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AVSEC SUPERVISORS' COURSE. Languard Security Ltd does offer the Advanced Airport Security which is the continuation of the Basic Airport Security course and it's majorly designed for the managers and the supervisors in airport security. This course would provide the tools that are needed to implement aspects that are relevant to the airport. AVSEC personnel at the basic level with the potential for promotion to the supervisory level; Existing supervisors who have not received formal supervisory training; AVSEC personnel from the civil aviation authority or airlines with the primary responsibility for the application of aviation security preventive measures at airports; an AVSEC Supervisor Course AVSEC Supervisor Course. Delivery Details. Course Delivery Id Nomination Action; No Deliveries Available as of Now. All IAA Courses. Indian Aviation Academy, the joint training academy of Airports Authority of India (AAI), Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)

The course should be followed by a minimum of six months of practical experience working under the guidance of a qualified AVSEC supervisor in the field. Course Benefits By the end of the program, participants will be able to AVSEC Supervisors Course. Share Page: Aviation Safety and Security. DATES. 19 Jul 2021 - 28 Jul 2021. 12 Jul 2022 - 21 Jul 2022. DURATION. 8 days. FEES. 821. USD. 82,070. Kshs Apply Now *** Fees are subject to change. Students will be notified of the actual course fees when they are issued the Letter of Acceptance. Campus It is advisable that nominees have a foundation of AVSEC knowledge and exposure to AVSEC training material prior to attending this course. AIRPORT SECURITY SUPERVISORS This eight-day course is designed to ensure that relevant personnel at airports can supervise and monitor the implementation of aviation security preventive measures through the. Aviation Security Supervisors Course. The course is designed to train airport security supervisors to supervise the application of airport security preventive measures in accordance with the approved airport security progra AVSEC Training. Aviation Security Training. Aimed at aviation security ground staff and Supervisors, the course will equip attendees with the relevant theoretical and practical expertise that they need for their role. Security Awareness Programmes. Designed for non-security staff, this is an introductory security training or refresher.

An AVSEC Manager must have oversight of the multiple activities performed in day-to-day operations, while keeping on top of continuous regulatory development. This diploma validates your ability to manage your team, suppliers, resources, and business processes in line with current industry standards AVSEC Supervisor. AVSEC Supervisor Contact . หน้าหลัก เกี่ยวกับบริษัท บริการของเรา . SECURITY TRAINING; Aviation Security AVSEC Supervisors Course > AVSEC Training. AVSEC Training. The aviation ground supervisor's course is for candidates involved in aviation security supervisory and is designed to... read more. Aviation Cargo and Mail Security Training. The aviation cargo security training has 7 levels. Each Level is targeted to employees level of responsibility..

STP 123/Supervisors «AVSEC supervisors training» 4 12.05, 18.05, 26.05. STP 123-7/AP «Initial Aviation Security Training Course for Aviation Personnel» 1 06.05 STP 123-3/PO «Refresher Course for the Personnel Performing Patrolling and Guarding of Civil Aviation Facilities» 1 11.05-15.05 STP 123/Supervisors «AVSEC supervisors training» AVSEC AWARENESS COURSE. Security is a major concern for everyone that is in the industry, which virtually affects every area of operation. Whether you are working with the passengers, cargo or at the security checkpoint, everyone has a role to play in having the industry to be kept safe. Languard Security Ltd assists with the educating and. Aviation Security courses. Whether you work for an airline, airport, civil aviation authority or AVSEC service provider, it is crucial to understand current threats and risks to security and how to manage them. Our security courses provide timely information on legislation and strategies for addressing today's security challenges AVSEC Instructor Course (Basic on ICAO Material) Security Risk Assessment Course Fire Safety Training First Aid Training supervisors and managers. Objectives: The course is designed for Emirates Group Security or for approved service providers who will be working a AVSEC 123 Management. Basic X- Ray Operation. Cargo & Mail Security. Passenger & Cargo Profiling Course Offered in collaboration with ISC of Israel. Cabin Crew Inspector Course Offered in collaboration with Singapore Aviation Academy. Safety management Systems (SMS) Offered in collaboration with Singapore Aviation Academy


  1. It provides aviation related training and consulting services in aviation. In particular, we offer short courses such as Avsec Instructors Course, Avsec Supervisor Course, Basic Avsec Course, Avsec Management Course, Risk Management Course, and Security Awareness amongst others
  2. STP 123/Supervisors «AVSEC Supervisors' Training» Duration: 4 days. The course is designed to train security supervisors to supervise the application of airport security preventive measures. STP 123/Basic «Basic Training of Aviation Security Personnel» Duration: 12 day
  3. Aviation Security Managers Recurrent Course. If you've taken an Aviation Security Managers course and are due to refresh in this subject, this course from Redline will help you to update and enhance your knowledge. Our 2020 Recurrent dates are: 26 - 27 January 2021 NSSA. 23 - 24 February 2021 London Based
  4. The Training Team within CAA Aviation Security Regulation (AvSec), is the industry point of contact for requests for instructor certification, National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) test managers, registration of training providers and provides regulatory information and advice, in addition to making recommendations to the Department for.
  5. 16 Aug 2021 - 27 Aug 2021. 14 Feb 2022 - 25 Feb 2022. 08 Aug 2022 - 19 Aug 2022. 10 Days. 1099. 109,900. AVSEC Supervisors Course. 19 Jul 2021 - 28 Jul 2021. 12 Jul 2022 - 21 Jul 2022

Aspirants who are pursuing the BCAS AVSEC Courses 2020-21 Academic Session Check Your AVSEC CISF, Cabin Crew Results. AVSEC Supervisor Course Results, AVSEC Management Course Results, Earlier BCAS BRAS Releases Available for National Auditor Refresher's Courses. Selection process Mostly Depend on prelims Mains, Computer Test, Interview ICAO AVSEC Supervisors Course . 08 . ICAO Cargo & Mail Security . 09 . ICAO Crisis Management . 10 . ICAO National AVSEC Inspectors . 11 . ICAO National AVSEC Instructors . 12 . ICAO National Civil Aviation Security Program workshop . 13 CAA/DFT COURSES WITH REDLINE. At Redline, we work closely with the Department for Transport (DfT), which authorises and certifies security instructors through a number of courses, including aircrew instructors, aviation security instructors, and Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) AVIATION SECURITY TRAINING. Programme Title AVSEC 123 Basic AVSEC Crisis Management AVSEC Instructors Course National Inspectors course Cargo & Mail Security AVSEC Supervisors Course AVSEC 123 Basic Passenger Profiling Offered in collaboration with (ISC) of Israel AVSEC 123 Management Basic X- Ray Operatio

Aviation Security Training School. The school was established as a result of ICAO requirement for the state to recruit and conduct SPT 123 Basic as well as recruiting for their own AVSEC staff. It then began as a small section within the AVSEC Department of the GCAA way back in the early 80's. After the decoupling exercise in 2007, the school. Airport managers, supervisors or personnel with security responsibilities; Anyone interested in a career in airport security; Suppliers and service providers with security responsibilities at an airport (e.g. airport security providers, ground handlers etc.) Course Content. The ACI Certificate in Airport Security consists of the following nine.

AVSEC Training. AVSECO's Aviation Security Training Division (ASTD) offers a wide range of high quality professional training programmes to meet regional and international training needs with aviation security context. Our training services meet the standards of ISO 9001:2015 Integrated Management System. The ASTD's Professional & Academic (PA. Conducted AVSEC courses as an Instructor at ASF Academy Karachi. PROFESSIONAL COURSES 1. ICAO AVSEC PM Course (Feb-Apr 2019) Bahrain 2. ICAO National Inspector Course (2nd - 10th July 2018) 3. Aviation Security Supervisor Training by UK Department for Transport (22nd - 26th May 2017) 4 Duration: 6 hours Validity: 2 years Duration and validity depend on individual national legislative requirements. Method of Delivery: Mixed training covering theoretical, practical and on-the-job training elements Learning Objectives: To gain the necessary knowledge in order to manage people who are implementing security controls and to give appropriate feedback and motivation

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AVSEC Supervisor Course AVSEC Management Course Basic AVSEC Course Basic AVSEC Screener Course AVSEC Refresher Course AVSEC Screener Refresher Course Basic AVSEC Course AVSEC Refresher Course December 03, May 02, 2021 May 02, 2019 February 20, 2020 February 20, 202 Aviation Ground Security Supervisor (GSS) Initial Training. The Aviation Ground Security Supervisor (GSS) Initial Training Course is a mandatory UK requirement to provide the supervisors of ground security operatives with the relevant knowledge and skills to allow them to effectively supervise the security duties carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation

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Avsec Consulting offers training in all the various modules described in Regulation (EU) 1998/2015, section 11 and NASP, Attachment 13, i.e. training of security managers, supervisors and staff. The training is conducted by certified and qualified instructors Air Cargo Security Regulated Agent - Known Consignor Training The workshop is designed for individuals working at a Known Consignor site who have access to, and are responsible for handling and preparation of, air cargo. The workshop covers Modules 1-7. There is then an additional Module 8 intended for the person taking responsibility for the secure process and acting a

Location: Any airport in New Zealand that Avsec operates from Organisational context OR (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) (Dunedin and Queenstown) Carry out all duties that are assigned by the supervisor or officer in charge Adhere to all regulations and relevant Aviation Security legislation, Aviation Crimes Act KOICA Joint Programme, Course Code: A-3 AVSEC NATIONAL INSPECTORS 18 August - 3 September 2013 PURPOSE To provide the participants with theoretical and practical knowledge of the fundamenta > AVSEC Training > Aviation ground security supervisor. Aviation ground security supervisor. The aviation ground supervisor's course is for candidates involved in aviation security supervisory and is designed to inform delegates of the standards required of their staff, the best ways in achieving and maintaining these standards and the.

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Cargo Operative (CO) - Equivalent to old Level D Recurrent. In-Flight Supplies. In-flight supplies security training. Cargo Manager - CM. Cargo Manager (CM) Equivalent to level G (non screener) Cargo Manager (CM) Equivalent to old Level G (inc. Visual Inspection, Hand Search, X-Ray and ETD) Cargo Manager (CM) Recurrent We design our AvSec courses to ensure they meet all requirements set by ICAO, the EU and are fully compliant with the DfT / CAA syllabi within the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP). The Supervisor *This training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the trainee's duties/ equipment used An ICAO /Airline AVSEC Supervisor 's Certification - is added advantage. Broad knowledge of diverse international Aviation security practices and principals relating to Airline operations Knowledge in forensic and investigative skills; Ability to prepare regular regional/station airline AVSEC activity reports as required Goo training/courses. or relevant diploma in Aviation Security from a recognized institution with security risk management or security training may be accepted in lieu of the First University degree. An ICAO /Airline AVSEC Supervisor's Certification - is added advantage. A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience i Avsec Consulting offers security training in all the various modules described in EU Regulation 1998/2015, section 11 and NASP, Annex 13, ie. training for managers, supervisors and employees. The course is taught by certified and qualified instructors

Basic AVSEC Screener Course AVSEC Supervisor Course AVSEC Management Course Basic AVSEC Course Basic AVEC Screener Course AVSEC Refresher Course AVSEC Scre ener Refresher Course AVIATION NO ACCREDITATION NO. AVIATION NAME OF COMPANY YEARS Adm. 2 years 2018 Asia Security Education and Consultancy, Inc. AVSEC Training School Address : 2001 Mabini. This course also enhances the awareness of aviation security managers and supervisors on auditing procedures and techniques in line with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 17 (Security) and the ICAO Document 8973 (Security Manual). With this training, the AvSEC staff have now gained the. The role of the AVSEC Instructor. Principles of learning and instruction. Course organisation and preparation. Assessment of performance. There will also be practical delivery sessions with the use of ICAO ASTP courseware, in order to familiarise your staff with ICAO courses. To find out more call 01302 288362 or complete the enquiry form below

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AVSEC TRAINING. AVSEC Training. X-ray Interpretation Training Class; Course Overview. Cargo Supervisor. Take this Course. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. JP International Training Ltd. Company Registration number: GB 7049647 . Vat Registration number: GB 985061303 TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION DEPARTMENT - LIST OF APPROVED PART 109 ASTO'S July 2021 Updated - ASTO Approval List Page 3 of 14 ASTO NAME ACSA Training Academy ASTO APPROVAL NUMBER CAA/10902/ASTO CONTACT PERSON Walter Kataka CONTACT EMAIL Walter.Kataka@airports.co.za CONTACT NUMBER 010 207 2873/065 220 3249 EXPIRY DATE 30/06/2022 LIST OF APPROVED TRAININ EMPLOYEE WORKFORCE Pathfinders has a full time work force of over 700 staff. All our personnel are trained in all aspects of aviation security - AVSEC Awareness, AVSEC ASTP 123/BASIC course, AVSEC Refresher, Dangerous Goods Regulation , X-Ray and Image Interpretation, Cargo and mail, Safety Management Systems, Explosive Trace Detector System training, Supervisors Course, Management Course. AVSEC Training. Asymmetric security threats to Aviation have never been greater than today. International terrorist groups have demonstrated the capability and consistent intent to target Aviation, often via attempts to bypass screening and security controls, and bring explosives onboard a passenger aircraft We can provide Aviation Ground Security Operative training and Aviation Ground Security Supervisor training courses including X-ray, and National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) as defined in the UK National Aviation Security Programme. The course can be tailored to meet the specific needs of security staff. It begins with the 'core' subjects of

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AVSEC stands for Aviation Security. Every person working inside airport building (including luggage handler, driver, sweeper, guards, pilots, cabin crew etc.) is required to undergo this course before he or she could be issued with an Airport Entr.. This course is designed to cover, for example, topics like safe systems at work, hazard identification and risk assessment. We will also be looking at the various duties of a supervisor and intervention skills and much more. (Unit Standard: 113845 - NQF Level: 3 - Credits: 10) - supervisor trainin Training. Our responsibilities include developing syllabuses and managing the UK list of certified instructors. Training. Certificated instructors. CAA Registered Aviation Security Training Providers. National X-ray Competency Test. Recognition of Competence RoC. Recognition of Firearms and Explosives - Instructors' course GAA Course Overview Download Program Overview This course allows pilots to get a single type rating to fly all the variants of a same aircraft family. Course Topics Phase 1—Theoretical Knowledge: 1 day Ground course Pre-Course Qualifications A valid Type rating Qualification on one specific Type Certificate Awarded Differences course Training certificate. For more info or to register: Email. More about training. General security awareness training. (in accordance with point 11.2.7 of the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998) Duration: 2 hours. Validity: 2 years (or depends on national legislative requirements) Learning Objectives: To learn and be aware of civil aviation security threats

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S/he will work on AVSEC/FAL matters, including technical assistance. Specific direction and supervision are ensured by the Deputy Regional Director. The approach in his/her work is normally developed jointly between the incumbent, the other experts in the Team, and the supervisor General Security Awareness Training Course. The General Security Awareness Training Course is UK DfT approved and provides a solid foundation for any person with unescorted access to the Restricted Zone (RZ) at an airport. The course is self-paced and does not require costly instructors and classroom facilities View the profiles of professionals named Avsec on LinkedIn. There are 300+ professionals named Avsec, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities Author Archives: Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer. Battalion Chief (Ret.) Robert Avsec served with the men and women of the Chesterfield County (VA) Fire and EMS Department for 26 years. He's now using his acquired knowledge, skills, and experiences as a freelance writer for FireRescue1.com and as the blogger in chief for this blog Registered Office: JP International Aviation Security Ltd 5 Imperial Court, Laporte Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 8FE, UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1582 594 086 Fax: +44 (0) 1582 380 17

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MANAGER - AVSEC TRAINING We are inviting applications for the position of Manager - AVSEC Training. The details are tabulated below: Designation Manager - AVSEC Training Location Gurgaon Minimum Educational Qualification • Graduate with technical certifications • BCA, BSc IT, B-Tech Degree or equivalent experienc Full Name. Company. Phone. Mobile. Email Address. Country. Check your area of enquiry Check your area of enquiry Airborne Collision Avoidance System Aviation Flight Safety Officer AVSEC - Aviation Security (Flight Crew) AVSEC - Aviation Security (Ground Crew) Communicable Disease Awareness Training Controlled Flight Into Terrain CRM Refresher (Vol 20) Dangerous Goods CAT 10 Ditching & Survival. Proceduri aplicabile cursurilor AVSEC. Cursurile fundamentale furnizate de catre Regional Air Suport se regasesc mai jos. In situatia in care nu puteti identifica in descrieri cursul sau secventa de Module PNPSAC de care sunteti interesat, va putem furniza, la cerere, informatii si detalii complete, inclusiv perioada de care avem nevoie pentru. The Avsec platform enables remote supervision of all formal processes related to civil aviation security resting on your company, i.e. Program to protect against acts of unlawful interference - updated once every two years. Risk analysis - by the end of each year. Schedule and implementation of auditing activities in the field of aviation. Aviation Security Manager Training. Aviation Security Manager training is for those personnel who are responsible for managing the security functions of Airports, Airlines, Cargo, Stores, Mail, Supplies as well as for Designated Officials and Deputy Designated Officials of Regulated Agents. Training is valid for 24 months

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  1. ar (AVSEC LAMS),in-state courses andworkshops AVSEC EXERCISE. CRISIS MANAGEMENT. SUPERVISORS. CARGO. SECURITY. Aviation Security Workshops. Airport.
  2. A SACAA accredited course that meets the security training requirements under Part 109 for General Aviation Security Awareness Training. Course Duration: 1 day (4-6 hours) Validity: 24 months. Who needs to attend: All Personnel who require unescorted access to security restricted areas at an aerodrome, or who are required to attend as per their.
  3. Approval of Security Training Programmes Security Oversight charge for review and approval of operator security training programme / manual 5,000.00 C. Certification Fees for Aviation Security Personnel 12. AVSEC Screeners and their Supervisors AVSEC Screeners and their Supervisors certification within Nairobi (at JKIA, Wilson airport
  4. AVSEC TRAINING. AVSEC Training. X-ray Interpretation Training Class; General Security Awareness Training Course; Aircrew Security Courses; Aviation Cargo and Mail Security Training; Aviation ground security supervisor; Security Training For Airline Passenger Security Agents; Aviation ground security officer; Known Consignor Security Trainin
  5. Quality Control On-the-Job-Training As part of the technical assistance and in order to assist the State of Namibia in the implementation of a robust oversight structure, an audit was conducted on February 7th , 2015 at Walvis Bay Airport by the DCA's AVSEC Sub- division under the supervision of the project team
  6. G4S Specialist Training is part of G4S Risk Consulting Ltd, a leading provider of risk consulting, secure support services and integrated solutions to governments, international agencies and multinational corporations. Our Specialist Training division provides a wide training offering to meet the requirements of: Individuals (accredited.
  7. Role in UIA training center: Conducts «Ground Handling Supervision. Basic Course. Labour experience: 24 years in aviation; with UIA since 2006. Position: Dispatcher Group Head. Education: 2003 - G.Skovoroda Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University

COURSE 1: ACI-ICAO Management of Airport Security*. COURSE 2: Airport Security Operations. COURSE 3: Quality Management in Airport Security. In order to earn the Airport Security Diploma, participants must successfully complete the three (3) courses listed above in any sequence, within a three-year period Certified AvSec training Instructor DfT UK /Certified training Instructor QCAA Qatar .NXCT Training Manager UK . Airport Hand Ground Ops/ Aviation Security officer/ Supervisor Blackpool Airport Ltd. Sep 1996 - Dec 2000 4 years 4 months. Blackpool, United Kingdom Education. Stay in touch Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos Institución Universitaria - Avda. El dorado 103- 23 Bogotá D.C. Colombia. Soporte: 3152184672 - 304489797 avsec training. In the highly competitive world of Aviation Security Training, it has never been more important to select your training provider. A provider who has a pedigree and who can provide dynamic, stimulating, high-quality training. The Trainer should have passion for their subject and experience that they can share, providing a relaxed.

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  1. Being hired in a supervisor position is an honor and the temptation to immediately accept such an honor might be high. Before accepting the position you should be aware of all the duties and responsibilities the job entails. Supervisors have multiple responsibilities and the job can be significantly difficult at times
  2. Present Aviation Security Mentor, Supervisor and Instructor at Olive Group - Constellis LLC ICAO-AVSEC instructor (French and English) Went to Safety and Security Manager at Inter Iles Ai
  3. AVSEC Instructor Course (Based on ICAO Material) AVSEC Management and Risk Assessment Course Fire Safety Training First Aid Training environment including security supervisors and managers. Participants Staff working at the airports, security supervisors and man-agers Objectives.
  4. AVSEC (Aviation Security) Emergency Scenario This event could have resulted in a different outcome if certain Incident Command System protocols would have been followed. As the scenario begins, the TSA agent observes a suspicious item on the x-ray machine. This should have immediately resulted in the agent notifying law enforcement and the supervisor almost simultaneously

Activities and Societies: 2014 - AVSEC Quality Control - ICAO 2014 - AVSEC National Instructors Course - ICAO 2013 - AVSEC Managers program - DfT UK 2011 - Security Investigation 2010 - Project Management Essentials - IATA 2010 - Effective Procedure Writing 2010 - Senior Management of AVSEC - IATA 2009 - WCO - CCI-Growth Con 2009 - In-Flight. Gather student feedback online with this free Sample Course Evaluation Form you can customize for your classroom. Simply use our drag-and-drop Form Builder to make modifications to the template to match your syllabus, embed the form in your class website or email a form link to students, and start collecting evaluations online Aviation & Maritime Security Courses (AVSEC) • AVSEC for Management • AVSEC for front-line Security Supervisors • AVSEC for front-line Security Operators • Tactical Profiling Course • Bomb Threat Handling • Document Verification Course • Check-point Screeners Course • Regulated Agent Regime for Airfreight • Understanding. 7.5_SFTY_350_AVSEC_TABLE_TOP_DRILL_SCENARIO - AVSEC TABLE TOP DRILL SCENARIO \u21d2 During a high passenger throughput associated with Spring Break


AVSEC-PMC is the most advanced aviation security programme in existence today. It provides an in-depth and common understanding of Annex 17 provisions and current challenges. This course leads to a formal certification delivered jointly by ICAO and Aviation Management Institute of Concordia University U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 1-866-TELL-FAA (1-866-835-5322 Duty Manager. Airports Company South Africa. Dec 2013 - Nov 20185 years. OR Tambo International Airport. Duties: To facilitate cross-functional / organisational communication including information sharing within the AMC to manage and analyse events effectively. To steer the AMC representatives in managing the recovery of events and delays to.

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Dangerous Goods Training Instructor CAT6. CityJet. ene. de 2020 - actualidad1 año 2 meses. Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland. Devise, prepare and undertake training courses to ensure they meet Company requirements. Research and gain the most up to date information applicable to specific training areas i.e. external. courses, conferences Sofia Oliveira | Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal | AVSEC Manager na Groundlink III Handling, Lda | 500+ conexões | Visualizar página inicial, perfil, atividades e artigos de Sofi

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Training Supervisor in Kuwait International Airport at Incheon International Airport Corporation Jleeb Al Shiyoukh. Harbi Ali Bouh bac bro chez lycee indistriel et commercial de djibouti AvSec Supervisor, AvSec Instructor at Olive Group (A Constellis Company) Kabul. Mark Taylor CPO at the British Embassy Kabul. Aviation Security Training Declaration Form This form must be completed by new users requesting any AVSEC courses TO BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO TRAINING LINK EUROPE LTD This Form must be completed by a Manager/Supervisor The course is designed for supervisors and managers with responsibility for food safety and is ideal for those supervising or managing food safety in a catering environment, but is equally useful for those working within food manufacturing AVSEC instructor certification and national inspector certification. Aviation. ICAO (ASTC Bahrain. • AVSEC classroom training for all out station staff of Longport EZE - SCL - CCS •Online Training Coordinator (BUE-MDZ-COR-ROS-AEP) Mostrar más Mostrar menos Security Supervisor and Coordinator Longport Aviation Security mar. de 2016 - sept. de 2016 7 meses. Ezeiza International Airport, Buenos Aires.. AVSEC Operations Director at International Airport Summary: 35 years of Public Safety experience in delivery of training programs, management and supervision of highly trained personnel; compiled from domestic & international Aviation Security assignments; Law Enforcement, K9 Explosive 139/217/AVSEC FAL OFC. Hosting Institution. Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College (QNCATC) Dates. Supervisor Name. Supervisor Job Title. Supervisor Email. Supervisor Telephone. Contact Info. Address. please inform us how you have learned about this course