How do i stop someone from commenting on my photos on facebook?

How To Stop Someone Commenting on Facebook Post

  1. In this video, I show you How To Stop Someone Commenting on Facebook Posts. This is the best way you can do it. You obviously have your own reasons for wanti..
  2. You can stop other people from publishing photos and videos on your Facebook Page's timeline
  3. There is no way to disable the comments and likes for all friends. You can do it for specific people if want to do that. What you can do is change the profile picture and set the privacy setting to Only Me
  4. Friending. Adding Friends. People You May Know. Control Who Can Friend and Follow You. Upload Your Contacts to Facebook. Your Home Page. How News Feed Works. Control What You See in News Feed. Like and React to Posts
  5. How to Turn Off the Comments for the Most Part Go to Facebook through your favorite web browser, Chrome is preferred. Then, click on the triangle-shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click on the Settings button from the drop-down menu to proceed

From the left-hand side of the Facebook page, click groups, tap on the group you manage. Scroll through until you find the post you'd like to disable comments on. Click the three-dot icon in the. How to disable comments on a Facebook Page Click on the Settings link located at the upper right corner of your Facebook page From here go to the General Tab and locate the section named Page Moderation Click on Edit to the righ Go to your Facebook page. 2. Click the three vertical dots on the post you want comments deactivated. 3


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To hide your post from someone: Head to your post on Facebook. Tap the three dots on the top right and click on Edit Privacy. Then, tap Friends except and select people who you want to hide your post from Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it. Next to the comment, you'll almost always see a little X. Click the X and then Delete to remove it from your post Goto the profile of person you want to block. Hover the mouse over 'friends' lebel next to their profile name. Select report or block from the drop down menu. Select unfollow and click confirm button You might try putting them on your Restricted List. Putting someone on the Restricted list means that you're still friends, but that you only share your posts with them when you choose Public as the audience, or when you tag them in the post

5 - You'll see a box containing a button with a label and a down arrow on it. Click the down arrow and select Friends. 6 - (Optional) - The change you made above will only prevent non-friends from seeing (and commenting on) the posts/photos that you put on Facebook from this point forward Click the Privacy Shortcuts icon, resembling a padlock with three horizontal lines, at the top right of any Facebook page. Select How do I stop someone from bothering me? 3 Enter the name or email address Enter the name or email address of the individual you wish to block and click Block Facebook brings all your friends, family and acquaintances together in one place, but each of those groups may not need to see everything you post. CLASS ; COLLEGE ; TESTS ; VOCAB ; LIFE ; TECH ; How to Stop Someone From Viewing Your Photos on Facebook Without Unfriending Them. BETH BARTLETT How to Block Others From Seeing My Comments. Comments containing any of the banned words will appear as '' for you and for visitors to your Facebook page. The people that posted the comments can still see their own comments, so they.

Fix a Problem. Uploading Your ID. Your Profile and Settings. Account Settings. Add and Edit Your Profile Info. Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo. Share and Manage Posts on Your Timeline. Your Username. Choose a Legacy Contact Open Facebook Settings. Click on Photos. If permission has been given, you'll see Turn Off. That's it. Now Facebook shouldn't bother you with permissions. How to stop syncing photos from your phone to Facebook. Photo syncing was a service that allowed you to back up photos from your phone to a private folder on Facebook Steps to Stop Facebook from Accessing Photos on Android. Open the Settings App. Then, tap on Apps. Select Apps again to list all the applications installed on your device. Locate and select Facebook. Go to Permissions. The app permissions are visible under two categories: Allowed and Denied


People You May Know. Control Who Can Friend and Follow You. Upload Your Contacts to Facebook. Your Home Page. How News Feed Works. Control What You See in News Feed. Like and React to Posts. Search. Translate News Feed How to Turn off Comments on Facebook Groups. As a Facebook user, you also have the option to disable comments on different facebook pages/groups. To do so, you either need to be the person who shared the post originally or a group admin. If you fall into one of those two categories, here's what you need to do to disable comments in a group

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Keeping your account secure. Unfriending or blocking someone. Shopping safety. Policies and reporting. Reporting abuse. Reporting a problem with Facebook. Reporting a privacy violation. Hacked and fake accounts. Managing a deceased person's account Other people are the worst. You put up a lovely photo of yourself on Facebook and they just have to say the meanest things. The good news is that you can delete any comment that appears on one of your posts, photos, or videos. Here's how. Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it

Now, while the platform doesn't give a dedicated option for the same, there are a few workarounds that can help you stop someone from replying to your comments on Facebook. Read on. Stop Someone from Replying to Your Comments on Facebook On Your Post. Preventing someone from replying to your comments on your own Facebook post is quite easy Facebook photos are never visible to people who do not have a profile. If you do not want strangers to download your images, just restrict your photo album privacy to Friends Only. If there is a particular person on your friend list that you don't want to steal your photos, block her from viewing the album that contains the photos 3. Make your stuff only visible to people you like. Sometimes you get unwanted comments for your updates. Many of such comments make you sick and stopping from making updates. But you have option to make updates visible to only people you like. Goto settings and select privacy section. Click editing on 'who can see my stuff' section Step three: Prevent annoying people from seeing what you do on Facebook. If your Facebook foe keeps sliding into your profile page and leaving all sorts of stupid comments, memes, or screeds on.

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5 Tips to Protect Our Photos on Facebook. 1. Save the Photos That are Most Personal to You. This is a very simple but effective suggestion. Do not upload photos to your profile that you do not want to be seen by your boss, co-workers or friends from the gym. 2 6. Enable Comment Ranking. Do you frequently use the Public setting for your Facebook posts? You are going to love this tip. If you get a lot of comments on your public posts, Facebook tries to.

Click down arrow in the top-right and select Settings. Click Notifications in the left column. Click Close Friend Activity, then click On Facebook. Click next to Close Friends activity, then select On or Off. If you're getting notifications when people post and they aren't on your Close Friends list, learn how to receive fewer notifications Facebook is getting creepier ever day. When you install Facebook, app, it constantly bugs you to get access to your phone saved in your gallery. A lot of users do not read notifications clearly and grant access to media to Facebook app. This could accidentally leak your photos to Facebook and become a privacy problem I can comment on a cute cat photo without being inundated with all the animal videos 800 people shared this week, and I can comment on a post about race relations without then having Facebook trot. How to Stop People From Mentioning Me on Facebook. If you prefer a less visible Facebook presence, you can select more restrictive privacy settings that will limit the ways people can mention you Stop Facebook Notifications From Specific Friends. Ron Jaxon. 6876 STEPS. TOOLS. I'm sure you know what it's like when one of your Facebook friends post all day long with just pictures or on things you don't care about. I'm not saying they're people you don't like. But you just don't want notifications every time they post something

All my status updates and photos appear on my Friends' News-feed as I always set my settings for Friends but problem arises when I comment on my own status/photo. The comments I make on my own statuses/pictures do not appear on my Friends' ticker. Kindly help me out on this Steps to Stopping Harassment: 3: BLOCK Them. Now that you have the PROOF of the harassment on Facebook as well as your demand for the harasser to stop, it is time to BLOCK them from being able to contact you further. HOW TO BLOCK SOMEONE: To block someone: Click at the top right of any Facebook page Pictures of women were used without their consent on a Twitter profile which communicated with Conservative MP Brooks Newmark. Here's what you can do if you find out someone has been using your. Once you block someone, you won't be able to read each other's comments even though both of you will be able to comment on a mutual friend's post or photo. That's because after blocking Facebook. Manage your likes and comments Stop people from adding comments & likes. If you turn commenting off, people won't be able to like your photos. You'll still see existing likes and comments unless you delete them

Facebook is great for connecting with others, but you probably don't want to share all your news, photos, and other profile information with everyone you're connected to on the social networking site How to control your Facebook privacy. The social network has changed a key setting to ensure your updates aren't shared with the wrong people. What else can Facebook users do

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How to know who viewed my Facebook profile? Once you are on your profile page, perform right-click on your mouse. From the pop-up menu, click View Page Source. Page Source is full of HTML text. Here, type CTRL + F on the keyboard. If you are using a Mac keyboard, type Command (⌘) + F. Now, copy this code: Initialchatfriendslist and. To turn off comments on a video that's already been uploaded, go to the video page then choose Edit video and More options. If you turn comments off and then back on again, any comments that. Go on your profile page, click on the 3 dots next to view as and it should give you the option for Activity Log. Click on Activity Log. It will give u the history of everything you've commented or like on Facebook, starting from lost recent. Search for your post (it should be listed there), then click delete Go to your Facebook profile and select Photos under your cover photo. Select Create Album . Select photos or videos to add to your album. Once they have finished uploading, enter an Album name. Other options include: Add a description or location. Add contributors (they will be able to upload photos to this album)

Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtechWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowtechIf someone reported you on Facebook, you'.. How to Make Comments Private on Facebook. On Facebook, you can control the visibility of posts using the audience selector tool. If you don't want others to see comments made on your profile (timeline), adjusting the privacy settings to make content viewable only by you keeps them invisible from everyone else.. If you want to import all your photos from Google Photos, for example, to Facebook, you can do it all in one go. Make sure to go to Settings>Your Facebook information. Then select. Your ability to publish your comments on someone else's page depends on the Visitor Post setting of that Facebook Page. The Page owner (admin, editor) have the option to leave the Page Post open for Visitors to comment or use the option to mo..

5. Stop Facebook from blocking your account: Don't act like a spammer. There are a number of behaviors on Facebook that, besides being annoying to everyone, can threaten the very existence of your account. Here we review the online behaviors that act as non-stop tickets to Facebook Jail What Does Unfollow Mean on Facebook. Unfollow in simple terms means to stop seeing someone's posts on your newsfeed.Unfollow, similar to follow, is a one-way thing To add photos from your mobile phone to a Portal album: Open the Portal app on your mobile device. Tap Photos, then tap the photo plus icon in the top right corner. Tap the photos your would like to add, then tap Add Photos. Tap New Album or an exsisting album. If you are creating a new album, type your album name and tap Create Album

Facebook has introduced a new feature for iPhone, iPad and Android users which means you can automatically sync any photos you take on your mobile device with your Facebook account. Here's what. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. Click the Friends button to the left of the Post button and then click More Options.. NOTE: The name on the button to the left of the Post button changes depending on your selection for who should see. Or, in worst-case scenarios like when people just won't stop bugging you even after they've unfriended you, Facebook enables you to block them. Once you've done so, the individuals can't see. The activity log page you can reach through your Timeline on Facebook shows a chronological list of all your activity on the social media site, including friend requests, likes and status updates. This page is private and can be viewed only by you, although some of your activities may be visible to your friends in. To import photos or videos from Facebook.com or the Facebook mobile app: Log in to Facebook.com or open the Facebook mobile app. Click the downward arrow in the top-right corner (web) or the three.

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A new Facebook feature lets you sync photos with iPhones, Androids, and iPads automatically via Wi-Fi or the cell network, but if you inadvertently opt in to the service or do so and later change. Although you can't disable comments on your photos, what you can do is change your privacy settings. Here's how: • Open Facebook. • Click on the down arrow icon on the upper right corner and find Settings.. • Click on Public Posts.. • Click on Sharing on Facebook and Customize Settings.. • There, you'll. Facebook's default settings allow all your friends to post comments, photos or video to your wall. This feature serves as a valuable, semi-personal way to keep in touch with everyone on your. Open a photo in Photos, and tap the photo to reveal the share icon. Tap the share icon and then tap Options at the top. Turn off Location and tap Done. You can then share or copy your photo to send it out into the world without location data. But it's easy to forget to do that every time you want to share a photo If someone has compromising pictures or video of you be firm in your request for them to delete it. Let them know you are serious about your privacy and security. Do not be intimidated. Get help if you need it. Parents, School, Police anyone with authority. In most countries the owning and distributing pictures or video of anyone underage is.

To do so, you are probably often posting and commenting as your Facebook Page, a.k.a. a business profile. A person's response, instead of a brand, helps a business seem real and authentic. This approach is sometimes a good way to put a face behind a reply This is your only option since, unlike when you play Monopoly, you don't have a Get Out of Facebook Jail Free Card. Look what a commenter who landed in Facebook Jail for 30 days, advised in the comments section of this post: 1. Go through your post history. Delete any comments you think may get you more bans Your ability to publish your comments on someone else's page depends on the Visitor Post setting of that Facebook Page. The Page owner (admin, editor) have the option to leave the Page Post open for Visitors to comment or use the option to mo..

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You may find yourself rethinking something you shared on Facebook and wanting to remove it. Perhaps, as you update your timeline, you want to remove some past updates as your circle of friends grows or your life changes. Or maybe you commented on. The second is when someone posts a comment on an update on your Page. When you hide a comment on your post/update, it will still be visible to the person who posted it and all his/her friends How to stop Facebook from auto-tagging you in photos. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Twitter. The word in. LinkedIn. An. The best comments for girl's photos on Facebook are enlisted here for such boys and men. Choose a good comment as per the situation from the following list to impress the girls on Facebook. Best comments for a girl photo on Facebook & Instagram: I like your dress, it is amazing. You look different and cute

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Select Your Time on Facebook. Go to Control your notifications → See settings. Go to Notifications settings. Scroll to Birthdays and disable the birthday notifications. So, if you don't want to get any birthday notifications from Facebook, and you don't want your friends to get notifications about your birthday either, follow the steps. Depending on the privacy settings on your Facebook account, people who aren't your friends will be able to view your timeline and like, comment, or message you. But perhaps there is a certain someone you are not Facebook friends with who you would rather not have the ability to see your profile or contact you. Well, you can still block that person easily You can customize who can follow you, who can comment on your posts, and who can comment or like profile information that is always public, like your profile picture or cover photos. You can choose from Public, friends, or friends of friends. How to set who can see your posts on a per-post basis. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad If you use Facebook, then you might have noticed there are people you aren't friends with in your Facebook Messenger sidebar when using the desktop website or mobile app.Although this is meant to be a way for you and your potential friends to connect on Facebook, some people find this overbearing and an invasion of privacy.. There is a way to prevent people you aren't friends with from.

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Facebook and Google are already able to recognize your face really easily. Here's how to stop them to take one step toward preventing Big Tech from easily recognizing who you are in a picture If you have found a profile on Facebook or Instagram that seems like a catfish and has taken your photos and is using them to pretend to be you or create a false identify, you should report that profile.. Here is how to report a profile to Facebook:. 1. Go to the profile that you want to report. 2. On the cover photo click the [...] link.. 3. Choose report to report the account to Facebook Thanks for your comment Raymond! I do agree with you Raymond However depending on how big your business is, sometimes this is out of the marketers control. And public facing image wise and conversion wise sometimes it makes sense to get rid of it. You don't want people hitting the FB page, seeing a bad rating, and leaving There isn't a way to completely stop people from tagging you on Facebook, other than explicitly asking them not to tag you. However, there are several options for changing who can see pictures you're tagged in. Select the option below that best suits your needs, and follow the steps to change the options for photos you're tagged in To hide your birthday on Facebook, start by opening your profile on a web browser. Then, select the About tab, followed by Contact and basic info.. Next, scroll down to the Basic info heading, hover over Birth date and click Edit.. When the birthday tab opens, click the person-shaped icon and select Only me.

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Your smartphone stores a great deal of personal information. Let's face it, your whole life is on that thing. You use your cell phone on a daily basis, sending emails and text messages, making calls, listening to voicemail messages, taking and sharing videos and photos, using social media, and so much more When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will be permanently removed, the company says. Or you can temporarily disable your account. This. 13 comments on Facebook privacy control overhaul will you can get the right to review before the picture is posted on *your* timeline.. but nothing to stop someone else taking your photo. Hi Pamela, Thanks for reaching out to the Facebook help Community. To learn more on how to recover your original Facebook account, visit our Help Center

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THE TAKEAWAY. — Keep your political posts to facts and figures and funny (not mean) things. Know what you're posting about and keep it civil. — When you comment on a friend's post, again. Facebook recently started using face recognition in more ways. If you're creeped out by the idea of the social network being on the lookout for your face, here's how to disable it The problem with deleting your account is that you will essentially disappear from Facebook and any of your friends there won't be able to find you when they do things like tag you in a photo. Remember, even if you delete your account, that isn't going to stop other people from trying to search for you or tag you in posts Comments and photos that have been added by other people will be removed. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . Tap Albums. Open an album that you created. In the top right, select More . Select Sharing options. Next to Share, turn the switch off I always feel that Facebook groups have a much higher organic reach than Facebook pages. If I publish a blog update on my facebook page the reach is very less. But If I publish a blog updated on a facebook group in my niche then I get a lot of reach and engagements as well Click the 'Settings' button in the upper-right corner of your Facebook page and then select Account Settings from the menu. Select Notifications from the left column. Click the link titled view from the On Facebook row. Remove the check-mark from the Play a sound when each new notification is received box and then click the Save Changes button