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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Personalized 'Please write your favorite memory with NAME and put it in the jar' Printable Graduation Bon Voyage Memory Jar Chalkboard Sign. JoJoMiMi. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,917) $7.50 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. More colors PAPALONG Everyday Wish Jar with 100pcs wooden heart cutouts - Memory Jar Keepsake. 100 Count (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 28. $20.99. $20. . 99 ($20.99/Count) Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9 Large HONEYMOON SAND JAR, Sand memory bottle, Vacation Sand Jar, Personalized Sand Bottle, Glass - One, Large TheLetteringStudio. 5 out of 5 stars (2,459) $ 23.50. Favorite Add to Mason Jar, Sand Ceremony, Love Jar, Mason Jar Wedding, Memory Jar EtchedExpressions. 5 out of 5 stars (3,072) $ 9.50. Favorite. Engraved Memory Large Storage Jar . This storage jar is a great way to celebrate a milestone, cherish a memory, remember an event, or anything else you can think of! Engraved Monogram Large Storage Jar . Customize this classic design for a beautiful addition to your home decor!.

Oct 6, 2016 - Explore Kimberly Reed's board Memory Jars, followed by 441 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about memory jars, memory jar, jar crafts Memory jars are exactly what they sound like: a jar — or really any clear container you have — with hand-written memories inside. Try to think beyond the traditional mason jar. Use a cookie jar for maximum space or maybe even a wine glass for an added element of elegance

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A large jar, containing raw memory. Large memories are one of the memories used to gain points in Guthixian Cache. Each can be converted to 3 points at the unstable rift. They require a Divination level of 85 to pick up and as with all Guthixian Cache memories,. Are those in JAR, or in memory? - Crazyjavahacking Mar 10 '15 at 13:20. There is a buffer in the memory, which its structure is like a JAR file. - John Doe Mar 10 '15 at 13:48. Add a comment | 0 Here you can use URLClassloader to load a jar. see in the example I have a jar that has class with name com.x.Test and it has print method, Below.

Supplies Needed for a Memory Jar: Large Jar* Paper Slips; Pen or Marker; Washi Tape (optional) Baker's Twine (optional) *You can purchase a large Mason Jar or you can reuse a jar you have in your refrigerator! Check out the Best Way to Remove Jar Labels here to get that jar up-cycled and ready for a memory jar! This couldn't be easier For this memory jar project I used my tried and true clear roll from Expressions Vinyl. When applying the transfer tape I suggest using something to help flatten it as you smooth it over the decal. I use a burnishing tool but you can also just as easily use a credit card, driver's license, or student id Large memories are one of the memories used to gain points in Guthixian Cache. Each can be converted to 3 points at the unstable rift. They require a Divination level of 85 to pick up and as with all Guthixian Cache memories, hostile automatons may cause the player to lose their memory Memory Jar: Preserving Your Memories. By Shelby Burr. When it comes to memories, sometimes you can forget some of the most hilarious or beloved moments. Luckily, you can preserve those memories to last forever by writing them in a keepsake memory jar. Large or small moments, they are meant to be saved forever

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Top shelf Clear Glass Love Notes Memory Jar Memory Jars record life's moments no matter Memory Jars record life's moments no matter how big or small. This keepsake jar collects memories of the dearly departed for you and your family to reflect upon, helping you remember, cherish and appreciate those special moments together. TO USE: 1 Once you're ready to make your beach memory jar, flip the jar upside down and write the date and beach on the bottom of the jar with a sharpie. Measure your twine around your jar, leaving enough extra to tie a bow. Once you've cut your twine, thread your charm onto it. This is where you'll need the Small/Medium Jewelry Jump Rings

Instead of keeping a journal or starting a scrap book, a memory jar is an alternative way to record summer nostalgia. If all the memories will not fit into one jar, you may want to make several for special days or outings that happened during the summer. You will need a large clear glass jar with a lid Yankee Candle Large Jar Scented Candle, Christmas Memories, Burns up to 150 Hours 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,921 Funeral Memory Cards and Beautiful Memory Box - 50 Textured Remembrance Cards - A Practical Alternative To A Memory Jar or Book Of Condolenc It seems that all jar files on all classloaders are also part of RSS memory on Linux. That adds some MBs to the memory consumption of the Java process too when running an application that has a lot of jar dependencies. jar files are mmapped and the memory can be shared with other processes, but it still adds up to the RSS memory of the Java. Dream Jars . ♥ ALL TALL JARS - £7 Gratitude Jar Dream Jar Precious Moments Baby Memory Jar Precious Memory Jar. ♥ ALL LARGE JARS - £9 Candle Holder Cream Precious Memory Jar. ♥ CHRISTMAS TABLE FULL CENTREPIECE - £20 Include large cream candle holder, medium candle/flower holder, gratitude toothpick jar, small tea light holde

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Memory JAR - Comforting Ideas For Grief. With Open Arms. You are invited to join Memory JAR — where we share a common experience and a passion to honor the memory of a person we have loved. If you are here, you are perhaps dealing with the most difficult time of your life. Losing someone you love is very painful Write a batch or shell script containing the following line. Put into the folder, where MyApp.jar is stored. java -Xmx256M -jar MyApp.jar. After that always open this batch/script file in order to launch the JAR file. Although, This will not embed specification of virtual memory size into jar file itself. But, It can override the problem to.

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How to Create a Memory Jar At the end of the year, get 12 large pieces of scrapbook paper, one for each month. As you read each memory, glue it to the scrapbook page for the corresponding month the result? A whole year's worth of memories journaled by your own family! What a wonderful thing to reflect back on DIY Memory Jars. Supplies: (for 1 jar) I got everything at the dollar store! + 1 large pretty glass jar + Any color ribbon + A pad of paper for the notes + A pen + The direction sheet Here is the Direction Sheet. You can copy this image into a word document and print or you can make your own variation on PicMonkey, which I used Java memory FAQ: How do I control the amount of memory my Java program uses (i.e., Java RAM usage)?. The short answer. The short answer is that you use these java command-line parameters to help control the RAM use of application:. Use -Xmx to specify the maximum heap size; Use -Xms to specify the initial Java heap size; Use -Xss to set the Java thread stack siz

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The Memory Jar is an all-year-round tradition that, for us, culminates on New Year's Eve. Also known as a Jar of Joy, the concept is simple. Whenever something good happens throughout the year, you write it down on a piece of paper, and pop the piece of paper into the Memory Jar. It is Two large jars— previously used for pickles— sat there, filled with all types of curious things. Pretty rocks, old pennies, a rusty nail, and a hand-carved whistle, each with a memory attached. But the third jar she rested a hand on her hip. Its contents had been spilled out and the jar itself was gone Alternative to temporary files is Protocol Handlers with all JARs content stored in memory. Protocol Handlers are registered using java.protocol.handler.pkgs System property. This approach is taken by One-JAR. It resolves issue with temporary JAR files deletion but consumes large memory to store all inner JARs in memory Official website for Costsco Wholesale. Shop by departments, or search for specific item(s)

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  1. java -Xmx2g -jar metabase.jar Adjust the memory allocation upward until Metabase seems happy, but make sure to keep the number lower than the total amount of RAM available on your machine, because Metabase won't be the only process running
  2. Don't leave any good memory out; they can be as big as an engagement or pregnancy or a little as a fun afternoon with a friend. As you compile, you can place all the little slips into a special jar, but make sure to make it large enough to fit everything
  3. created Jars filter there and a corresponding folder, copied BurstlySDK.jar, added to project, set EmbeddedJar in properties. added 2 other jars on which Burstly was dependant (admobfix.jar and joda-time-2.1.jar) and marked them as EmbeddedReferenceJar in properties
  4. g glitter jar takes very little time to make but offer numerous, lasting benefits for your kids. Sensory activities are hit for kids of all ages and these sensory glitter jars make a great calm down tool with.
  5. ds of something that happened to us or with people that were part of our lives. Each person has a unique set of memories about special people and special times in their lives. There are many ways to collect and store our memories and making a memory jar is a special an
  6. Hyoola 7 Day White Memorial Candles - 10 Pack Grave Candles for Religious, Memory, Vigil and Emergency Use - 100% Vegetable Oil Wax in Plastic Jar Container 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,236 £29.95 £ 29 . 9
  7. e at Wal-Mart for about $4.50) and my FREE printables below. Click the above photo to print the Free Printable label. It is a full 8.5 x 11 printable so that you can cut it down according to the size of your jar. Now click the above photo to print the FREE tags
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We returned home with a large stash of seashells they collected throughout the trip. As a more tangible reminder of the awesome time we had together at the beach - and as a way to store all of the seashells we accumulated - I decided to let Jason and Jenna make vacation memory jars. Start With A Collectio The Memory Jar by Elissa Janine Hoole is a good book for young adults. High school student, Taylor, the daughter of a single, divorced mother who struggles just to get by, has dreams of one day going to college and becoming a poet and a cardiologist, but a snowmobile accident threatens to change all of that Dungeons & Dragons again got one of everything. The Thought Bottle, an item that appeared in Tome of Magic, does exactly this.Possible uses as a relatively secure data medium or Memory Gambit prop were mentioned.. In Forgotten Realms tel'kiira (elven lore-gem) are memory storage devices used as write-at-will personal logs and spellbooks, normally usable only by elves and worn mostly by nobility

Candy Buffet Containers & Supplies — Candy Jars, Cups, Scoops & Labels. Take your candy buffet to the next level! From a whole assortment of plastic candy buffet containers like candy jars and apothecary jars to candy scoops and other candy bar accessories, we have everything you need to create unique candy centerpieces for your candy buffet Memory jar, in honour of L's Big Nan Our client L recently made a memory jar in honour of his great grandmother (Big Nan) who recently passed away. L was close to Big Nan, but hadn't been able to visit her for over a year because she was in a nursing home during the pandemic Ancient memory?? On the ground Equipped 21 November 2016 ()? Yes? This memory is very old and extremely unstable. A large jar, containing raw memory. No No? false false? N/A Yes Yes N/A No infobox-cell-shown true false false Yes true No? false false? N/A No? false false N/A N/A No No? false false N/A? Wield, Drop true???? false false Ancient memory 0? Not sold No data to display-?-1 1 coin. Hay! I recently downloaded Java 8 (64 bit) and when i start my server i get Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: JVM cannot use large page memory because it does not have enough privilege to lock pages in memory. Candle wax memory is affected by the following criteria: • Type of candle. Whether it is a free-standing candle (such as a pillar) or within a container (such as a jar candle or votive candle) affects how the candle burns and will determine whether a candle is more likely to tunnel. • Type of wax

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  1. By simply setting the common JAR files to shared, the memory demand of the PermGen dropped to less than 100 MB. Classloader Leaks Especially in application servers and OSGi containers, there is another form of memory leak: the classloader leak
  2. A memory jar is a creative way to record all of the good things, both big and small, that happen during the year. This year, our family started our first memory jar and we already have a couple memories recorded! On New Year's Eve we plan to open our jar, read our memories and reflect back on the year
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  4. In the rugged province of Xieng Khoaung in upper northern Laos are scattered more than 2,000 large carved stone jars. They vary in size, with the biggest standing at just over 2.5 meters tall and.
  5. Northlight 20 Large Black Candle Lantern with 3 Flameless LED Candles. Northlight. $53.74. reg $62.34. Sale. Sold and shipped by Christmas Central. a Target Plus™ partner. Shipping not available. Not at your store

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Set Maven Memory Limits. You may need to adjust the Maven memory limits if you are building a large Maven project, or if your are running Maven on a computer or VM with little amount of memory. From Maven 3.3 and forward you can set the memory limits in a file called jvm.config located in the .mvn directory inside your project directory MySQL JDBC Memory Usage on Large ResultSet 27 May 2008. I recently came across the problem of large resultsets being pulled into a java app via MySQL JDBC. I had dealt with this years ago but forgotten about it Below I've included the details on how I created our memory jar so you can make one too! I've also included a link to a FREE printable I've created so you can create the tags for this project! . 2016 Update: Due to popular demand I've provided an updated printable sheet for 2017! What You'll Need. 1 L mason jar or other large jar

Martaban jars are common stoneware storage pots named after the Arabic pronunciation of the Burmese port on the gulf of Pegu through which many of these vessels were traded. During the Ming dynasty, this busy port was under the jurisdiction of Thailand. From here Thai, Chinese, Burmese, and Cambodian goods were shipped throughout southeast Asia. These large jars were made near port towns for. Define jar. jar synonyms, jar pronunciation, jar translation, English dictionary definition of jar. n. 1. A cylindrical glass or earthenware vessel with a wide mouth and usually no handles. the sight of this jarred my memory → dieser Anblick rüttelte alte Erinnerungen wach She poured the jam into large jars; jam-jars. , , , , jar 2. Finally I have tried getting aggressive to make josm use lots of memory. First here is a better way o watch the memory used by Josm cat /proc/meminfo | grep Buffers Buffers: 391696 kB. In another terminal session start Josm with a trial large memory setting. java -Xmx8096m -jar /usr/share/josm/josm.jar VNC (Virtual Desktop) Virtual Network Computing (VNC) nodes allow users to connect remotely to a graphical desktop environment running on an Oscar compute node. Using VNC, you can run GUI-based applications such as Matlab, Mathematica and Rstudio, with fast access to Oscar's high performance file system. This allows you to analyze and visualize. Plus basic kitchen supplies such as a large sauce pot, large prep bowl, small pot, kitchen towels, large slotted spoon, tongs, peeler, knife, and a cutting board. Step 2: Prepare the canning jars. Wash the jars, lids, and canning equipment in hot, soapy water and rinse well. Check the jars for nicks and cracks

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Whenever I come across an empty glass jar it is so hard for me to toss it in the recycling bin. {I know my craft room looks like {this} but I promise I'm not a pack rat} I just feel compelled to hold onto these versatile treasures - no matter what shape or size. {and yes I have bought the x-large jar of pickles a few times just so I could keep the cool jar Setting executor memory size is more complicated than simply setting it to be as large as possible. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration: More executor memory means it can enable mapjoin optimization for more queries. More executor memory, on the other hand, becomes unwieldy from GC perspective Analyzing large Java heap dumps when Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) UI fails If you find yourself trying to analyze a big heap dump (20-30GB) downloaded from your production server to your staging/test machines.. only to find out that X-over-SSH is too slow then this article is for you

I am trying to create a Jar file in vain. When I attempt to execute the Jar file that I have created, it either cannot locate the main class (even if it only involves a class) or the Jar command throws up an Exception Keep your glitters, sequins and more organized with the 8 Pack of Large Glass Jars from We R Memory Keepers. There are 8 Storage Bottles included that have screw-on lids. Full Description & Details. Related Products. Quick Look (1) We R Memory Keepers - Storage Bottles - Large Screw Stack Jars - 8 Pack. $8.00 $7.59. Add To Cart These Storage Bottles from We R Memory Keepers are sure to get your supplies in perfect order. There are 6 Medium Glass Jars included in a package that measures 3.75 x 3. Each jar measures approximately .75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WE R MEMORY KEEPERS 661320 WE R MEMORY GLASS JARS LARGE 8PC at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Vacation Memory Jar. Nap Rating = less than 1. I can't really supply you with a list of materials for this one, I suppose, because everyone's vacation memory jar would be a bit different. But you get the idea. It took less than 20 minutes to put together once I had gathered all the supplies, so this one gets a great nap rating

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Find an empty jar and throughout the year ahead add notes of happy times and great fun things that happen. Write down your little memory triggers of happiness on small pieces of paper and leave them stored away. At the end of the year, empty the jar and read and reflect on the good times the year has brought your way The total amount of required off heap memory is the total capacity plus hash table. Each hash bucket (currently) requires 8 bytes - so the formula is capacity + segment_count * hash_table_size * 8. OHC allocates off-heap memory directly bypassing Java's off-heap memory limitation. This means, that all memory allocated by OHC is not counted.

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If the cache is too large, memory may be wasted. When sizing the code cache, it's important to look at the effect on both your application's memory usage and its performance. When running in a Docker container, recent versions of Java are now aware of the container's memory limits and attempt to size the JVM accordingly Say you have allocated 1 GB of memory to your container, then if you configure -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=50, then approximately 512GB (i.e., 1/2 of 1GB) will be allocated to your Java heap size. Java. Overview. During a Job execution, an OutOfMemory Java exception may occur. This exception means that the Job ran out of memory. This article explains the common reasons for memory overflow that leads to the OutOfMemory Java exception, and offers some solutions and best practice.. Symptom Somewhat surprisingly, it is much easier to debug large memory leaks than small memory leaks. The reason is that memory leaks present a sort of needle in the haystack type problem—you need to. DIY Baby Memory Jar. Grab all those baby mementos and make your own DIY baby memory jar like this one from Polka Dot Poplars. What a great way to display those memories without a bunch of clutter. You could use any size jar for this project. Those extra large 1/2 gallon ball mason jars would even work y'all. Be sure to click over and pin from.

Product information. First produced in 1902, the Marmite of today takes great pride in being the most equally loved and hated British product there is! This large jar will keep even the most addicted Marmite lover happy for at least a few weeks. Reveling in its ability to divide a nation, this yeast-based extract is - to some people, at least. Not changing the excel parser anytime soon, to import very large files use csv instead - as it uses memory mapping it supports file sizes beyond RAM limits. If files cannot be converted, please investigate if investing in more RAM would solve the issue. Alternatively submit a PR with a more efficient excel parser. Closing this for now Cached in linux memory is too large; Node-webkit has been reading large files with fs How to extract Android _ WebView _ Java.jar and How does android webview load a new webview like a After android webview loads the web page, click on Android webview Loads Web Pages Too Slo

Memory Analyzer 1.3 using -Xmx58g has successfully analyzed a heap dump containing over 948 million objects. The initial parse and generation of the dominator tree uses the most memory, so it can be useful to do the initial parse on a large machine, then copy the heap dump and index files to a more convenient machine for further analysis Memory Jar Ideas: -moments that made you proud -favorite meal of all time -best compliment you ever received -things you're currently curious about -the things, large and small, you're grateful for -your favorite TV show of all time -your favorite joke -something nice you did for yourself -something nice someone else did for yo

The Memory Bulbs from Jeff VanderMeer's Finch allow the Graycaps to access the memories of recently deceased individuals. You simply sprinkle some spores on the corpse, wait for awhile for the fungoid bulb grow from their head and then eat it.The experience is extremely confusing, at least for humans, trying to perceive range of events in a non-linear fashion, like picking them up randomly. Free Printable~ 2014 Memory Jar Label. 2014 is just days away! Hard to believe that 2013 is already over. Well, whether we are ready or not, 2014 is here! I have seen various versions of this all over the internet. You take a large Mason jar and place it somewhere your family has easy access to it

Capture, celebrate and preserve your memories with our personalised memory jar.Start a new tradition - remember the little joys and keep sakes, preserved in a memory jar. The Memory Jar is based on a square clip top glass Kilner Jar and is available in one or two litre options, complete with a personalised label up to twenty two characters, available in two colourways, cream/terracotta and. Large Jar, Marguerite Friedlander Wildenhain (France, Lyon, active Germany and United States, California, Guerneville, 1896-1985), 1950s, Furnishings, Earthenware, glaze Use this resource for independent writing as children will be motivated to write their memories of the lockdown using these fantastic writing templates. Perfect for children to practise their independent writing. For those less confident, there is a blank jar for them to fill with drawings of their memories of lockdown One situation where the serial collector isn't expected to be the best choice is a large, heavily threaded application that runs on a machine with a large amount of memory and two or more processors. When applications are run on such server-class machines, the Garbage-First (G1) collector is selected by default; see Ergonomics I found these jars around the house, including the large jar I ended up using which was a Yankee Candle Jar. I cleaned out the jar and this size is great. I put the candle in a pan of hot water (on the stove on medium) until the bottom wax could be poured out. Ideas for Memory Jar- Mothers's Day Memory Jar

On a 64-bit build with no per-process memory limits, high ThreadsPerChild with a large or unlimited ulimit-s will just cause a high VSZ (virtual address space size). On a 32-bit build, or a 64-bit build on a system that limits the address space size, this can result in a crash Lego Memory Jar. Father's Day. Jun 18. Written By Directions. Make a list of favorite things you do with dad. Write one thing on each Lego. Add Legos to the jar. Wrap with ribbon & enjoy! Directions. Heat the oven to 425°F. In a small bowl, whisk together the banana, cream, egg, and vanilla. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, brown. type -Xmx512m that assigns 512MB memory for the Java. type -Xmx1024m that assigns 1GB memory for the Java. type -Xmx2048m that assigns 2GB memory for the Java. type -Xmx3072m that assigns 3GB memory for the Java, and so on. Please note, it begins with a minus sign and ends to an m. Also note, there is no blank space between characters If the growth in memory is small over a large number of iterations, then it may not be a leak at all; it could be that the JVM is retaining unused memory, or the Garbage Collector is not activating as frequently as expected. In order to solve this download problem, the JDK supports Java Archive (Jar) files. A Jar file is simply a collection.

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Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender, Chrome. Perfect for blending, pureeing, mixing, liquefying and stirring. 7-speed touch pad control with easy-to-read indicator lights. 40-ounce glass jar with dripless pour spout equals no-mess serving. 2-ounce pour lid with marked measures for adding ingredients while blending Optimize Spark queries: Inefficient queries or transformations can have a significant impact on Apache Spark driver memory utilization.Common examples include: . collect is a Spark action that collects the results from workers and return them back to the driver. In some cases the results may be very large overwhelming the driver. It is recommended to be careful while using collect as it can. Globular Jar with Repeated Abstract Motifs in Sprial Design, A.D. 600/1000 Tiwanaku; Globular Jar with Abstract Forms in Spirals on Shoulder, A.D. 600/1000 Tiwanaku; Jar in the Form of a Jaguar Head, A.D. 700/1000 Tiwanaku; Miniature Jar in the Form of a Figure Wearing a Tunic, A.D. 600/1000 Tiwanaku; Head Fragment from a Large Ceremonial Jar.

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The new We R Memory Keepers Mini-Envelope Punch Board makes adorable mini-envelopes as small as 3/4 to 4. Supplies for Minion Mason Jars: Mason Jar Yellow Acrylic Paint Fabric Darice Hats Large Google Eyes Black Puff Paint E6000 glue Directions: Coat inside of glass using acrylic paint. Flip. 1.3.0. spark.jars.ivySettings. Path to an Ivy settings file to customize resolution of jars specified using spark.jars.packages instead of the built-in defaults, such as maven central. Additional repositories given by the command-line option --repositories or spark.jars.repositories will also be included Find a large cardboard box in the big pile of large cardboard boxes taking up considerable real estate in the basement. Toss unwanted crap in the large cardboard box. Close the large cardboard box (at this point, if done properly, memory of the box's contents should start to fade). Carry the large cardboard box to the basement

Yes. By casting magic jar, you place your soul in a gem or large crystal (known as the magic jar), leaving your body lifeless. Then you can attempt to take control of a nearby body, forcing its soul into the magic jar. You may move back to the jar (thereby returning the trapped soul to its body) and attempt to possess another body Clarice Miller's jars all seem to have a story behind them. For this 1950s memory, Clarice remembers her Daddy coming in on Christmas Eve wearing his Santa hat, carrying a large burlap potato sack filled with presents for all the children in the large family. Made by: Clarice Bell Miller; Size: 15 1/2 tall; Values: $125 - $15 These engagement party games will break the ice, add some friendly competition to the mix, and ask your guests to put their memories to the test. Most importantly, they'll make sure that everyone is smiling, laughing, and making memories. You don't need to give away prizes for the winners of these games but if you'd like to, some fun ideas.

Bugs.jar: A Large-scale, Diverse Dataset of Real-world Java Bugs MSR 2018, 28-29 May, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden Table1:Selectedsubjectsystems Project Purpose Tags Commits Bug Size(excl.tests) TotalSize Bug Related Info:1. DIY Mason Candle Jarhttp://www.kellimurray.com/2012/07/31/diy-mason-jar-candle/2. The Prism Mason Jar Lighthttps://diyprojects.com/mason-jar-.. Instant Snapshots. When NMT is enabled, we can get the native memory information at any time using the jcmd command: $ jcmd <pid> VM.native_memory. In order to find the PID for a JVM application, we can use the jps command: $ jps -l 7858 app.jar // This is our app 7899 sun.tools.jps.Jps