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I have been playing Dragon Warrior II for a long time now, and am in desperate need of help. I am trying to get Don Mahone to make the Flying Water Cloth for me so I can advance in the game, but something is wrong This video is a walkthrough of the town of Tuhn and how to exploit the Water Flying Cloth glitch in Dragon Quest II on the NES. Tuhn lies in an area that is. Dragon Warrior 2: Unable to get the water flying cloth. Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 8 months ago. Active 9 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 1k times. 4. I'm playing Dragon Warrior 2. I've given the magic loom and the yarn to don mahone, but he always says he's not done. I've saved my deeds on the imperial scrolls, exited the game, and re-loaded my.

Don Mahone will not make the Flying Water Cloth for me

  1. This is video #25 in my Dragon Warrior II playthrough. The party devotes this video to obtaining a second Water Flying Cloth. To start with, they must get ri..
  2. For Dragon Warrior I & II on the Game Boy Color, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Got The Water Flying Cloth, Lost The Prince of Cannock In The Effort.
  3. Go to Zahan, and get the Magic Loom. After that, go to the Dragon's Horn North Tower, and get the Dew's Yarn on the 3rd floor. Take these items and see Don Mahone. After you give him the items for him to make the first Water Flying Cloth, *WITHOUT SAVING*, go back to the Dragon's Horn North Tower on the 3rd floor, and search for the Dew's Yarn

Added 'Water Flying Cloth' trick (see the section The Path to Rhone)and a little tip on beating Bazuzu V1.0 ----- Initial release of FAQ/Walkthrough This is the Dragon Warrior II FAQ! Contained within this document is just about everything you need to know to complete Dragon Warrior II for the Nintendo Entertainment System You will hear a lot of information about various magical items here. A man in the upper left corner mentions something about a man who lives in Tuhn that can make the Water Flying Cloth.A woman wandering around in the garden mentions how the Charm of Rubiss can be used to see through deception. And a prisoner in the prison (which you can now access thanks to the Prison Key) mentions that only.

Dragon Warrior II NES Tuhn and Water Flying Cloth Glitch

Dragon Warrior 2: Unable to get the water flying cloth

Dragon Warrior II [NES] Playthrough #25, Getting a Second

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Got The Water Flying Cloth, Lost The Prince of Cannock In

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Dragon Warrior II Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for NES

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DQ II: Don Mahone won't give me the water flying cloth

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