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STANDARDBRED RACING. Standardbred racing is a major sport in much of Canada and on most of the East Coast of the United States, as well as in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, and California and elsewhere on the West Coast. • 750,000 horses are currently registered. • In an average year, some 11,000 foals are registered. 2k 2019 Ohio-Registered Standardbred Stallions 110 Stallions registered for 2019 as of November 30, 2018 Foaling Year of Eligibility for Ohio-Registered Stallions Beginning in 2011 *Those stallions whose names are in red bold are eligible for breeding year 201 Register Your Indiana Standardbred Stallion Today! Stallions must be registered with the IHRC on or before October 1 of each year and submit annual registration fee of $150 with registration. Each registered stallion must remain in Indiana the entire breeding season (Feb 15 - July 15) Welcome to STAGBI. STAGBI is a breed society and was established to provide credibility and integrity to the Standardbred and Trotting Horse in Harness Racing and other equestrian sports throughout Britain and Ireland. STAGBI is the approved registration organisation with the UK government department DEFRA and at the 2003 International World.

Standardbred is also used in distance riding, competitive carriage, and pleasure driving. Standardbred Horses for Harness Racing. The term Standardbred introduced in 1879 to differentiate those trotting horses. They met a certain standard for the distance of a mile. Before 1940, when all times were registered in fifths, the horses were. Eliza is a 14.3HH, dapple black, branded crossbred mare that rides and drives! She is a Morgan/standardbred/AQHA cross. She stands quietly for grooming. View Details. $4,500 The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) is a non-profit organization created to care for, rehabilitate and secure lifetime adoption of Standardbred horses both off-track and rescued out of kill pens

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A top Standardbred breeding farm in Illinois where dreams of owning a winning Standardbred racehorse can come true. Walker Standardbreds 7793 Farrand Road Sherman, IL 62684 217-496-2378 217-496-2370 (fax) walkerstandardbreds@gmail.com walkerstandardbreds.com All Breed Horse Pedigree Database. Pedigree Online's All Breed pedigree database consists of more than 6.4 million horses from around the world cover all breeds of horses. If this is your first time visiting the site, you can pull up the pedigree for any horses in the database by simply entering it's name in the form above and clicking the. Standardbred Horses for Sale 1-15 of 100+ Results Advanced Search: Cleo. Kids Horse for Sale. Cleo is an angel. Super sweet and willing to do anything you ask! Her groun.. Cora, Wyoming. Black Overo. Standardbred. Mare. 18. Cora, WY. WY. $800. Big ez. Standardbred. Beginner safe, no vices. He is blind in one eye, doesn't bother him. 276870.


Grayfer- #5N042 - A Registered Standardbred gelding sired by Crazed, out of Southern Puff by Donerail. He is a maternal brother to the $130,000 gelding from.. A link to Harness Racing NZ's Infohorse service where you can search for the deatilas of any registered standardbred in NZ by name or registration numbe The Standardbred, known as a kind and willing horse, is also ultimately defined as athletic.The Standardbred is similar to the Thoroughbred but has stronger, shorter legs. They also have a narrower chest, long sloping shoulders, long underline and a strong back. Bred for speed, the Standardbred developed higher haunches Two horses for sale. Subcategory Standardbred. Gender Gelding. Age 5 yrs 11 mths. Height 15.3 hands. Color -. Location Decatur, AR 72722. Two pleasure & trail riding horses all around good riding horses, looking for a good home. $ 1,500

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  2. 994 Posts. #8 · Apr 13, 2010. I have known a few standardbreds, and they all have had such big hearts, and were wonderful trail mounts. One in particular was named Gulliver, was sold to a friend by a horse dealer who claimed the horse was 12. So obviously the horse was really about 20, lol
  3. This event was the foaling of a horse named Hambletonian 10, the foundation sire of the Standardbred horse. The breed gains its name from the fact that a horse must meet a certain standard of either timed speed at the mile or breeding in order to be properly registered
  4. Stallion Name Stud State Stud Master; There are no stallions registered for this season yet
  5. Standardbred Canada's FREE Self-Serve online entry program is available for trainers to enter horses to race and quality, and it's available 24-7! Racetracks across the country are requesting.

BARBARO - Presently, the name would appear to be technically acceptable, as no horse by that name has yet to be registered as a Standardbred, at least within the last few decades. While the name of an outstanding, and tragic, thoroughbred, the outstanding horse exclusion appears to refer only to Standardbred stars Standardbred - Horses for sale (Ordered by Price) 5 results found in Standardbreds are known for their docile personalities and willing temperaments. They are known for their ability to race in harness at a trot or pace. Height ranges from 14.2hh to 17hh+ Dept. HS - Horse Standardbred. The Great Frederick Fair 2021 93 Horse Standardbred 9. All animals must be registered Standardbreds. If not branded, owner/exhibitor must provide registration papers. 10. Youth exhibitors must be under 18 years of age. 11. All use of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden Standardbred Canada is an incorporated non-profit organization whose mandate is to supervise, record, store and distribute information on all registered Standardbreds and to promote harness racing.

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The Standardbred breed registry was formed in United States in 1879 by the National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders. The name arose due to the standard required of breeding stock, to be able to trot or pace a mile within a certain time limit. Every Standardbred had to be able to trot a mile in less than two minutes and 30 seconds Assistance with the sale or lease of Standardbred and partbred Standardbred horses that are registered with the SPPHAV. Promotion for the sale of horses that have come through authorised retraining provided by the HRV HERO Program. This program provides assistance only; we cannot take horses and hold them while a new owner / home is being found The mission of the Standardbred Transition Alliance (STA) is to inspect, accredit and award grants to approved organizations that acquire, rehabilitate, train and re-home Standardbred horses, using industry-wide funding.The STA is approved as a 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue approved charity and is also registered with the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General Nearly all Standardbred horses registered today go back to a stallion named Hambletonian 10, who was the great-grandson of Messenger. Hambeltonian 10 lived in the 1800s, and was a very successful sire, producing a number of harness horses that easily beat the competition of the day. Standardbreds were initially used only to race at the trot

Horse Racing; Standardbred Stallions Directory Footer Contact Information. Illinois Department of Agriculture State Fairgrounds 801 E. Sangamon Ave Springfield, IL 62702-1813; Agency Directory; Program Directory Useful Links. News Releases. Delaware Standardbred Stallion Guide. Thank you for supporting Delaware's equine industry by choosing to breed your mare with a Delaware Standardbred stallion. The equine industry plays an important role in Delaware's economy with all of horse racing contributing more than $180 million. From breeding, training, feed and bedding supplies.

The name Standardbred originated because the early trotters (pacers would not come into favor until much later) were required to reach a certain standard for the mile distance in order to be registered as part of the new breed. The mile is still the standard distance covered in nearly every harness race Pedigree for Standardbred, photos and offspring from the All Breed Horse Pedigree Database

Breed Registry The USTA is the sole issuer of registration documents for Standardbred horses, which must first be registered with the USTA (by law) before being eligible to race in North America— or to subsequently be used in the Standardbred breeding industry. The USTA has agreements with all the major Standardbred breed registries in the. The name Standardbred was first used in 1879, due to the fact that, in order to be registered, every Standardbred had to be able to trot a mile within the standard of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Today, many Standardbreds race much faster than this original standard, with several pacing the mile within 1 minute, 50 seconds, and trotters only a. 2021 RACE DATES. MEADOWLANDS. January 2 - March 13. Friday & Saturday. Post Time 6:00 pm. March 19 - August 6. Friday & Saturday. Post Time 7:15 pm. August 7 - Hambletonian Day Standardbred Horses for Sale. The Standardbred developed as a breed in North America, but can trace its routes back to England in the 1700's. This horse is primarily used for harness racing at either the trot or the pace, but can also succeed in pleasure riding

Discover the Horse America Made. Proud. Beautiful. Versatile. Athletic. From the elite competitor to the backyard companion the horse for you is the American Saddlebred. Discover your joy and start your Saddlebred Story today. Learn more about the magnificent American Saddlebred. Find an American Saddlebred barn in your area Quarter Horses make up about fifty percent of registered Palominos, while the remainder are Thoroughbreds, Standardbred's, American Saddle Horses, Arabians, Morgan's and Tennessee Walking Horses. It is difficult to breed Palominos, as they do not regularly perpetuate their coloring genetically The Standardbred (STB) was developed as a racing breed by registering any horse that could trot or pace 1 mile in a set time, called the standard. An early standard was 2:30 (2 minutes, 30 seconds, 0 fifths). Early STBs were diverse because they were different types with a large genetic pool

The 2020 Breeders Crown champion Lady Chaos had started the year slowly, winning just once in seven tries. The Cantab Hall-sired filly found her A game on Saturday night (July 31) at The Meadowlands for driver David Miller, going wire-to-wire in a 1:52.4 clocking to capture the first of two $35,000 eliminations for the Hambletonian Oaks for 3-year-old fillies on the trot You can look up a race record if you pay the USTA. Do you know your horses registered name? There are a few great places to find a standardbred. The first option is the local State Pleasure Horse Organization. I know the Ohio club is very active. They often have horses that are looking to be placed Donato is a 5 year old registered Friesian Sport horse gelding, standing 15.3 hands and weighing in at 1250lbs. Rides English and western. Distinguished horsemen will appreciate the amount of training tha

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  1. Browse the latest Standardbred horses for sale or search by location, discipline or price on the #1 most trusted equine classifieds website online
  2. a Temperament: Calm, active, friendly, intelligent, enjoys human company, trainabl
  3. is in foal to a PA registered stallion and submitted to the Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing for each mare bred to be registered as a RESIDENT MARE. The age of a horse shall be calculated from the first day of January of the year of foaling. Commissioners: Sec. Russell Redding Dr. John Egloff Robert F. Lark Dr. Corinne R. Sweene

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The Standardbred, a breed of horse developed in America more than 200 years ago, has a reputation for its abilities in a range of equestrian activities.Because of its fast movements and speed, the Standardbred is often used for upgrading other harness racing horses including the French Trotter and Orlov Trotter.The Standardbreds are said to closely resemble the English Thoroughbred horses but. 6. What do I do if my horse doesn't have a tattoo? At this time, we are able to research horses based only on their tattoos. 7. Can I look up a tattoo for my Standardbred, racing Quarter Horse, or other breed? No. Tattoo Lookup is only for Thoroughbreds. For other breeds, please contact the horse's respective breed registry Standardbred Horse Racing Harness racing is a form of horse racing in which the horse races at a specific gait (a trot or a pace) and pulls a two-wheeled cart called a sulky. The name Standardbred originated in the early development of the breed, when horses were registered if they could meet certain standards of speed, such as trotting a mile. Columbus, OH — The U.S. Trotting Association announced Monday (June 28) the creation of a Standardbred Incentive Program (SIP) for horses registered in North America. The program will recognize horses who are participating in disciplines other than racing and provide awards for leading contestants..

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  1. i mare that is 5 years old. She is a v.. Munfordville, Kentucky. Horse Quarter Pony Racking Rocky Mountain Saddlebred Selle Francais Shagya Shetland Pony Shire Spanish Mustang Spotted Saddle Standardbred Swedish Warmblood Tennessee Walking Thoroughbred Trakehner Warmblood.
  2. Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association. 569 likes. The Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association (MSBA) is comprised of Breeders who continually strive to improve the Standardbred industry in..
  3. g by volunteers in Canterbury. Many more do not have the chance to enjoy a life after racing, a sad reality for these beautiful horses. At Stable to Stirrup we are committed to changing this
  4. To be recognised as a Standardbred, a horse must be recorded in the Stud Book. The Book is maintained to include all sires, mares and foalings and a horse is not eligible for registration unless it is the progeny of a sire and dam also registered in the Stud Book, has been freeze branded, and has had a DNA sample recorded
  5. Commonly Standardbred horses, in Australia, are identified by their freeze brand. Since 1993 six state Standardbred Pleasure Associations have formed and the recognition of the breed, within the showing and other equine activity areas, has grown significantly. Over the years there have been a number of people who bred a purebred Standardbred for non-racing purposes; horses that do not display.
  6. Reading standardbred horse brands is a cinch - if you know how. You can do it yourself and find out more about your horse's racing history, who bred it, and the horse's breeding
  7. This is DIESAL, a registered black FRIESIAN SPORT HORSE that is broke to ride and drive. This nice young Friesian has been on trail rides and will go willingly through water, mud, and he will cross all trail obstacles quietly. He stands 16.1 hands tall and he is 3 years old. He is 75% Friesian and 25% Standardbred

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Most breeds of horses racing in North America are required to have a lip tattoo for identification purposes prior to their first race. This tattoo is inside the upper lip and is linked to the registration papers to identify the horse and owner. The identifying lip tattoo service began in 1947 by the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau, and it was so effective that most states now require a. Adios (January 3, 1940 - June 22, 1965) was a champion harness racing sire.The son of Hal Dale and the mare Adioo Volo, the horse named Adios was born on January 3, 1940, at Two Gaits Farm, in Carmel, Indiana.Trained and driven by Frank Ervin and for a while owned by Harry Warner of Warner Bros. film studio, Adios was a multiple world champion during his racing career

The origin of the term Standardbred was first officially used in 1879. In order for a Standardbred to be registered they must be able to trot a distance of one mile in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the standard, and hence the name of the breed, Standardbred. Now days many standardbreds, which include both trotters and pacers, can go much faster and can eclipse 2 minutes SEEKING ITEMS New Start Standardbred Adoption is a registered charity that takes in Standardbred harness horses and rehab, retrain and rehome them as pleasure riding horses. We currently have taken on a number of horses coming from less than ideal situations and are looking for item donations to grow our care program to help more

The flagship stud was brought to America in 1788 & bred to a variety of local Thoroughbred mares. It was quickly discovered that some of his progeny made excellent trotting horses & the breed was begun. Originally every registered Standardbred could trace their existence to the grandson of this foundation stud. Official Bree The name Standardbred originated because the early trotters (pacers would not come into the picture until much later) were required to reach a certain standard for the mile distance in order to be registered as part of the new breed The Standardbred originated when Messenger, an English Thoroughbred, foaled in 1780, and exported to the United States in 1788. Along with the English Thoroughbred: Morgans, Narragansett Pacers, Hackneys and Clays (an extinct early-American breed which descended from a Barb stallion), as well as other breeds, contributed to the Standardbred, making it a true American breed Thomas B Cave. 1830 Kindness Road. Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718-8042. 270-789-1489 Home. 270-403-4669 Cell. tcave68@yahoo.com. The home of Standardbred horses and Black Angus cattle. Donor female VDAR Polly 6025 Welcome and thank you for visiting the Agriculture & New York State Horse Breeding Development Fund website, the official home of the New York Sire Stakes!. The New York Sire Stakes is the state's premier harness racing program designed to promote the breeding, buying and racing of standardbred horses in New York State

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Bighorn Mountains and she is a mountain horse. He is 15 hands and solid black. 040620 _____ Joyce Robinson jarobinson63@yahoo.com SOLD. 740-703-7986 FOR SALE 5 Months old Buckskin stud colt, no white. Sire: Foldar (Icelandic) Dam: SHOBA registered Twister, out of Rocket. asking $2400 Chillicothe, O Standardbreds are best known as harness racers. But when their trotting or pacing days are over, they're forging new career paths in other equestrian sports. The United States Trotting Association's (USTA) Standardbred Equine Program works with national equestrian sport organizations to establish awards for people who participate in nonracing pursuits with Standardbreds

A study of the principles, theory, and procedures involved with the training of standardbred horses from halter breaking to a finished performer. Wi Qtr. 3 cl, 1 3-hr lab. Prereq: T211, T213; concur T289.04 or 292.04. Students may enroll in both decimal subdivisions; however only one course will count toward graduation requirements 1. a HORSES - All Sport Horses valued over $57,500 and/or aged over 16 years of age. 1. b HORSES - All Standardbred and Thoroughbred horses valued over $287,500 and/or aged over 13 years of age. 2. FOALS - Under 45 days of age. Foals from 24 hours to 7 days old also require an IgG test to be done Horses. METS does not own the following horses but is assisting their owners with finding safe placement. To apply to give a horse a home, download and submit the application provided by clicking the button below. Questions or general inquiries about specific horses can be submitted using the form on each horse's informational page Dark and beautiful Zoey. Zoey, a beautiful dark standardbred mare saved at auction 10/12/12Im guessing a small standardbred and guessing that she used to be amish owned. She's 23 y/o, 14.2 hh, and was at auction dripping milk, from having a baby pulled off before she was sold. She has training and had vet care. We will see as we go, who. Harness racing is a worldwide sport where a special breed of horses, called Standardbreds, race around a track while pulling a driver in a two-wheeled cart, called a sulky. It is seen in more than 30 countries by millions of fans who wager more than $3 billion annually. The horses reach speeds of more than 30 mph

the below Woodbine Standardbred Stakes for 12 months following the trainer's conviction, if such If ELEVEN (11) horses or fewer declare to start, there will be no eliminations, and all declared horses will advance directly to the Final. **Ontario Sired means bred by a sire that was registered in the Ontario Sires Stakes program in the. Bay Standardbred Gelding, Beautiful ride or drive prospect in Alberta. DreamHorse.com is the premier horse classifieds site with horses for sale, lease, adoption, and auction, breeding stallions, and more Ice Giant USTA #2S8080 (Sire: EL Titan x Sire of Dam: Chapter Seven). Here is your chance to breed to a beautiful standardbred stallion with an outstanding pedigree (he sold for 100K as a yearling). He is a very fancy trotter. I also have driving pictures available if you are interested

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Sell your Standardbred at the upcoming gavelhouse.com auction. Listing Entries Close at 10:00pm NZST on the 28th of July 2021. 04. Days. 08. Hours. 51. Minutes. How it works What you get. List Your Horse. Latest News. Entry deadline looming 13/07/2021. 1198451.jpg Entries for the next gavelhouse.com Standardbred sale are due online by 10am. Year of Foaling. Registered No. S2048156. S. 2. 04. 8156. The brand is applied using a freezebrand which is so cold that it causes the pigment in the hair to turn white. Breeders can still apply a breeder's brand on the shoulder of the horse similar to that used by Thoroughbred breeders

The Amazing Marley If you're looking for a hunting horse, look no further!! My Amazing boy Marley is 15hh, (rides bigger) 11 years old, a registered STAGBI Standardbred Gelding. Mainly been a hunter and an expert... Read more >> More >> Horse,Friesian Standardbred Filly. -. $4,900. (Christiana PA) This beautiful horse is 3/4 Friesian & 1/4 Standardbred. Would make a great riding horse for you and your family! Registered. Born 2-14-21. Has a calm, pleasant disposition Standardbred Mares Bred to Maryland Sire Stakes Registered Stallions, Standardbred Yearlings Nominated ro Maryland Standardbred Sire Stakes, 20112016 8 Commercial Non-Racing Horse Farms Licensed by Maryland Horse Industry Board Survey Responses by County Economic Impacts Fiscal Impacts . O 00 . k V T y Ofc his O . 11-2016 . th s . a . s 30 LH001: Standardbred, gelding, black, well broke, anyone can drive him, has some good speed, gentle & nice to handle Owner: Emmon Petersheim Mt. Victory, OH. LH002: 3 yr old, Standardbred/Dutch Harness Cross, mare, dark bay with star, 2 white feet, top buggy broke, traffic safe & sound, surrey horse Owner: John Hochstetler Mt. Victory, OH. LH003: 3 yr old, Standardbred/Dutch Harness Cross. NOTE: Races with more than 12 horses in the race are NOT fitted to the page - these remain overlapping the pages and are shown with the last 6 lines Other features - Morning Odds are now shown for each horse - when available. If the horse was sold as a Yearling the yearling price is shown (e.g. Yrl: $2,000)

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7 Results: standardbred. in Queensland. Benji EOI, best of home, no rush in selling Benji is a handsome 11 yo 16hh registered standardbred, sweet by nature, has it all, the looks and temperament. He is a beautifully put together gelding with loads of potential They have many draft cross horses and over 50 head of draft mares. They stand SIX registered studs including two red sorrel Belgians, two black Percherons and two Standardbreds. They buy, sell, trade and train draft horses, draft crosses (Sporthorses), light horses and ponies! Petershein Equine Center, 3151 470th St., McIntire, IA 5045

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