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Angi Matches You to Experienced Local Paving Experts In Minutes. Compare The Best Local Paving Companies With Reviews From Your Neighbors Photos & ideas for your driveway. Find local concrete contractors A gravel driveway can last up to 100 years if properly installed and maintained. Gravel is a lower maintenance material than other driveways, but proper care is required to prevent issues like potholes, rots or gravel washing away. Rake weeds and debris from the driveway; use a box scraper to even it out. Keep extra gravel on hand to fill any. Find the best Gravel Driveway Repair near you on Yelp - see all Gravel Driveway Repair open now. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers

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HomeAdvisor is the simplest way to find and book gravel driveway repair services near you. Connect with the best gravel driveway repair contractors in your area who are experts in fixing snow plow damage and potholes. Read millions of reviews and get information about project costs Gravel Driveway Contractors in Cleveland on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Driveway Contractors in Cleveland, TN Find the best Driveway Contractors near you on Yelp - see all Driveway Contractors open now. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers WITH. Directions More Info. (336) 824-4805. 3621 Hardin Ellison Rd. Franklinville, NC 27248. From Business: Located in Franklinville, NC, Waugh Asphalt Inc has been providing quality service since 1990. Locally owned and operated we understand the Asheboro community.. 8 Driveway contractors average $2-$3 per square foot to smooth and resurface your asphalt driveway. Resurfacing concrete driveways averages $3-$10 per square foot. Pricing can depend on repairs needed, project size and geographic location. Nationally, the average cost for resurfacing a 500-square-foot driveway ranges from $2,000 to $5,000

Most driveways made from gravel can be constructed and installed by the home owner with some rented equipment. A little fore thought is needed. Does the area need special preparation ? Yes, strip away the topsoil, use it somewhere else on your land. It is a very bad idea to build a gravel Gastonia, NC driveway on spongy topsoil The Gravel Doctor ® is a unique recycling, leveling and restoration machine that completely removes potholes, ruts, grass and weeds from gravel roads, gravel driveways and other un-paved surfaces. It's an affordable green technology opportunity Gravel Lok Resin Bonded Surfaces. Gravel-Lok™ single element, moisture curing liquid that was designed to bond a variety of aggregates. When its used with Cell-Tek's LSG Series™ Load Support Grid, it will create an absorbent, durable natural stone surface that can be used in many different civil, residential and industrial applications Green Driveway offers green alternatives to paving, namely permeable stabilized gravel or grass surfaces ideal for driveways, parking areas, public walkways and pathways. The core of our product line is a proven system of honeycomb-celled polypropylene panels that interconnect as a stabilizing base for access roads, parking lots, pathways or.

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  1. Base Gravel #3. 2 /10. Gravel is typically graded by size, and most driveways use at least three different sizes of gravel that are put down in layers to create a solid foundation and ensure.
  2. What is driveway grading cost in Henderson? It's a question that gets asked all the time. People want to know more about gravel driveway grading. That's why they contact a contractor with their request for additional information. The grading and paving contractors in Henderson KY they reach out to are almost always available to assist them
  3. 2) Recycled Asphalt has a lot of foreign material in it that can track into your home and garage. Recycled asphalt, because it IS recycled, can have many types of foreign materials in it. Rubber, paint and oil just to name a few. These foreign materials are sticky and can stick to our shoes, car tires and bicycle tires and track into the car.
  4. For example, a driveway measuring 100-feet long and 9-feet wide, the typical choices are either of the following: Base Rock is commonly used for a new driveway on virgin ground over grass, requiring a depth of 4 inches for stability. Drain Rock is commonly used for an existing driveway over loose gravel/stone, requiring a depth of 2 inche
  5. Most driveways made from gravel can be constructed and installed by the home owner with some rented equipment. A little fore thought is needed. Does the area need special preparation ? Yes, strip away the topsoil, use it somewhere else on your land. It is a very bad idea to build a gravel Rock Hill SC driveway on spongy topsoil
  6. Driveway gravel prices generally go for around $1.25 to $1.80 per square foot, including the cost of equipment and professional installation.Considering the cost of concrete driveways, which go for about $4 to $15 per square foot, or the cost of asphalt driveways at $7 to $15 per square foot, it's no wonder some homeowners prefer this budget-friendly option
  7. Gravel Driveway Repair - More than just spreading a little rock. Gravel, like all natural products, requires maintenance over time, but the old school methods of repair simply don't work. Dumping rock in potholes, dragging a box blade back and forth, or spreading new gravel over the old does nothing to correct the underlying problems that caused those potholes in the first place

Gravel driveways require regular maintenance, much more than concrete or asphalt driveways. Regular maintenance helps ensure the optimal performance of a gravel driveway and helps prevent costly replacement. Depending on the local climate and how much traffic the driveway receives, gravel surfaces must be regraded once a year or more.. Rock Mulch & More delivers aggregate supplies like 57 limestone gravel, concrete sand, and much more in the Pittsburgh region. Whether you're working on a garden project, building a driveway, or even preparing a swimming pool, we have the supplies you need. All of our limestone, sand, and gravel products are below, with their common uses Geneva Rock Products is among Utah's leading producers of construction aggregates. Some of these include: crushed stone, sand, gravel, and landscape rock. These materials are produced from natural deposits of various materials from limestone to quartzite. Our attention to quality and detail starts at the source At Lowe's, we stock a wide range of landscaping rocks, such as colored glass, pea gravel, river stones, marble chips, garden stones and more. Control erosion with an easy-care pea gravel patio. To elevate the appearance of your garden, use hollow faux rocks to hide pipes and pump covers or create a decorative border with marble chips

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6. QUIKRETE. .75-lb Bulk Gravel. Model #115245. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Titan Florida. 1000 lb. 57 STONE (3/4 IN. ROCK) SMALL BAG Step 1: Enter Zip Code. Step 2: Describe Project. Step 3: Get Quotes From Gravel Pros. Compare Bids To Get The Best Price For Your Gravel Driveway Installation Project

Using gravel as the main material when installing a new driveway is a great alternative to avoid paying too much for a driveway that will damage too easily. Gravel driveways are a fraction of the cost, long-lasting, able to withstand very heavy vehicles, and do not weather away easily due to exterior elements 81 Gravel Company of Loganville Delivers highest QUALITY crushed Gravel and Asphalt gravel to your home or work project in Loganville, GA. We offer customers in Loganville the longest lasting gravel that has adhesive in the gravel and asphalt. 404-725-8515 Quick Quotes Gravel Loganville, GA Ordering Driveway Gravel from 81 in Loganville is. Get Gravel Delivered And Installed. If you need gravel or any kind of rock, you can count on Jim's Gravel to help you get the gravel you need. Why Our Service? Fill out our quick and easy contact form, tell us about your gravel needs, and we will pair you with our gravel contractors in your area right away. By submitting your info on this form. McCarty rock and stone carries Indiana limestone that is screened and crushed into differing sizes for base layers in a driveway or topdressing. For new drives or parking areas we recommend a base stone such as #2 or #4 stone. #2's are approximately 3-4 in size and work great as your primary base layer on top of the dirt and provide.

Driveway gravel consists of a blend of clay, sand and rock to create a firm surface for driving on. Class 5 Lime Rock: Tan color, good for drvieway baase, excellent compaction. Class 5 Riverblend (Road gravel): Dark brown color, has sand & clay mixed in, good for driveways. Delivery and installation of any landscaping materials is available I have a gravel driveway uphill. I put new 1/2 rock gravel in last fall because of washout. I also spread concrete and sprayed it, but it didn't take. I have a 05 Harley Davidson Road King custom that I can't get up or down the driveway without almost dumping it. Can I put anything on it to harden it up enough to get my bike up and down No. 34 / XL Driveway Gravel Concrete (Recycled) No. 34 Crushed Concrete Size: 1.5 Inch to 2.5 Inch diameter 95% Used to establish firm base, truck parking lots, drive way entrances, construction, packing in muddy environments, drainage, plumbing Delivery of 9 or 18 tons . 404-725-8515 Types of Driveway Gravel. With the ideal structure for a gravel driveway in mind, let's look at the different types of driveway gravel and gravel alternatives you can choose from for the top layer. Keep in mind that you can find most of the following types in the sizes we mentioned above - #1, #4, and #57 or #114

Limestone Gravel ~ What we keep in stock is 1.5″ in size. ~ White color and has some powder residue. Recommendation: It is great for building roads, driveways, walkways, or parking lots. It can also be used for landscape decoration. Rainbow Gravel ~ 1/4″ to 1″, mostly 5/8″ in size. ~ Multicolor Done Right Driveways is one of middle Tennessee's most experienced and professional gravel driveway repair and installation companies. We offer residential and commercial clients with quality driveways, parking pads, parking lots, grading and land-shaping, drainage ditches and culvert repair and work The Gravel Company is a leader in landscape and construction material sales in Tennessee, selling products in bulk to homeowners, contractors, professional landscapers and commercial property owners in Rutherford, Bedford, Davidson, Wilson, Sumner and a few other nearby counties since 2005.We have a huge selection of Decorative Gravels, Pea Gravels, Driveway Gravels, and River Rock, Sand. Driveway fabric removes the need to use stones larger than one inch in size but do not use rounded stones. Mistakes To Avoid Building A Gravel Driveway: If you do not mind the extra care needed for a gravel driveway, the cost will be a lot less than paving and will last just as long

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Step 3: Decide on Driveway Depth. Prior to excavating the driveway, you need to decide on a depth. Crushed limestone driveways are comprised of three separate layers - a base of larger stone, a second layer of slightly smaller materials, and a top layer of small crushed limestone. Each layer should be 4-6″ deep Class 5 Sand & Gravel. Description: Common brown color. Mixture of sand, 3/4″ or 1″ rock and 6%-10% clay. Product is made by crushing and screening process. Commonly used for a base under blacktop, etc. and also used for road & driveway material. Seen on many township gravel roads The blacktop driveway helps draw and retain more of the sun's heat. This means snow and ice will melt faster compared to a concrete driveway. Not only does it make your driveway safe for you and your family, but it also reduces risks of damage in the long run. Eco-Friendly. Asphalt is a highly sustainable product that can be recycled Here's a list of the average costs of installing different types of driveways in the UK: The average cost of installing a tarmac driveway will be around £45-£60 per square metre. The cost of installing a resin driveway would be about £60 per square metre. The cost of a gravel driveway is about £60 per square metre The second layer of your driveway should contain golf ball sized stones, called #57 stones. The final layer of your gravel driveway should contain stones a bit larger than a thumbnail. You'll need traffic bound or dense grade stones. This type of gravel has stone dust mixed in and forms a hard, cement-like surface as it settles.

Gravel Driveways are more cost effective than other driveway alternatives like Concrete, Exposed Aggregate and Asphalt. Not only is the installation of the driveway surface economical, but is relatively affordable to maintain in the long run. Gravel and crushed rock driveways are the ultimate budget-friendly option Concrete is made from cement, gravel, sand, and water. A 4-6 base of gravel makes roads last twice as long. A gravel filter bed helps dispose wastewater and sewage for a septic tank. Horse owners love sand because it drains well and is a good shock absorber. Washed concrete sand or ASTM C33 meets specific guidelines for concrete aggregates The cost of a gravel driveway depends largely on the aggregate used. Local gravel will be an affordable option; stones from further afield will be more pricey, but will also offer a greater variety of appearance. At a base, expect to pay around $10-15 per square metre. Advantages From driveways to retaining walls, pavers are the ultimate solution for all outdoor projects. Available in a variety of styles, beauty meets functionality with this multi-purpose material. For the Jersey Shore's most complete, unique landscape yard visit New Jersey Gravel and Sand Co

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Snow removal can take over your winter - it is time-consuming, and can be back-breaking work, depending on the storm. And when your driveway is made of gravel, you must take extra care to make sure that your shoveling doesn't destroy your driveway - driveway repair can be costly! The Challenge The problem is that you want your driveway clear of snow, but you don't want to clear away. Various sized gravel types for many different uses. Gravel is an incredibly useful material. Port Aggregates offers three types that can be used in concrete, driveways, erosion control, etc. We have served clients in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Jennings, Westlake, Sulphur, Mermentau, Leesville, and more. Visit our contact page to see our locations

At Gravel Drive Experts, we conduct business in the spring, summer, and fall months We currently offer a special of $235.00 for an area of 1,925 square feet. This could be a driveway, parking lot, or anything else that consists of gravel We are also able to fix most ruts and potholes with our equipment or manually so that your driveway or road. Gravel driveways are cheap compared to other driveway materials. This makes gravel an ideal option for long driveways. The material is environmentally friendly. There are many different styles and colors of gravel, allowing for customizability. With regular upkeep, a gravel driveway can last up to 10 years At Lowe's, we stock a wide range of landscaping rocks, such as colored glass, pea gravel, river stones, marble chips, garden stones and more. Control erosion with an easy-care pea gravel patio. To elevate the appearance of your garden, use hollow faux rocks to hide pipes and pump covers or create a decorative border with marble chips Landscape pavers near me. Landscape pavers near me: We are based in Dublin, so if you are looking for someone local, then we are the ideal contractors. We can provide landscaping, pavement construction, paving circle, repair concrete walkway, concrete sidewalk, driveways, paving, garden design and much more

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The positives of resin paving. Visually appealing. Resin paving solutions are available in a multitude of colours, offering homeowners more design choices than alternatives. Low cost. Comparative to other solutions, resin-based driveways are relatively cheap. In general, a price of around £40 per square metre is reasonable but this will depend. Gravel & Decorative Stone. We have a wide variety of decorative gravel for all your landscaping needs. We have a wide range of colours and sizes for you choose from. Our range of decorative gravel is available in Maxi bags (covers approx 15 sq metres) and most are also available in 25kg bags EZ Roll Gravel Pavers preserve permeability and help maintain the look and functionality of a gravel road. They offer an attractive and sustainable alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt. EZ Roll™ Gravel Paver. Available in: 3.87 ft. x 149 ft. rolls/ 577 square feet total. Available in Black, Gray, Brick Red and Tan Most common type of gravel used for walkways and driveways would be the 5/8th minus crushed rock. Crushed rock works really good because it is broken fractured pieces ranging from big to small pieces that will bind together to form a compacted medium to walk or drive on *Source: Homeadvisor.com users. Crushed rock is a type of gravel that has been mechanically broken down into small pieces and sorted by size. It is a highly versatile product, used for driveways, pathways, flower beds or as a base for concrete, pavers, asphalt, retaining walls, sheds or foundations. Crushed rock is a very strong and durable material, and it offers great traction

Buy Bulk Gravel in All the Styles and Colors You Need . Whether used for decoration or construction, bulk gravel from Georgia Landscape Supply provides exceptional quality at affordable prices. We carry a huge inventory of gravel that lets you finish any project you're working on, from walkways and woodland patios to driveways and French drains. Come visit our outdoor showroom to see some of. Description. ¾ Crushed stone mixed with fines makes a great base for patio and paver bases. #21A is mostly fines with a little bit of gravel mixed in. Sold and priced by the ton. Gravel is only sold in whole tons. Please note: Gravel is made from natural products. Color can vary from pictures + by delivery

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Blockpaving & Driveways in Stourport-on-Severn, DY13 9SH. Covering Worcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Kidderminster, Birmingham and surrounding areas. Glide Stone Paving & Landscaping are a trusted, professional company with a great reputation to uphold and have over 15 years experience in the.. Pea Gravel Driveway - Total. $215.00 - $242.50. $257.50 - $297.50. $325.00 - $340.00. Pea Gravel Driveway - Total Average Cost per square foot. $0.92. $1.11. $1.33. Cost can add up quickly, especially if you're a novice and have never attempted a Pea Gravel Driveway installation before Price Per Yard $99.99 Regional quarry production near you. Buy 3 & Get The 4th Free! $62.99. Savings: $37.00. 3/4 Class II Recycled Road Base Per Ton. Recycled road base produced regionally. Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours. Price Per Ton $49.99 Regional quarry production near you

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Rocks N Gravel LLC is the best! So happy with Phil from Rocks N Gravel LLC. Called him and he moved 3 big boulders from my house in Magna to my new house in Kearns for such a great price! He even had a boulder that matches at his business that he is bringing to me for a killer deal! I already have a job for him this summer to work on my back yard Road base is an ideal material to be used for driveways and requires little maintenance. If heavy rains move through the area, it is possible some of the driveway gravel will be washed away. When this happens, KK Ranch will be happy to bring over more driveway gravel to lay on top in order to maintain the integrity of your driveway The Total Cost. This first section (approximately 1,000 ft and 11 or 12 ft wide) is made out of 64 tons of crushed concrete. At a rate of $6 a ton, we paid $384 for the materials at that point. Compare it to $18 a ton for gravel making it $1,152 and we are talking serious saving here A Stone & Oil driveway is a low-cost alternative to asphalt, offering a more solid surface than plain gravel. It also has a rough texture, which makes for much better footing when wet or snow-covered, compared to poured concrete, which can be slippery. The expression tar-and-chip is a shorthand term that refers to a paving surface made. Concrete Restoration Inc. Concrete Contractors. BBB Rating: NR. (206) 937-0415. 4025 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106-1269

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Crushed limestone driveways are often confused with gravel driveways, however they are very different materials. Limestone is a time-tested material that is known for its durability and has been used for ages, including being used in the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, a testament to its durability Construction Aggregates. Vulcan is North America's leading producer of construction aggregates, primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel. We produce these materials from natural deposits such as granite, limestone and trap rock. Our quarrying process typically begins with drilling and blasting the rock into smaller pieces Most gravel driveways need to have new gravel added every 2 - 4 years. This is because the gravel migrates off the top, due to car tires, snowplows, shovels, and simple wear and tear. With a stabilized gravel driveway, more gravel stays where it belongs, so it requires less maintenance and does not need to be replenished as often If you don't have the time (one full day) or the manpower to add a crushed stone driveway, we recommend contacting a landscaping pro near you. Find A Pro. Whether for a walkway, driveway, drainage or just a nice border around a few plants, crushed rock will certainly upgrade your home's exterior

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Our staff also offers U-Haul of one yard and up for your convenience. We provide a full array of construction materials including: Recycled concrete, sand, gravel and other stone aggregates. We also provide Delivery & Filling Services. Call Us Today: 503-692-1800 Does Recycled Asphalt Hold Up? Yes! If properly installed, it should stay in place and hold up! It does require a road base to work properly and there are instances where heavy rains can wash it, similar to any other semi-porous material so check with a paving company, and be concerned about areas where heavy water flow or standing water occur

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How to install a Gravel Driveway for the lowest cost possible. Cheap $600 for ABC Crush and Run stone better than asphalt or concrete. The aggregate cost $17.. The biggest advantages of gravel driveways are the cost and durability compared to paved driveways as well as the permeability of rainwater. Usually, the crushed concrete just needs to be unloaded by a truck and spread over compacted soil. After that, even heavy vehicles can use the driveway, however, this leads us to what could potentially be. Resin bonded gravel driveways, paths, or paved areas should be swept occasionally to remove loose stones. The surface can also be cleaned using a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris. To protect surfaces from staining and to aid cleaning and removal of chewing gum a coat of Addastone Surface Protector should be applied

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For example, for driveways, compare the cost of compact gravel to asphalt. Loose fill paving material is also priced differently — by the weight, square foot or cubic yard — depending on the standard practice for that material's industry. The amount you need can further impact prices because discounts are often available for larger loads Landscape pavers near me in Cork. Landscape pavers near me in Cork: We are based in Cork, so if you are looking for someone local, then we are the ideal contractors. We can provide landscaping, pavement construction, paving circle, repair concrete walkway, concrete sidewalk, driveways, paving, garden design and much more The cost of laying asphalt is about two to $5 per square foot, meaning a 450 square foot driveway would cost you as much as $2,250. One downside is that asphalt driveways need to be repaired every two to five years due to wear and tear. A contractor can remove the damaged top section and reapply a new coat for between one and $3 per square foot.

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Gravel is a versatile landscaping material and is used decoratively for many garden, driveway, and footpath projects. It's very low maintenance and looks great all year round, though it is most aesthetic when wet. Browse through our decorative gravel products below and use our Quantity Calculator to find out how much you will need So if your looking to buy gravel, sand or topsoil for your next driveway and landscaping project or require something more like a 25 truck fleet to supply aggregates for a massive Municipality, Windmill, Paving or Commercial project we are the aggregate supplier to call. Trucking isn't just a job, it's our Life Pea gravel in the UK ranges in size from 10 to 20mm and comes in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. It is usually a mixed gravel and should be laid to a depth of around 4 to 5cm. This size gravel is one of the most popular for driveways and paths because the size is the easiest to walk on, and it is relatively inexpensive as well How to Buy Driveway Gravel. Gravel is an inexpensive way to make your driveway appear more attractive. Gravel can also repel water and prevent puddles from forming in your driveway during the rainy months. There are a couple of ways to buy driveway gravel Decorative Landscaping Chippings. Our decorative chippings are graded at 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm and their angular shape makes them perfect for driveways as they lock together when pressure is applied, for garden paths as the chippings are too large to get stuck in the shoe tread, and for simple garden decoration due to the variety of colours.