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There would still be a question as to whether the conduct you mentioned is sufficient to establish reckless driving. You should also know that reckless driving carries a license suspension. It may be to your benefit to try and negotiate a plea to some other violation of the motor vehicle code that does not require a license suspension Make sure you have the license plate right and report him. Once I got a letter that said I was reported speeding in Hope, BC - a town I have never been in at that point. They basically said please. If the person reporting you actually took the time and attention away from the road long enough to take a picture of your plates then they need to be cited for reckless driving; or whatever the equivalent is in the UK since I've seen some of the anti-mobile adverts on youtube. iPistonhead July 6, 2016, 2:36am #1

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  1. License Plate Reports is a place where you can vent about drivers that frustrate you and need to be brought to the attention of other drivers. We do not promote road rage and offer a alternative solution to others invaluable driving capabilities. Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information that people post here
  2. Pretty sure it was my license plate. I guess my question is, does anyone have any knowledge of what actually happens if you report something unsafe to the police that had no consequences? Hell, I posted in H&A a year ago asking how I could report a man who was texting with no hands on the wheel while driving in rush hour traffic over the Alex.
  3. What happens if someone reported your license plate number to the police. Someone may have reported my license plate for a driving . You can email howsmydriving@gsa.gov to report the reckless driver. In Australia, contact your state government. If a police car is the problem, you may want to contact the police department directly to.
  4. Dangerous driving. Below are details on reckless driving charges commonly issued by most states, as well as the severe consequences you could face should you neglect to drive safely. Common Reckless Driving Charges. The exact violations resulting from a reckless driving citation will vary according to your state of residence
  5. Driving without a driver's license or a suspended or revoked license, is illegal in all 50 states and the consequences of driving without a license can be severe. In most cases, the first offense is not a simple traffic infraction, but a misdemeanor that carries much heavier penalties than a traffic ticket
  6. The license plate number, state of origin, vehicle make, model, and color are also helpful for police to find the offender. Vance notes that by calling 911, you are a witness if a case ever were.
  7. Inform a local DMV if someone you know is a reckless driver. If you know the identity of an unsafe driver, you can request for your local department of motor vehicles to give them a new driving exam. Some departments have online forms for this. You may need to email others

A lady in her i'd say mid 30's started cussing me out, and she said ''I'm reporting your license plate you m-f'er for running into the side of me making me lose control and making me almost hit you.'' (She never lost control of the vehicle nor did i come close to the side of her. What happens next if you report someone for dangerous driving? The police will review your report and any footage, and will also check to see if the vehicle and the driver have been reported before. Then, 1 of the following 3 things may happen: The police will pass your report to the local police force's Road Policing Unit A range of situations are covered by dangerous driving, from the seemingly obvious, like speeding - to lighting a cigarette in your car.. Other examples include driving under the influence of drink and drugs, just as one driver did in March while reporting another motorist for drink-driving.. Ignoring road signs could also lead to a high-risk situation and a dangerous driving charge There was a 3rd party report about an incident, and a license plate is recorded, but the police don't witness anyone driving. If there was no witness, you may not be arrested but can still receive an OUI citation in the mail to appear at a clerk magistrate's hearing Yes and no, anyone can take your plate number and report whatever to the police. However they cant report a crime. They are not police and are not trained in crime. They can report usual or unsafe activity etc which can lead to a investigation

The penalty for reckless driving in the Philippines includes a fine plus suspension of your driver's license. When caught for reckless driving for the first time, the penalty is PHP 2,000. If you still don't learn your lesson and get caught for the second time, you'll be fined PHP 3,000 and get a 3-month suspension on your driver's license Note: If you see a car on the road with an unknown operator and they are driving in an unsafe manner, please call your local police to report it. Content_Area3. Medical Review & Fitness Unit. P.O. Box 7918. Madison WI 53707-7918. Email Wisconsin DMV email service . Phone (608) 266-2327. Fax (608) 267-0518. Dial #77 from your cell phone, or if you feel in danger - dial 911. If they follow you, proceed to the nearest law enforcement office OR crowded public place. Furthermore, what happens if you report a reckless driver? Reckless driving causes thousands of deaths a year. If you see a reckless driver, help keep the roads safe by reporting them Reckless Driving Penalties. The consequences of a New Jersey reckless driving conviction depend on the circumstances. But generally, the possible penalties are: First offense. For a first conviction, reckless driving carries up to 60 days in jail and/or $50 to $200 in fines. Repeat offense

Reporting a reckless driving with liscense plate Hunter. A woman in her 30's with brown straight hair below shoulder length. I was driving north bound on the 405 freeway and she was behind a trailer then recklously switched to my lane cutting me off and was going over the speed limit. I was able to move over safely to about a collision In Colorado, the crime of reckless driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle with a disregard for the safety of other people.A conviction is a Class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense punishable by up to 90 days in jail, a fine of up to $300.00, and 8 points on your driving record.. CRS 42-4-1401 states that A person who drives a motor vehicle, bicycle, electrical assisted bicycle, or low. The following violations can get your driver's license revoked, but typically only after multiple convictions or for particularly serious offenses: Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Reckless driving. Leaving the scene of an injury accident. Failure to answer a traffic summons

What if someone without a driver's license borrowed my car? If someone without a license borrows your car and crashes it, they may be cited for driving without a license. Your insurance policy might not cover damage to your vehicle, even if you gave them permission. However, not having a license does not automatically equate to fault Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver. Please be as specific as possible about the driving abilities and medical or vision conditions of the driver, and include supporting documents with the completed form if necessary. The age of the driver isn't a consideration. Just because a driver has reached a particular age doesn't mean that. Reckless driving on the part of the other driver does not change the compensation you receive. The insurance company will typically base the compensation you receive for an accident off of the extent of your injuries, any damage to your vehicle and personal possessions, and the coverage offered by the driver's insurance policy Among the offences listed were failing to wear a seatbelt, and driving without a license or expired vehicle license disc. Make no mistake, we are going to be arresting people, Msibi said It is punishable with a reckless driving ticket of $5,000 and five years in prison if the driver caused and serious bodily harm. Aside from the costs of your time and money, the penalty for reckless driving includes increased insurance rates. Your rates will at least double after a reckless driving charge

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Imprisonment and license suspension for reckless driving can vary too, from 1 month up to 1 whole year in prison, and suspension from 1 month to 2 years. This map shows complete details on reckless driving penalties for different states in the US, including time in jail, speeding ticket fine, and suspension of license For reckless driving offenses that don't involve property damage or injuries to another person, the penalties are: First-offense. A first reckless driving conviction can result in a fine of $25 to $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail. Second or subsequent offense. A second or subsequent conviction is punishable by a fine of $50 to $1000 and/or up. To be honest, when most people take a picture of your license plate they won't do anything with it. With that in mind, if they did turn it over to the police then they may file a report. It would, however, be hard to prove anything to the police without video or images of you actually changing lanes unsafely The one thing that could happen with reckless driving isn't a rate increase in the middle of a term, but a cancellation of your policy. Not every company would cancel you for receiving a reckless driving citation, but if the violation is severe enough and/or results in a severe accident, it's possible you could receive a cancellation notice

Can someone report me in Maryland? Basically I was entering an entrance ramp onto the Highway and the Driver of the Vehicle in question was in front of me driving slowly. Once we get to the acceleration ramp she's still driving at a slow pace and so I speed up and quickly change 2 lanes to merge unto the highway Like the license plate number, write these down at the first possible opportunity so that they will not be forgotten. If the driving behaviour is serious and could result in immediate harm to others call 911 and make the report immediately Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver. Please be as specific as possible about the driving abilities and medical or vision conditions of the driver, and include supporting documents with the completed form if necessary. The age of the driver isn't a consideration. Just because a driver has reached a particular age doesn't mean that. 18 points during 18 months, your license will be suspended for 3 months. 24 points during 36 months, your license will be suspended for 1 year. Section Four of Florida's Driver Handbook provides information about all the ways a driver could lose his license to suspension or revocation, including ways unrelated to traffic violations License Plate Confiscation. If a driver is arrested for a violation of the law that requires the court to order immobilization of a vehicle, the law enforcement officer must confiscate the metal license plate from the vehicle and issue a paper license plate. Drunk and drugged driving arrests, if there is 1 prior conviction within 7 years, or 2.

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor that is codified in Maryland's transportation code, not its criminal laws code. In fact, you cannot be imprisoned for reckless driving alone in Maryland. However, your license could be suspended, and your insurance rates could increase. Reckless driving tickets often accompany more serious traffic offenses. 3. trying to flee from the police after getting a visual or audible signal to stop your vehicle 4. 3 convictions for reckless driving in a period of 12 consecutive months 5. contributing to the death of anyone by operating a vehicle 6. the crime of assault in which a death occurs from operating a vehicl

This is why its so important to get the correct license plate number in order to correctly report dangerous drivers. A police officer will then make a personal visit to the owner of the vehicle and let them know that their vehicle has been involved in an incident in which there was a breach of the law ( the motor vehicle act ) The quicker you surrender your licence, the quicker you will be able to get back to driving once you are back on your feet. The report by BT said that GP's have a duty of protection to inform authorities if they have declared a patient as unfit and they are still continuing to drive. GP's do not need a patient's consent to do this Agreed, we can't arrest for ANY infractions here. But part of the misdemeanor RD statue is unreasonably high or low speed. I see somebody doing 150, i'm stopping 'em for reckless driving, or maybe even criminal recklessness with a motor vehicle. That is, if I can catch them To report a driver who may be unable to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly, you should submit a completed Driver Condition Report (Form 4319). You may print the form from your computer, or you may obtain a copy at any Missouri license office. You must have personally observed or know the information about the driver you are reporting

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The exact length of your license suspension will be left up to the hearing officer, but it will be: 6 months at the shortest. 1 year at the longest. The hearing officer will use a number of factors from your driving history to determine the length of your license suspension, including whether you have: Repeat offenses/violations. A history of. Any sanctions imposed by DMV under APS are independent of any court-imposed jail sentence, fine, or other criminal penalty imposed when a person is convicted for driving under the influence (DUI). The suspension or revocation following a conviction in court is a mandatory action for which jail, fine, or other criminal penalty can be imposed If you know someone who may no longer drive safely, you may submit a Request for Driver Reexamination (DS 699) to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to review their driving qualifications. A sample of the DS 699 is provided for your convenience. If you prefer, you may write a letter to your local Driver Safety office to identify the driver. To learn how to reinstate your license, see the suspension letter we sent you or Learn how to reinstate your license online. Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Report Requirements When you're convicted of a drug and/or alcohol related offense, you're required to get an Alcohol/Drug Assessment/Treatment Report from a Washington state certified agency

Reckless driving Why was my license suspended? You were convicted in court for reckless driving. The court sends us this information so we can update your driving record to show that your license is suspended. When your suspension is cleared it will be taken off your driving record. How long will my license be suspended? 30 days Report Your License Lost or Stolen. Some states require you to file a police report if your driver's license has been lost or stolen. Whether it is required or not it is always a good idea to report your lost driver's license to the police so that you can begin to create a paper trail in the event that someone fraudulently uses your license

Driver license, license plates, and insurance. Lyft drivers must have the following: Current and valid driver's license. Valid plates with current registration (commercial plates are acceptable) Current and valid insurance with your name on the policy. Your region may not require your name to be printed on your insurance policy If your driver license and license plate (s) are suspended for not having insurance under the No-Fault Law, you will have to pay $150 and show proof of current insurance to get them back. A second time within three years, you will pay $250. A third time within three years, you will have to pay $500 The cost to obtain your driving record will vary somewhat depending on which method you choose to submit your request. Driver records are available for request via mail, online, or in person. The fees are as follows: Regular Driver Record fee- $25. Certified driver record fee-$28. Online transaction fee- $2.50 In the state of Florida, all license plates are required to be replaced every 10 years per section 320.06(1)(b), Florida Statutes.. Once you have chosen a desired plate(s), see the Motor Vehicle Registrations page to learn how to apply for a license plate and registration. The department's License Plates Rate Chart (HSMV form 83140) may help you with estimating total fees Please visit our Traffic Citations webpage for information on citations received in Florida.. Points from Florida Tickets. The point system is a graduated scale that assigns relative values to convictions. When you are ticketed, you may earn points against your driving record, which when accumulated may cause your license to be suspended

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operators and the Law (pamphlet version) (08/2009) A driver with a Class A, B, or C Commercial Driver License (CDL) is automatically licensed to operate both commercial and private (noncommercial) motor vehicles using one driver license. However, if the driver commits an offense that requires the suspension or. Aggressive / Reckless Driver - How to Report. NOTE: Motorists should never attempt to stop, confront, and/or follow an aggressive driver while awaiting police response. Dial #77 on a cellular telephone. This is the most effective means to report a reckless and dangerous driver to the Virginia State Police. Provide a vehicle description. Major Traffic Violations in Illinois. Your fines and penalties can be very high if you receive an IL traffic ticket for a serious traffic violation, such as: Driving under the influence (DUI). Reckless driving. Leaving the scene of an accident. Often, these types of violations can result in a long-term license suspension or revocation If you know the name or address of the suspect, or if you know the license plate of the vehicle associated to the suspect, an online report cannot be filed. Contact Police at 905-453-3311 . If you have video, photographic or documentary evidence in relation to the incident you wish to report, whether reporting online or in-person, please have.

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  1. imum fine for driving uninsured exceeds $500 and the maximum fine is $1,000. If you are caught driving a vehicle with suspended license plates due to an insurance violation, the
  2. If you are stopped without a valid driving license the vehicle will be towed unless there is a licensed driver present and willing to drive it. You won't be able get your vehicle out of the doubtless expensive impound yard until your have someone with a valid license to drive it away (oh, and you've paid those ridiculous fees)
  3. Six Points: Manslaughter, negligent homicide, or other felony involving use of a motor vehicle. Operating under the influence of liquor or drugs. Failing to stop and give identification at the scene of a crash. Reckless driving. Unlawful bodily alcohol content of 0.08 or more. Refusal to take a chemical test
  4. Now, their license is suspended. People who suspect that their license may not currently be valid would be wise to take immediate action. Several options are available. It makes sense to visit the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing to review your driving record
  5. 1) Immediately report the license plate theft to the local police department. I called 911 and they put me in touch with the right department. CAUTION: Don't drive your car until you report the theft and an officer arrives to write the official report. It is illegal to drive without a license plate on your car
  6. If you incur three or more reckless driving charges you will lose your license for 5 years. Ref: 75 Pa. C.S.ยง3736. It is important to note that if, in your driving, you injure someone you can be charged with assault. Your vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon and you could be facing far more serious felony charges
  7. Traffic violations, as with crimes, can be reported by private citizens who are not law enforcement officers. The ultimate issue may come down to credibility, but testimony by an eye witness can be enough for a ticket to be issued, and for a guilty verdict at trial

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  1. al. A person can lawfully take photos of that which is voluntarily exposed to the public, such as a license plate. If the police believe that you should be charged with a traffic infraction they can do so
  2. al charge, there will be a fine and not more than two and a half years of incarceration in extreme cases. There is also the possibility of your license being suspended or.
  3. provide your name, address and license plate number. show your driver license to any person involved, if requested. Conviction for failure to comply will result in your driving privilege being. revoked for 10 years (not including the time you are incarcerated), if involving death
  4. What happens when your license plate is reported to the police? Personal. I was driving home from school and when I was a couple blocks away I noticed a white jeep behind me but didn't think any of it. Then I noticed as I pulled into my driveway the white jeep that was behind me slowed down in front of my house. Apparently someone called.
  5. I had a friend call for a reckless driver and the cops came and pulled them over. Of course the situation has to be more than he cut me off. If your are seeing a reckless, aggressive, road rage driver who may be drunk causing multiple situations in front of you then you should call before he causes an accident

Reckless & Dangerous Driving. Reckless driving is wilfully driving at a high speed and/or in a manner which is inherently dangerous or, alternatively, dangerous to any person or the public in the circumstances. This includes: Speeding in excess of 45 km/h over the speed limit; Driving a motor vehicle at 155 km/h or ove 62 terms. yassminekamar. Other Quizlet sets. POM 1-Bacteriology 1 Christy's set. 112 terms. Sylvie_G. RTH 405 - Exam 1 Study Guide. 60 terms. sgellys98 Reckless driving is among the most commonly charged, and most broadly defined, motor vehicle offenses. Three types of reckless driving, all Class 2 misdemeanors, are defined in G.S. 20-140.First, a person who drives a vehicle on a highway or public vehicular area carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others is guilty of reckless driving Depending on your state, you may be able to access the following info through a public records license plate search: Vehicle information such as body type, engine specs and more. A vehicle's registration status. Amount of people that owned the vehicle. Recent odometer readings. Traffic citations linked to the vehicle In accordance with North Carolina driving law, convictions occurring outside North Carolina may result in your license being suspended or revoked just as if the violations occurred in this state. For instance, if you are convicted of speeding 71 in a 55 in another state then NC DMV may revoke your driving privilege for 30 days just as if the.

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  1. Someone convicted for reckless driving usually maintains his or her license. If you are facing charges, it is vital that you consult an experienced Illinois DUI defense lawyer. Whether or not you are guilty, a lawyer in your jurisdiction will be able to clarify the law, answer any questions, and develop the best defense for your situation
  2. The consequences of driving without a license vary widely but follow a similar theme - driving without a license is a serious offense that goes beyond a moving violation. Penalties for driving without a license involve fines, jail time, or both. Your first offense will likely result in a misdemeanor charge. Learn more
  3. What happens if your license plate is lost or stolen? Ad When the FLHSMV a customer completes the form and provides a copy of a police report or agency card containing the case number, the.
  4. Lastly, if you already have numerous points on your license and will face or risk suspension if you incur anymore, then pleading to a zero-point unsafe driving downgrade makes lots of sense. That said, in the vast majority of cases you may not want to impulsively plead guilty to the zero-point unsafe driving charge, because you may have other.

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When I went to snap a picture of their license plate the driver got out and stood in front of his license plate instructing his wife to start moving the car away while he obstructed his plate. I'm 100% fine by the way, no damage or anything. I mostly wanted to make a report because driving into me although slow was 100% intentional Reckless Driving; Running a red light; or; Traffic Control Device. Please note, accumulation of points may increase the cost of your insurance or lead to the suspension of license. A breakdown of points can be found on our Points & Suspensions page. Option 2: Contest the Citatio Any unpaid citation reported by another state will result in the suspension of a Florida driver license. To clear the suspension, obtain a paid receipt with the court seal of the county where the citation was received and present proof of the satisfaction along with a reinstatement fee , if applicable, to any Florida driver license service center

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A reckless driving charge on your record can be very costly and result in not just financial losses but also other penalties. In this article, we'll talk about what counts as reckless driving in California and what options you might have in case you or someone close to you gets charged for reckless driving in California Willful reckless or reckless driving. Making improper or erratic traffic lane changes. Following the vehicle ahead too closely. Any traffic control violation in connection with a fatal accident. Driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL. Driving a CMV without a current CDL in the driver's possession If you have a license suspension for an offense like a DUI, reckless driving, etc., AND a license suspension for unpaid court fines and fees, the budget amendment should still cause the unpaid fines/fees suspension to be lifted. This means, however, that the other suspension(s) will still be in effect

Reckless driving is classified in North Carolina as a Class 2 misdemeanor. You may face penalties including up to 60 days in jail and fines of up to $1,000. Not only can speeding land you in criminal court, it can also send you to jail. A reckless driving conviction may also result in 4 points on your driver's license But generally, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor. Convicted motorists typically face up to six months in jail and/or a maximum $1,000 fine. And if the offense involved unlawful use of a cellphone while driving, there's an additional $250 fine. Generally, a judge can suspend the license of a reckless driving offender for up to six months SUMMARY: Pennsylvania License Plates. Register your Pennsylvania motor vehicle in person to apply for a PA license plate.Before it expires, you must renew your license plate online, by mail, or in person.You can usually transfer your tags from a car you sell to one that you buy. You should replace license plates and stickers that are lost, stolen, or damaged If a person with a driver's license is convicted of an MIP violation, the court must confiscate the license: first MIP offense - 30-day confiscation; second or subsequent MIP offense - 6-month confiscation; A violator who drives during a period of driver license confiscation may be charged with driving without a license. A violator may.

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Penalty for a DUI with a minor in the vehicle is up to one year imprisonment and/or a $2,000 fine. Refusal to submit to a chemical test as required by law may be considered a crime and may result in revocation of your driving privileges for 180 days to 3 years. Criminal Vehicular Injury results in up to five years imprisonment You should report a stolen license plate to your local police department. A police report is a good record keeper and lets authorities know that it has been stolen. Here in California, you must then go to the DMV office (take the police report with you and your ID), and the plate that was left in your car

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Sometimes things happen that cause you to lose your driving privileges.Often this is the result of multiple reckless driving charges or of being convicted of driving under the influence.. Despite your inability to drive, if you own a car and it is registered with your state, then you will be required to maintain your car insurance Jun 24, 2021. Driver's license points are demerits added to your driving record when you are convicted of a moving violation. The number of driver's license points assigned for each violation depends on the seriousness of the infraction, so minor violations like speeding aren't worth as many points as major offenses like DUI It includes unpaid tickets, insurance lapses and criminal charges like DUI/DWI, or a major traffic infraction like reckless driving. Any of these can raise your insurance rates or cause your license to be suspended or revoked. All of these things may make you uninsurable and unable to be employed at a job that requires a valid license To restore your driving privilege following a DUI offense, for example, you must pay a $200 civil penalty, present proofs of a completed course for drinking drivers or a substance abuse treatment program, and install an ignition interlock device (if required).If you have a suspended drivers license for failure to pay a court fine, you may be able to reinstate by visiting an IA driver's.

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To report criminal activity, contact your local police or sheriff's department first. They can determine if a report of criminal activity needs attention. If this is an emergency, call 911. How to Report Local or State Law Violations. Report suspected crime, like traffic violations and illegal drug use, to local authorities Consider using theft-resistant number plates which may cost a little more but are designed to resist known attack methods and will break apart if someone tries to remove them by force. Be a good citizen. If you see another car with a number plate missing or with different plates front and back you can report it on 101, the police non-emergency. The SearchQuarry.com License Plate Number Database . In the SearchQuarry.com member's area you will find our Driving Records section, and all of our license plate, VIN, driving, and vehicle related records searches are in that section. Our license plate records searches include VIN numbers, vehicle history and ownership records

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Driving privileges may be withdrawn. Check your driver license status to know if your license is valid, disqualified (CDL holders), suspended or revoked. You will need your Wisconsin driver license number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number (or your full Social Security Number if you don't have your Wisconsin driver license. When the license plate report flags a potential issue, the police officer should attempt to identify the driver before pulling over the vehicle. If the driver appears to match the registered owner's description (e.g. white woman age 65 with black hair), then the officer is free to flip on the lights and pull the vehicle over

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1. Driving without license in the Philippines. LTO Fine: Php 3,000. Think carefully before starting your drive without the license card. You will get a ticket with the LTO violation fee costs up to Php 3,000 for an expired, suspended or revoked driver's license. So remember to get your renewal of driver's license done in time to avoid LTO. How Can I Find The Owner Of A License Plate Number. Finding the owner of a license plate number can tell you a lot of basic information about a person, like their name, address, and public records. Fortunately, once you find a name by license plate search, the rest of your investigation will be much easier, whether you want to look up the person's criminal records, driving history, or even. Filing an Accident Report Statutory reference: Section 303.040, RSMo. You must report accidents that happen in Missouri to the Driver License Bureau if: The accident happened less than one year ago, The accident involved an uninsured motorist, AND; The accident caused property damage costing more than $500, or someone was injured or killed