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Examples of blow up in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: That is, if the strength of the destabilizing term is sufficient to overcom Without you, they would not have sent to find physicians who could blow up the datcha des Iles. It's always been obsarved that, whin a dinnymiter had to blow up annything in London, he laves th' counthry. You may be so unpractised that you will fall off the bicycle or blow up the automobile

use blow up in a sentence My dad is going to blow up when he finds out I dented the car last night. Guy Fawkes, chief plotter in the attempt to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, was executed in 1606. We need a pump to blow up our air mattress How To Use Blow Up In A Sentence? The pirates had a train of powder to blow up the vessel on the approach of the boats. They blow up a tunnel and he just hauls it out and sticks a bigger one in its place. Some of the crew lit matches and tried to blow up the magazine, but the rest prevented them Blown in a sentence 1) His reputation is blown upon. 2) A lot of dust had blown in. 3) The storm has blown over Blowup definition is - a blowing up: such as. How to use blowup in a sentence A bus blows up in broad daylight Tuesday in downtown Damascus. Entangled in a plot to blow up holy places in Jerusalem. All he has to do is blow up or crash early, It's difficult to see blow up in a sentence . They also burned railroad stations and tried to blow up trains. Yungkans allegedly vowed to bomb Israel and blow up the attendant

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  1. 1. verb To destroy something through an explosion. They plan to blow up that old apartment building and replace it with shops and luxury condos. 2. verb To explode something. Our poor dog is hiding under the bed because our neighbors celebrate the Fourth of July by blowing up tons of fireworks
  2. The bomb blew up as experts tried to defuse it. La bomba explotó cuando los expertos trataban de desactivarla. A storm blew up just after the ship left port. Se desató una tormenta justo después de que el barco hubiera salido del puerto
  3. blow up to explode; to be destroyed by an explosion The bomb blew up. A police officer was killed when his car blew up
  4. Blown definition is - swollen. How to use blown in a sentence
  5. Sentence Examples Harriet's death in the cholera epidemic of 1834 was almost as great a blowto Wellesley as it was to her husband. To a man of honour a kick is noting, a blowis noting, de soul is de abode of glory, honour, pride
  6. How to use blow up in a sentence What need to look to right or left when you are swallowing up free mile after mile of dizzying road? THE JOYOUS ADVENTURES OF ARISTIDE PUJOL WILLIAM J. LOCKE Most of the men leaped up, caught hold of spears or knives, and rushed out
  7. phrase 1 intransitive/transitive if something blows up, or if someone blows something up, it explodes and is destroyed Terrorists had threatened to blow up the embassy

open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English If that does not happen, the problems are certain to blow up in our hands. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English Yeah, with enough soap, one could blow up just about anything. volume_up more_vert Define blow up. blow up synonyms, blow up pronunciation, blow up translation, English dictionary definition of blow up. v. blew , blown , blow·ing , blows v. intr. 1. a. To be in a state of motion

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Posted in Level 2, Word of the Day, tagged blew up sample sentence, blow up sample sentence, Word of the Day on December 8, 2009| Leave a Comment » literally means to destroy by explosion The restaurant blew up and police said that it is due to a faulty electrical connection The phrasal verb 'blow up' may mean a number of things. It may mean an explosion, to lose one's temper, to fill something with gas, or to begin an argument o.. 1. phrasal verb If someone blows something up or if it blows up, it is destroyed by an explosion. He was jailed for 45 years for trying to blow up a plane

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Blow My Mind phrase. What does Blow My Mind expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Blow My Mind - Idioms by The Free Dictionary as in This jazz group blows my mind, or Joe served a jail sentence? That blows my mind. This term is used rather loosely, as seen in the examples; the first signifies amazement and pleasure. blow: 2. a violent argument, outburst of temper, or the like, especially one resulting in estrangement extinguish, put out, snuff, douse, quench, smother, stifle, dampen down, choke. View synonyms. 1.1. blow something out, blow out something Extinguish a flame by means of one's breath or an air current. 'he blew out the candle'. More example sentences. 'Jerome's steady breathing soon blew the flame crystal out.' Examples of Blow in a sentence. The loss of her job during layoffs came as huge blow to the seasoned employee. . Not sure which was the biggest blow, the widow couldn't stop grieving the loss of both her husband and her father. . Each blow seemed like an even bigger setback, with the newest being the repossession of her vehicle. (blow up) enlarge, magnify (blow up) flip one's lid, throw a fit, hit the roof, hit the ceiling, have kittens, have a fit, combust, blow one's stack, fly off the handle, flip one's wig, lose one's temper, blow a fuse, go ballistic (blow up) embroider, pad, lard, embellish, aggrandize, aggrandise, dramatize, dramatise (blow up) detonate, explod

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CK 1 261581 I had my hat blown off. CK 1 1027010 Tom blew up the bridge. CK 1 326053 A cold wind was blowing. CK 1 43780 The tree was blown down. CK 1 1027011 Tom blew up the balloon. CK 1 1095767 Tom blow-dried his hair. CK 1 3178461 We must've blown a fuse. CK 1 319681 The wind blew her hat off. CK 1 3178462 We've probably blown a fuse blow in a sentence. example sentences. Go and blow your nose. I delivered a blow on his arm. Blow out the candle. The death of his father is a heavy blow to him. Don't blow horn near the hospital. Blow out the candle. His blow was cruel

tightening up your sentences - cut the bloat. Posted on January 15, 2018 by pat t. We all know what bloat is. If something is bloated it is swollen, puffed up, flabby, distended, enlarged. Right now, we probably associate bloat with eating too much over the festive season. But bloat also happens in academic writing Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: The boxer received a heavy blow to the head. (heavy, hard, nasty, painful, powerful, sharp) He suffered only a light blow. (light, slight, mild) She knocked him out with a single blow. (single) The last punch was a deadly blow. (deadly, fatal) The loss of our mother was a devastating blow to all of us Blown definition, inflated; swollen; expanded: a blown stomach. See more Definition of if he's serious about getting the missiles outta here, I'm serious about not getting blown up. Does get out of mean remove in this sentence? if think here is referring to the place where the missiles are stored. So in this context, getting the missiles outta here means launching them

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Blow Up keeps thin features like hair (and tentacles!) smooth and clean. Original. Bicubic 200% enlargement. Blow Up 200% enlargement. Photo courtesy of Nick Hobgood under GNU and Creative Commons licenses listed here. The edges of the fire in this 200% enlargement are much more crisp when enlarged with Blow Up. Original. Bicubic 200% Enlargement Terrorist Richard Reid, who tried to blow up a jetliner with a shoe-bomb after 9/11, says he failed because that's what God wanted. In a letter from the supermax prison in Colorado where he is.

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  1. To blow smoke up someone's ass. To deceive someone. I don't care what he told you; he's blowing smoke up your ass. And from Pamela Munro, Slang U. (1991) has this entry: blow smoke up (someone's) ass to try to deceive or impress (someone) | I was late because I had a flat tire, but my dad thought I was just blowing smoke up his ass
  2. 3.2 blow something up, blow up something Exaggerate the importance of something. 'it was a domestic tiff which had been blown up out of all proportion' More example sentences
  3. The blown up apartment building was still under construction, no one was hurt. After the explosion, a letter came to the media from someone with the pseudonym Pocahontas. The author, under the threat of further attacks, demanded that the developer withdraw from construction. A few months later, the police in this case detained 29-year-old Mateusz [
  4. Three self-described anarchists who pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up a four-lane highway bridge near Cleveland were sentenced to prison on Tuesday by a federal judge
  5. Every Marvel Movie Summed Up in a Single Sentence. February 23, 2021. February 22, 2021. by Elodie. Start the slide show. I keep telling myself I will watch all the movies in the MCU, and then I continue not doing that. This has been going on for several years now. I told myself I would watch them all before Civil War, before Captain Marvel.
  6. Definition of Wind up. to prepare for, typically in regards to a heavy blow or a lot of action. Examples of Wind up in a sentence. The boxer threw a punch so powerful that he had to wind up for it before even launching it at his foe

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Blow away definition: If you say that you are blown away by something, or if it blows you away , you mean that... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for blow He blew a tire about six minutes into the race and had to stopThe wind blows cold across the plains in winter. He blew a tire about six minutes into the race and had to stop. I really blew it with my new girlfriend. I forgot her birthday and then called her by my old girlfriend's name

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Example Sentences. Please bring up some more blankets when you come to bed. I am a terrible flyer. I usually bring up my lunch. I was brought up in a very strict household. My parents wouldn't allow me to go out with friends. I was born and brought up in London, we moved to United States when I was 15 A Muslim convert and supporter of Islamic State, who plotted to bomb St Paul's Cathedral at Easter, has been sentenced to life in prison.. Safiyya Amira Shaikh, 37, from Hayes, west London. Yep, first up on our list of bizarre-yet-humorous palindrome sentences is Sit on a potato pan, Otis. In case you're wondering, this is definitely our new favourite comeback. Now we just need to find a potato panand someone named Otis. Check out these palindrome words you've never thought of 19-year sentence for man who plotted to blow up synagogue in PuebloToggle header content. Richard Holzer was sentenced in federal court to 19 years in prison for plotting to blow up temple in Pueblo

blow verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons. Search the definition and the translation in context for blow , with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. Conjugate also evoke , contemplate , honor , manage , maximise , redirect , organise , smuggle , dissipate , acced (verb) Don't drink tonight, because it'll stuff you up. Dictionary Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes Reference Spanish Stuff-up Sentence Examples. Sometimes you just want a game to blow stuff up A man whose fizzling suicide bomb attack below New York City's Port Authority four years ago was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday. Akayed Ullah, 31, a Bangladeshi immigrant who swore Holzer faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the hate crime charge and 20 years for the explosives charge, a fine of up to $250,000, and a term of supervised release. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julia Martinez and Trial Attorney Michael J. Songer of the Civil Rights Division are prosecuting the case on behalf of the government In both trials, prosecutors alleged the ‎motive for Triano's murder was a $2 million insurance policy. This year in Phillips' seven-week long trial, her defense team argued that Phillips and.

A west suburban man was sentenced to 16 years in prison Monday afternoon more than 6 ½ years after pressing the detonator on what he thought was a 1,000-pound car bomb outside a crowded Chicago bar The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to federal hate crime and explosives charges earlier in the plot to blow up Temple Emanuel Synagogue and was officially sentenced on Friday in a sentence. Internet directories are used to look up information on the Internet. Another day trader looks up and nods toward a second room. Things look up when Dr . Kennedy realizes who Yanko is. You could even look up to see the blimp flying overhead. It took three seconds to look up the spelling of meningitis

Blowing from a gun is a method of execution in which the victim is typically tied to the mouth of a cannon which is then fired. George Carter Stent described the process as follows: The prisoner is generally tied to a gun with the upper part of the small of his back resting against the muzzle blow 1 (blō) v. blew (blo͞o), blown (blōn), blow·ing, blows v.intr. 1. a. To be in a state of motion. Used of the air or of wind. b. To move along or be carried by the wind: Her hat blew away. c. To move with or have strong winds: The storm blew all night. 2. a. To expel a current of air, as from the mouth or from a bellows. b. To produce a sound by.

Harvey Weinstein did not testify in his own defense during his trial. But on Wednesday, moments before he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for two felony charges, he finally spoke up in court AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — A Missouri man who pleaded guilty to making threatening phone calls to a Georgia mosque has been sentenced to two years in prison. In a statement Tuesday, federal prosecutors said 50-year-old Preston Q. Howard, of Wright City, made numerous calls last year to the Islamic Society of Augusta in which he threatened to kill. If something, like an idea, is blown out of the water, it is destroyed or defeated comprehensively. exact ( 5 ) I mean, there was no question in my mind from the second that I found out he got it that he was gonna blow it out of the water and he did Blow Up meaning in Urdu Barha charha kar paish karna بڑھا چڑھا کر پیش کرنا. Blow Up has 3 different meanings, translation & definations. Also with Blow Up sentences, similar words, Synonyms, Antonyms and more Opinion: Trump blows up the debate — and himself . President Trump, former vice president Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace speak during the first presidential debate, at the Case Western.

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'Seveneves' Blows Up The Moon — And That's Just The Beginning Neal Stephenson's new epic starts big and gets bigger. Critic Jason Sheehan says that while the book can bog down in details, if the. He also threatened a potential witness who could have blown up the false account of communications he gave to House investigators. He recently had sought to delay his surrender date until late.

A man whose fizzling suicide bomb attack below New York City's Port Authority four years ago was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday. Akayed Ullah, 31, a Bangladeshi immigrant who swore online fealty to ISIS on the day of the attack, was handed down the sentence by Judge Richard Sullivan in Manhattan federal court A Greeley man faces up to 96 years in prison after being found guilty this month for attempting to blow up a methanol tank in 2019. According to a news release from the Weld District Attorney's Office, a worker at an active oil drilling site located near Missile Silo Park in unincorporated Weld County called officers June 8, 2019 after witnessing Stephen Garcia, 64, act suspicious

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complete the sentences with the correct tense and in passive voice form, and use a suitable auxiliary verb (if needed). (25 Marks). 1. I (often / ask) for her address. 2- The old theatre (reopen) last Friday 3. All the trees (cut) down yesterday. 4- The bridge (blow up) yesterday 5- This novel (write) by Hemingwa Blown in a sentence | blown example sentences. I almost got blown up. Now that one has blown. That car was blown up. It had been blown apart. I am just so blown away. The match was blown out. So, his cover was blown. The tires had blown out

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33714 I blew my whole bonus on shopping and travel. CK 313229 She had her hat blown off by the strong wind. thorin 321256 There was a cold wind blowing from the north. CK 669601 Please don't blow your nose on the tablecloth. darinmex 268945 The referee blew his whistle to end the match. CM 307310 They defused the bomb before it could blow up. Swift 2958319 Tom took a handkerchief out and blew. Welcome to the forum, Wbjamester. Both explode and blow up work in your sentence. Merriam-Webster certainly accepts explode as a transitive verb. As native speakers use many phrasal verbs, blow up is very common in lively speech. There's nothing unusual about explode, however The ability to write a powerful clincher sentence is essential for ALL types of writing (not just academic). It's what separates mediocre writers from those who actually impact the lives of their readers. But what exactly is a clincher sentence? Well, it's basically a closing sentence that sums up your main message with a BANG