarn) and insert the crochet hook into the both loops of the top piece of fabric and both loops of the bottom piece of fabric (5-loops on the hook), yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through the front and back loops from both pieces of fabric (draw through 4 of the loops) 1. Line up the stitches of the 2-pieces of crocheted fabric with the wrong sides of the work facing - you can pin these together if you wish. 2. Make a slip knot on your crochet hook (if you are joining with a new piece of yarn) and insert the crochet hook into the both loops of the top piece of fabric and both loops of the bottom piece of. If you want the join to be on the right side of the work, like here, then hold your squares (or pieces) with the wrong sides together. As is true with most crochet stitches, you can achieve slightly different looks by varying which loops you work through. In this case, the most obvious choices are as follows

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Crochet as you go (also known as JAYGO: Join As You Go) Crochet pieces together when done; Sew pieces together when done; So that you can learn them all, we've compiled 3 different methods for each joining variation that you can watch, try, and learn today. We're using a granny square to show each technique, and you can get started with our. When joining crochet pieces you can either slip stitch them together, single crochet them together, whip stitch them together or mattress stitch them together. I find that the mattress stitch creates the most seamless and invisible seam, and it does so without the ridge inherent in most other methods of joining crochet pieces

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Subscribe for more great videos! http://youtube.com/amandaluisaofficial Check out my other patterns: https://wp.me/P8RAck-3eFREE Heart Halter Top Pattern: h.. There are a few ways to join crochet pieces together and each version serves a different purpose. Some use a yarn needle and are woven or sewn together and some use a crochet hook and are crocheted together. In all instances you will use the same yarn that was used for your project. For the most part you want to join edges together neatly. Connecting two open pieces 1. Insert the needle vertically between the stitches of the first open piece (head). This means you`ll go around the post of the stitch, from right to left

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Start by making a slip knot to attach the yarn to your hook. Insert your hook through the first stitch on your right crochet piece (under both loops, going front to back) and through the corresponding stitch on your left crochet piece (under both loops, going back to front) The idea is that you join all the squares in one direction first and then join all the squares in the other direction. To join the unjoined sides, turn the joined squares 90 degrees and repeat the whole process. The easier method by far is to join the crochet squares to each other in long strips, as if you were making a bunch of scarves Hold your 2 pieces to be joined with the right sides together. Line them up so the edges are even and patterns match. Work seams just like a regular crochet row, from right to left. Start by pushing your hook from front to back through both layers of the right hand corner chain space of your granny square (under the usual 'v' shape of the chains) To join pieces of crochet, it's often simplest to stitch them together, but you can also use a crochet hook as well. You'll get the least visible seam using slip stitch to join pieces. Double crochet forms a ridge at the seam which can make a feature on the right side

It walks you through four different methods for how to join crochet pieces together. The four crochet seaming techniques are the whip stitch, the mattress stitch or invisible join, the single crochet join, and the slip stitch join. #crochettutorial #crochetvideotutorial #howtojoincrochet #howtoseamcrochet #crochetvideo #crochetseam #crochetjoin May 14, 2021 - Explore Catherine Rifkin's board Crochet Joining Techniques, followed by 1282 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet, crochet techniques, crochet tutorial In Crochet Joins: How to Crochet Two Pieces Together, you will find step-by-step crochet tutorials on the three most common seaming methods and explanations of even more fun crochet seams. Plus, the end of the article features great projects that use some of these seaming methods

To join pieces of crochet, it's often simplest to stitch them together, but you can also use a crochet hook as well. You'll get the least visible seam using slip stitch to join pieces. Double crochet forms a ridge at the seam which can make a feature on the right side Chances are you'll be excited to find this simple but incredible way to join pieces together! There's a simple way to tie off the yarn when finished and to keep your projects from not coming apart, and Jess of Make and Do Crew is going to show you in This Tutorial how to join crochet hexagons, granny squares or other crochet pieces together with a non-bulky, invisible seam the simple way. Step 1: Thread a yarn needle with a piece of yarn approximately three times as long as the edge you wish to seam (join together). Step 2: Line up the edges of the crocheted fabric, with the right-sides facing up. Beginning at the far right edge of the crocheted fabric, attach the yarn. One method to do this is to insert the needle through the.

Posts Tagged: how to join crochet pieces together Free Crochet Patterns. How To Slip Stitch Granny Squares Together: Zigzag Slip Stitch Method. dailycrochet | July, 29th 2020 | 5 Comments. Learn how to slip stitch granny squares together with this really pretty and simple zigzag slip stitch method Some crochet projects require us to join different pieces together. We will teach you how to seam the sides of two crochet pieces, as if they were the side seams of a top worked in double crochet. The materials we have used are We Are Knitters Pima Cotton in color mint, a US size 8 (5mm) crochet hook, and a tapestry needle To single crochet your squares together from the front, sandwich the wrong sides of your squares together. With your crochet hook, insert through both loops of your front square's corner and both loops of your back square's corner. Pull up a loop, ch1, sc in that space (or you could count the ch1 as a single crochet) When making amigurumi and other crocheted toys, one thing you're going to have to do is sew pieces together, such as attach a leg to a body. Here's how I do it, step-by-step. First, you will crochet the pieces according to the instructions in the pattern. I've crocheted a little blue head and a yellow beak Joining The Pieces Together For The Ray Of Hope Crochet Along We're going to be joining the pieces by slip stitching through a single loop of the border of each piece. We'll be using a 3.5mm hook to join everythin

This is the easiest, quickest way to join yarn in crochet. You just grab your new yarn and seamlessly continue crocheting. Joining yarn with the last yarn over of a stitch is also especially good if you're changing yarn colors, like in tapestry crochet and some methods of fair isle crochet This C2C crochet video tutorial is part of a collaboration with my friends at Lion Brand Yarn.This post contains affiliate links. I've tried many ways to join corner-to-corner crochet pieces together, but recently my mom and I figured out a technique that requires NO sewing, NO visual seam and NO crazy number of ends to weave in Holding the two pieces together, insert the needle right. under the first stitch (your yarn tail) and bring it up under the. next stitch. Draw the stitch tight. 2. Insert the needle through the next stitch, going front to back. under both loops. 3. Go back down in the same hole you brought the yarn up

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SINGLE CROCHET SEAM. This seam uses single crochet stitch to join the pieces together. If you want to add some nice texture on the right side of your work, you can hold your squares with the wrong sides together when joining. This way, the single crochet seam will be visible on the right side 2. Block your pieces before you start seaming. This will help flatten out your pieces and to control any rolling in a stockinette or single crochet piece. 3. Pin the pieces together with safety pins or small claw hair clips to help you get started. By keeping the fabric together, it will make it easier for you to sew them Sewing your crochet or knit pieces together doesn't have to be difficult. In this post I share 2 methods for sewing pieces together. The first method called the weave stitch is ideal for items such as granny squares or garments where you want a nice flat seam. The second method whip stitch is an option that is ideal where you need a stronger seam such as pressure. Squares and other crochet shapes and motifs with picots at the edges can be joined together at the tips of the picots. Work the first square completely then join on the 2nd. square as follows:-Step 1: Work the last round of the second square up to the 3rd. corner picot

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Last week, I offered you a mission to make all the pieces of the sweater and then join me later when I show you how to seam a crochet sweater and how to sew on ribbing to the body of the sweater. By this point in the sweater making process you have made all 5 parts of the sweater, Front, Back, 2 Sleeves and the Ribbing If you are looking for the perfect seamless invisible join for crochet hexagons, granny squares or other crochet pieces, this technique is the one you need. It's simple, it's quick, and will make your hexagons (or granny squares) look like they were crocheted in one continuous piece Insert the Crochet Hook. Because the slip stitch join is asymmetrical, you should work from the wrong side. Technically, it would be possible to join the squares from the right side of the work, but the asymmetry won't be noticeable from the wrong side, whereas it would be on the front. Hold your squares together with the wrong sides facing. Perfect for joining granny squares and many other crochet motifs. Ever wondered if there was a way to sew crochet pieces together without seeing the seaming stitches? I sure did. At least, until I discovered Mattress Stitch. Not long ago, I released a video showing how to crochet the perfect granny square. Several people asked if I could share. Tunisian Crochet, or the Afghan Stitch, combines all the things we love about knitting with the ease of crochet. This technique offers smooth and even stitches, interesting stitch patterns, and beautiful colour work options. The process is simple and speedy resulting in a sturdy and firm Afghan of heirloom quality. Tunisian Crochet is my preferre

First single crochet into the stitch on the beige leg. Then open up the stitch marker and single crochet into the stitch on the blue leg. You may remove the pink (center) stitch marker at any time after these two pieces are joined. At first, the two legs are barely held together, so work carefully to finish up the row In this photo and video tutorial, learn how to join corner-to-corner crochet pieces together without a visual seam (and with no actual sewing!) This method will help you piece together squares and rectangles to make more complex shapes (like sweaters) or simply allow you to seamlessly join C2C crochet afghan squares Stitches for Sewing Crochet Pieces Together The Whip Stitch. The first stitch to learn is the whip stitch. The whip stitch is a quick and easy way to sew crochet pieces together. You can sew pieces one on top of the other like you would on the side of a purse or side by side like the squares of a blanket You can slip stitch two pieces together to create a flat seam, which crocheters often use when they want the seam to be invisible (think of a side seam joining the front and back of a sweater). To slip stitch a seam in this fashion: Lay the 2 pieces to be joined side by side [ In this tutorial, you will learn how to join these scrumbles and shapes together to create fabric pieces in any shape or size you like. I will be demonstrating how to create a square shape using a simple template that is 11″ by 12″ (28 cm by 30.5 cm), but you can use this technique to create pattern shapes as well

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Annually $ 129.00. Description. When creating a project, like a crocheted granny square blanket, there are so many ways that you can join the motifs together to complete the piece. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates two ways to join motifs with single crochet. While these techniques are commonly used on motif-based projects like. Check out our tutorial which includes 5 different crochet joining techniques for how to join crochet pieces together. Article by Jodi Lynn. Double Crochet Easy Crochet Crochet Hooks Knit Crochet Joining Granny Squares Granny Square Sweater Crochet Jacket Yarn Over Crochet Basics Lie the pieces together, with the right sides facing each other and the needles with the live stitches together at the top of the work. One of the simplest techniques for joining your knitting is to join two cast-off pieces with slip stitch or double crochet. This is done in much the same way as the three-needle cast off above and creates a. Common examples include sewing together pattern pieces for garments, making crochet pillows, or joining crochet squares for an afghan blanket. Mattress stitch is also a great way of joining crochet pieces of different colours as the seam itself is almost invisible and lays really flat You could seam the squares together using a quick running stitch, but the join would not be as sturdy as crocheting the squares together. There are two basic ways to crochet squares together, and these methods can be transferred to many projects where knitted pieces need to be connected such as blankets, tote bags and sweater seams

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However I will say, I do not use a tapestry needle for this join, rather I use my crochet hook to pull the joining yarn to the front of the work each time. Here is the breakdown of how I perform whip stitch - The video is below. Hold 2 motifs with wrong sides together, and use the long tail of one of the motifs. (You can also use a length of. Place right sides together and, working from right to left, insert crochet hook through both pieces, one stitch in from the edge.Place yarn around hook and draw through loop leaving a 10 cm end. * Insert hook through both pieces, one stitch to the left, yarn around hook and draw loop through.Yarn around hook and through both loops on hok

Now that we have crocheted all the animal blocks of the Wildlife Graphghan, let's get started to join the pieces together! Created out of 20 animal blocks, my blanket is pretty heavy. That's why I have decided to use a sturdy, but not bulky join that will leave no gaps around the edges of the blocks Make a loop with the yarn tail to your left, making the strand go under itself. 2. Introduce the left yarn tail through the loop formed on the last step, bottom-up. 3. Now, pass the yarn tail from the left under the yarn tail from the right, and then through the loop of step 1. 4. Pull strongly from both yarn tails to close and secure the knot. 5 the join as you go (JAYGO) method. The join as you go (JAYGO) method is my favorite joining technique. In the JAYGO method you join your pieces, in this case your crochet hexagons, while working the final round of the pattern. You do this by crocheting the edging around your hexagon as you normally would, but slipping the loop off your hook at. 1. Match up the squares. Place two granny squares together, one on top of the other, with the ride sides facing together. This method will create a secure seam that is strong enough to hold together large pieces. 2. Slipknot the yarn onto your crochet hook. Make a slip knot by creating two loops side by side

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  1. The Art of Crochet by Teresa explains how to sew together crochet ribbing. Thread a tapestry needle and align the edges of the crocheting project. Sew the first stitch together and secure with a knot. Sewing through the top of the stitch on the edge will help prevent distortion and create a neater look for the ribbing. Pick up the back loop and align it with the stitch on the opposite side
  2. This unique way of joining squares together is simple, beautiful, and will make your afghan look professional. ===== How To Slip Stitch Granny Squares Together. How to join a crocheted granny squares in zigzag slip stitch method. This join is tight, flat & has a nice & neat seam in both sides even when stretch, very easy and it works fast. You.
  3. g up from underneath the loop and that you are only catching the back loop of the stitch. The whip stitch is the most commonly used stitch to join your pieces together, however, you can use a slip stitch or single crochet
  4. Crochet Together Pieces can be crocheted together using basic stitches. The most popular stitches to use to crochet pieces together are slip stitch or single crochet, although almost any stitch can be used. By inserting your hook through both of the pieces you want to join together and making your crochet stitch, the new stitch will create a seam
  5. Now it's time to join these two pieces together! Use the same method as above to join the two halves of the blanket together. Fold the top half of the blanket down onto the bottom half. Then start joining in the upper right-hand corner (the edge corner between where the TOS Engineering/Ops square meets the TOS NCC-1701 square)
  6. When making amigurumi, you will often need to join an open-ended crocheted piece (e.g. the top of a leg or tail or a muzzle) to a closed crocheted piece (e.g. the body or head). Sewing these together neatly can be tricky and can make the difference between a cohesive finish and an untidy messy join

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Crochet motifs and joining them together into a larger piece of work - it is one of the largest and most interesting directions in crocheting. In our detailed video tutorials you will find free crochet motif patterns for a wide variety of different shaped crochet motifs such as hexagons, octagons, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, as. Simply crochet the set of 3dc and a chain to the left and right squares to seam. This is another seamless join method. Instead of joining after you have completed all the squares, you join while crocheting the final round. This method is suitable if you have already had a plan of which squares to join to each other 12. Use invisible join for fastening off. If possible use the invisible join when finishing off an amigurumi project. Instead of leaving a knot where you fastened off, the invisible join helps to keep each element as even as possible, which in turn helps to make sure you're sewing the pieces on as beautifully (and seamlessly) as possible. 13 8 Simple Visible Join by Zooty Owl. 9 Continuous Join CLUSTER Style Tutorial by Margaret MacInnis. 10 Mijo Granny Join by Johanna Lindahl. 11 No-Hook-Out Continuous JOIN Afghans by Margaret MacInnis. 12 JAYGO Join-As-You-Go Granny Squares by Petals to Picots. 13 Flat Braid 3-Ch Crochet Join Tutorial by Margaret MacInnis

This is the type of join you'll use for almost all amigurumi joining, for example: joining a muzzle and ears to a head; or joining a head, legs, and a tail to a body. (The only time you can't use this method is when a pattern calls for you to join two open pieces together; in that case, whipstitching makes the best join. Sewing individual pieces together is far easier but it has a downside. The seams are visible. But if you know how to make this one special stitch type, your seams can become entirely invisible. Joining crocheted fabrics with an invisible stitch will make give your crochet projects a sophisticated, professional look. And it's not even hard to. Using the Single Crochet Join (Right Sides Together), make a sc into the first 4 st's of each square (through both layers) - see Photo 1. *Skip the next st of the larger square and insert your hook into the next st. Without skipping a stitch, insert your hook into the next st of the smaller square There are a variety of stitches that you can use when joining panels together. Try the slip stitch or whip stitch first and see if those are good options. You can also use half double crochet or the mattress stitch. The stitch you choose will change the look of your piece, so the choice is yours. Learn How to Join Panels for a Crochet Afghan A granny square is a piece of square fabric that is produced in crochet by working from the center to outwards. You can make blankets, pillow covers, purses, or decoration pieces out of granny squares by stitching multiple granny squares together. You can make a granny square with three or four rounds if you are making bigger squares

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How to Crochet 3-stitch multicolor I-cord for beginners and make a simple flower. 36 Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Amanda Marrow's board Joining your crocheted pieces together on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet techniques, crochet tutorial, crochet patterns Some crochet projects require us to join different pieces together. We will teach you how to seam the sides of two crochet pieces, as if they were the side seams of a top worked in double crochet. The materials we have used are We Are Knitters Pima Cotton in color mint, a US size 8 (5mm) crochet hook , and a tapestry needle To join crochet squares together, you will be single crocheting the squares together. First by crocheting all the rows. Then crocheting all the columns. Finally you will fold the piece together and crochet the squares that make up the sides of the bag. Start each row with a standing single crochet and then crochet the squares together working. This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the slip stitch seam. This is a easy way to seam two pieces together using a slip stitch. Great for bags, afghans, and sweaters. Skill: Easy. Pattern Instructions: Step 1: Take two fabrics and line them up. Step 2: Take hook and insert into the first stitch of both fabric

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Pass old yarn under new yarn and cross over. 5. pass end through loop. 6. Pull tight, giving you two knots. 7. Pull on each strand of yarn, to pull two knots together. 8. Be brave and cut as close to the knot as you can. This join works really well with acrylic yarns, and yarns with some texture to them This lace join ads charm and prettiness to any blanket. The Celtic Lace Join technique, courtesy of BabyLove Brand is super easy when you get the hang of it and probably one of the most beautiful square joining methods you'll ever come around. Gracefully illustrated with step-by-step pictures, this lace join is sure to add a beautiful accent to any motif you use in your blanket Last week I shared with you the pattern to make some traditional crochet granny squares and today I am going to show you how to join them using my all time favorite method the Join As You Go (JAYGO) method.. No more sewing pieces together (yay!). In the JAYGO method, you join your squares together while working the final round of each square How to Whipstitch Seam Crochet. Okay, let's learn how to whipstitch seam. Hold wrong sides (RS) of the two pieces your are seaming together. The right side is the side of the sweater that will end up being shown on the outside. Find the wrong side of both pieces you are seaming together and hold them together

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  1. Aug 21, 2018 - In this photo and video tutorial, learn how to join corner-to-corner crochet pieces together without a visual seam (and with no actual sewing!) This method will help you piece together squares and rectangles to make more complex shapes (like sweaters) or simply allow you to seamlessly join C2C crochet afghan squares
  2. Crochet is not always created in one solid piece of fabric! There are lots of projects in crochet that require seams and joins to complete, and so you may be wondering: How to join crochet squares together with crochet How to join crochet strips together with crochet How to sew crochet..
  3. To work a slip stitch crochet seam, place the pieces of work together. I have placed them wrong sides together and will work the seam from the right side of the work to create an exposed selvedge on the right side of the work. Insert the hook through both pieces, from front to back. Yarn is held at the back. Use crochet hook to draw a loop up.
  4. The single crochet join (or UK double crochet join) is a great crochet seam to add texture and make a project more robust if you think it needs it. I often use this method on the right side of my crochet in the same colour as the edges of the motifs and it adds a really lovely ridge that is great fun
  5. Sew Granny Squares Together - Method 2: Whip Stitch Another method for joining pieces is the Whip stitch. This seam is ideal for areas where you need more strength such as perhaps a shoulder, underarm or a strap for a bag. This seam is strong however the drawback is that it tends to be bulkier
  6. By tjw1963. 11/17/10 6:09 PM. WonderHowTo. So you've been working on a crochet project for a round piece, and now you are at the end. How to join the two edges together seamlessly? This tutorial shows you an easy and simple way to join your rounds together. Video Loading
  7. The advantages of joining crochet, is that you can actually crochet the seams together with a slip stitch or double crochet too. Slip stitch - With right sides together. Insert hook through both layers of fabric just below the edge and work slip stitch from right to left evenly along the edge of the work slip stitch

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When you've crocheted all the edges together, fasten off. Weave in any remaining tails that resulted from the joining of squares or the joining of the fleece and crocheted side of the blanket. If desired, you can use pieces of yarn to tie together the two sides of the blanket If you crochet (or knit) for long enough, eventually you're going to want to make something with seams. And while seamless patterns are great, seams can add a lot of structure, prevent stretching in the wrong places, and are important for the majority of motif projects. There are a variety of seaming techniques out there, but this tutorial focuses on the most invisible of seams - the Mattress.

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  1. The combination of this lace-like border and a patchwork style make this Fabric Crochet Quilt simply breathtaking. It has that familiar, vintage look that everyone loves and we mean everyone! Can you not imagine this sitting on the end of the bed or as a couple of pillowcases. It would make a beautiful cover too
  2. Take the yarn back through the last two loops. Pull the yarn tight to create a knot to hold the pieces together tight. The yarn needs to be pulled tightly enough to draw the two pieces of crochet snugly together. Do not pull it too tight, however, since doing so can cause bunching or similar distortions to occur in your work
  3. Double crocheting two stitches together allows you to reduce the size of the piece you're working on. In essence, you're taking two stitches on your previous row and combining them into one stitch. If you know how to double crochet already and your pattern calls for a dc2tog, don't worry; this is an easy stitch to learn
  4. The single stitch is a very simple stitch, easy for beginners to master, which can be used to join two granny squares together. This is a useful technique for joining any two crochet pieces together of any size or shape, not just granny squares
  5. Bring in squares 3 and 4, continue like the beginning of squares 1 and 2 except that you don't have to make a slip knot onto the hook. Continue joining stitch on square 3 and 4 till the end. If you have more squares to join along the way, continue to do so until you reach the desired pieces of a granny square in the row. fasten off
  6. Go back and forth between the pieces, gently tugging on the yarn to pull the two pieces together. The chain stitch seam should be utilized when your pieces are in the Tunisian knit stitch since it mimics this stitch. Place the two pieces together, wrong sides facing each other, and use the same hook size as used in the piece. Join the yarn with.
  7. Nevertheless, in this case — if you're knitting Amanda as written — you've got five pieces to join at the underarms. You've bound off underarm stitches at the underarm edge of each piece and now it's time to clothesline them all together in order to work the yoke in one piece

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How To: Join two granny squares together using a single crochet stitch How To: Join granny squares with crochet flat brain joining How To: Crochet a two-color granny square with a circle center How To: Crochet half of a granny square How To: Join crocheted granny squares using the flat braid joining metho First, take your scissors and cut a small notch into each end being careful not to cut through to the edge. Now, you will insert the yellow tie dye yarn through the slit in the blue yarn. (see photos below) Next, you will take the other end of the Tie Dye Yarn and place it through the cut you made at the beginning of the Tie Dye Yarn Step 1. To create a hair piece with a parting, start by cutting approx 20 lengths of yarn, each one approx 15cm long or the length you'd like. Cut a piece of sticky tape approx 20cm long and place it sticky side up on your worktop - use two more pieces of tape to secure the ends in place

"Happy Hexagons" Free Crochet Afghan Pattern » Make & Do Crew[Free Pattern] This 12 Inch Square Called Esme's WinterFree Beginner Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern "Pom Pom Party"How To Knit Toys: Sewing up knitted toysRavelry: Axolotl Amigurumi pattern by Chromo CrochetMukluk Crochet Slipper Boots with Flip Flop Soles - Free